Trade Talk Rd18

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 15 2018

After such a massive score, is there anything that still needs fixing? Who’s in? Who’s out?


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  1. Walters is singing his song….
    Should I stay or should I go now…..
    Tu – should stay
    Td-should go
    Comments- Lloyd or Westhoff (now no Ryder)


      1. 176 its at, can afford to wait a week hopefully doesnt go full macrae and smash out a 180, need those valuable points


  2. Does anyone know how serious Webster’s injury is, because I was hoping to go Austin – Webster for full premo. Webster is also at a very appealing price.


  3. Unfortunately NicNat needs to be replaced.
    I’m a bit concerned about Grundys run home.
    TU Grundy
    TD The next best option ..who is?


  4. Nic Nat replacement, poor young fella ๐Ÿ™

    T/U … Goldy $570,500
    10×100โ€™s ( 3 v top 8 teams )
    5 game ave = 122.20
    Low 57 v Melbourne / High 133 v Gold Coast
    Still to play Collingwood (MCG) WCE (Tassie) Brisbane (A) WB (ES) Adelaide (A) STK (ES)

    T/D … Stef Martin $555,600
    10×100โ€™s ( 4 v top 8 teams )
    5 game ave = 114.40
    Low 63 v Melbourne / High 154 v Port Adelaide
    Still to play Adelaide (H) Geelong (A) North (H) Collingwood (ES) Gold Coast (A) WCE (H)

    Cheers Catta


    1. Ok you may think Iโ€™m crazy but how about a POD for the finals?
      Bellchambers doesnโ€™t play against a premo ruck till Nank in rd 22 whom he went 154 against?
      Tu- stay off the hooch
      Td- you might just have a point


    2. The Goldy of old has returned over the last 2 months and is the best option behind Gawn and Grundy.

      Since rd9 he has averaged 40.88 hitouts and 13.88 hitouts to advantage in comparison to an average of 33 hitouts and 9 hitouts to advantage from Rd1-8.

      This has significantly helped his SC Avg
      SC Avg from Rd1-8: 84 from 8 (low of 57 and a high of 123, 6/8 below 100, 1/8 120+)
      SC Avg from Rd9-16: 118.5 from 8 (low of 102 and a high of 133, 4/8 120+)

      Also has a favourable run home.


    3. if Nic Nat is gone for the season
      Gotta be Lycett
      averages 100 when Nic Nat is out
      @ 377k the extra cash be used on an easy upgrade to a cheap Nat Fyfe come finals ..


  5. Have to replace Naitanui and Bontempelli. What is better option

    T/U Goldstein and Zorko/Coniglio

    T/D Martin and Kelly/Duncan


  6. Will cop a donut if Gray misses as I have 2 trades left and Ahern in mid bench.

    Is battle or Tim Smith likely to return?

    T/U Downgrade Tim Smith to mid/forward rookie and swing Ahern forward to cover, also leaves cash to go Parker to Macrae next week.

    T/D hold your last 2 trades cop a donut and miss macrae


    1. I’m in the same boat except my team is complete and only have 1 trade left.
      Do I
      T/U: Use the last trade to avoid the donut and swing Ahern forward as cover
      T/D: Cop the donut and keep the trade?


  7. OUT: Walters & Fritsch
    IN: Westhoff & Mundy

    Leaves with 5 trades, wanting to trade Webster to Lloyd and Martin/Cogs to Macrae (if he continues form & drops in price).

    TU: Good trades
    TD: Reassess these


  8. Got Nic Nat and Webster to trade out and so many options my head hurts. None clearly stands out though

    1 – Lycett and Lloyd
    2 – Sinclair and Gus Brayshaw
    3 – SMartin and Witherden
    4 – Goldstein and HShaw
    5 – Grundy and Houli

    Any help appreciated.


    1. Been considering Lloyd/Hurn/Hurley/Crisp/Howe as D6 which would be a luxury trade for Shaw. Re Lloyd, FD’s remarks about returning to long term averages are ringing in my ears.


  9. Have to trade Nic Nat ๐Ÿ™ only have $529k

    TU – Sinclair

    TD – Bellchambers

    Comments – Lycett or Nank / Other??



  10. Looking for a mid-priced forward:
    TU: McDonald
    TD: Hogan
    Comment for others, already got McLean, Gunston


  11. I am playing for league wins. I have 4 trades left. I need to replace Nic Nat. I can use 1 trade to get Nank or cheaper, or I can downgrade bench cover and use 2 trades to get Goldy/Stef Martin + rookie (bench).

    T/U Get Goldy or Stef
    T/D Save a trade and go with Nank or cheaper


    1. Can you get O’Riodan as a defence rookie, his JS looks good and can provide good defensive cover. Then go Stef/Goldie, toss of a coin there.


      1. O’Riodan is a possibility….. I am not as confident about JS as that Swans team runs deep.
        Interesting to read a fellow coach on this site spruik Lycett which frees up spare cash elsewhere. I guess Lycett will get plenty of TOG but:
        Can Lycett ave 100 for remainder of season?


  12. Replacing Nic Nat

    TU- Trade him for another RUC (either Stef or Goldie)

    TD- Swing McKernan from FWD into RUC and bring in Oliver.

    Or also bring forward Acres from my Mid and bring in Cripps. This would also reduce my ability to swap Acres and Ahern between MID and FWD positions (Comment)

    This is my last trade.


  13. Massive decision ahead:

    Trade outs are Doedee & Nic Nat.

    Trade in:
    TU: Webster & Grundy

    (Not including Websterโ€™s injury affected Round 13 score of 13, his season avg is 99)

    TD: Tom McDonald & Stef Martin


  14. Think we all feared the worst for NicNat but to hear itโ€™s a confirmed ACL is sad to hear. Hereโ€™s to a speedy recovery.


  15. I have 5 trades left with no cover for Gray.
    Looking at going Hibberd and T. Smith to Webster? and Daniels(GWS) and swing Ahern FWD.

    Assuming Webster isn’t injured then I would likely bring him in, my only other option is L. Ryan.
    T/U – Webster
    T/D – Ryan


  16. Sicily a potential out with a suspected broken wrist.

    Could be huge trade implications with Gray possibly out and most coaches lacking bench cover. If he’s out extended I might need to pull the trigger on a trade. McDonald would be my early canditate.


      1. Hawthorn fear James Sicily has broken his wrist, with the defenders set to undergo scans on Tuesday.

        It’s understood Sicily injured his wrist in the loss to Brisbane and is still suffering from pain.

        The Lions upset the Hawks in Tasmania on Saturday afternoon to the tune of 33 points. Hawthorn will come up against Carlton this Sunday at Etihad Stadium.

        The club will know more details by Tuesday afternoon.


  17. Have 6 trades left and now need to trade Nic Nat and Sicily
    Have $1,016,500 to spend
    TU: Martin & Luke Ryan
    TD: Sinclair/Bellchambers & Crips

    Grundy & Webster (if a chance to play this week)
    Lycett & Lloyd


  18. Sicily and 42k = 552k for a replacement.
    Have Hoff, Heeney, Budy, D. Smith, Mclean with Ahern and Smith on Bench

    T/U Wingard
    T/D Hogan
    Comment Mundy/Other


  19. Nic Nat and Sicily have to go.

    This will be 4 LTI’s in 3 weeks. so…….

    What combo will stay on the park. Points scored a second priority at this stage!

    T/U Steph and Hurley Leaves $50k bank.

    T/D Grundy and Def under $450k. Webster / Savage / Shaw.

    any other ideas?


  20. Thinking about waiting on Sicily for a week and then grabbing Darling cheaper.
    Plan is to loophole Billings on Friday and if he performs well then I will barely be losing points. If he puts out a crap score I can trade Sicily this week and pick up a still discounted Darling and have 100k spare for my last trade.

    TU: Makes sense
    TD: Just trade him this week.


  21. SC community
    Having copped almost every injury this season (macrae, treloar, fyfe, bont, nic nat and now sic), i am down to my last 2 trades….

    Do i go big for grundy or stef martin to replace nic nat? Or take bellchambers (his run home has some serious appeal) and upgrade sicily to a top line premo either back, fwd,or mid (dpp magic)

    TU: grundy or stef and settle for a slight downgrade on sicily
    TD: bellchambers and go big in replacing sicily with a pure premium on any line


  22. Have Sicily locked into my forward line with no possibility of a DPP swing, 3 trades left. 29k in the bank. Heeney, Westhoff, Gray, McDonald & McLean the incumbents, Ahern as the cover.

    TU: Bring in one of D.Smith, J.Gunston, L.Franklin, D.Mundy, C.Wingard.
    TD: Wait a week, play Ahern and pick up T.Greene or J.Darling next week when they drop big $$$



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