Flavour Of The Week – Rd 13

Written by Chillo on June 12 2019

Four of the top five most popular trades this week are downgrade options. Three of them are in direct violation of that most sacred of Supercoach guidelines, The Josh Glenn Rule. I hope you’ve got a war chest to call on, because times are tough in Supercoachland!

Here are this week’s most popular trade targets, as of 12pm, Wednesday June 12:

1.       Patrick Naish (RIC, def, $123 900)


+ Incredibly impressive on debut, particularly in the opening quarter, Naish accumulated 20 disposals and a nice opportunist goal for 78 points. On a night where his team were comprehensively beaten at all facets, Naish was among the Tigers’ best.

+ The offspring of 161 game veteran Chris Naish, Patrick was taken by the Tigers as a father-son selection at pick 34 in the 2017 draft. He has shown good form in the VFL this year, averaging 24 touches and a goal a game off the halfback flank, good enough to work his way into the Tigers’ starting 22.

+ To be brutally honest (the best kind of honest), there’s bugger-all good downgrade options in the backline this year, and Naish has scored well in his first game. In a Supercoach desert, the Tigers’ rookie may be the oasis you’re searching for.


– He’s only played the one game, and won’t play his third game for at least another two weeks. That’s a very long time, especially in footy.

– Nick Vlastuin is listed as a ‘test’ this week and Brandon Ellis has already been given the all clear to return. It seems most likely that unfortunately young Naish would be among those to make way.

2.      Brett Bewley (FRE, mid, $117 300)


+ Fresh off the bye, Bewley seems to be the most viable of the few bubble boys this week, with an average of 48 from his two games and a break-even of -26.

+ Taken as a mature age rookie, and built like one too. The 24 year old Bewley is already physically prepared for the rigours of AFL footy, and also boasts a scything left foot well suited to this level.

+ Limited time on ground (63%) from his first two games leaves plenty of scope for improved scoring.


– Fremantle are coached by Ross Lyon, known to some in these parts as FURL. What’s that, you don’t know what FURL stands for? Hmmm, better ask around….

– First choice wingman Stephen Hill is listed as a ‘test’ this week, and Bewley could be the one to make way should Hill pass that test.

3.       Dylan Clarke (ESS, mid, $147 700)


+ Taken at pick 63 in the 2016 draft, Clarke has spent most of the time since in the minor leagues. But two weeks ago, playing only his second career game and going head to head with the beast that is Patrick Cripps, Clarke found the pill 23 times while restricting the Blues champ to a meagre 11 disposals in one of the standout individual performances of the entire season.

+ For those of you still carrying the likes of Atkins, Constable, Lockhart et al, Clarke looks like a nice downgrade option to fund your upgrades elsewhere (or later).

+ More than just a tagger, Clarke is more than capable of finding his own footy, as anyone who has been keeping an eye on the VFL recently will know. He is averaging 24 disposals a game this year in that league.


– Woosha has already been busy this week, raising red flags all over the place concerning Clarke: “That’s really specifically around match-ups and roles that we want in the team”. Not. Very. Convincing!

– Still only played the one game. Adding all that up, only the truly desperate or inspired should be pulling the trigger on the young Bomber this week.

4.       Travis Boak (PTA, fwd, $518 200)


+ After setting the pace as the highest scoring forward early on in the season, we were all expecting Boak to fall over – but it hasn’t quite happened just yet. 131 in his last start in Port’s Chinese domination of St Kilda means Boak still leads all forwards at a tick under 112 ppg.

+ While the other personnel has constantly changed all around him, Boak has been the mainstay this season for the Power, playing all eleven games in the Port midfield. Certainly a departure from recent seasons where he spent more time on the half-forward line.

+ At 30 years of age, the bye probably came at a very nice time for “old man” Boak, allowing him the mid-season freshener that he may have needed.


– If Boak is going to be pushed out of that coveted midfield role, it could be in the next couple of weeks with the return of Wines and Rockliff to the Port lineup. Should that be the case, then Boak’s scoring history strongly suggests his scoring prowess will fall away.

– Boak has struggled with his disposal efficiency at times this year; in fact, in his only two scores below 95 this year, while he still found plenty of the ball he only recorded DE’s of 42% vs Hawthorn and 43% vs Adelaide.

5.       Ryan Gardner (WBD, def/fwd, $102 400)


+  The first of the mid-season draftees to find his way onto an AFL field, Gardner was clearly nervous on his debut for the Dogs two weeks ago, but probably did enough to hold his place in a team crying out for a key forward target. Nine disposals and a goal for 41 points.

+ Comes with a double bonus of a basement price tag and D/F status, although you should expect to find him mostly at the attacking end of the field for the Bulldogs.

+ The Bulldogs come up against Carlton this week, and while the Blues showed a remarkable form reversal in their last-start win, you would expect Gardner to get more opportunities against them than he did in his first game in Perth.


– Still only played the one game. Wait, wait, wait….if you can.

– Job security is shaky at best, although news of Billy Gower’s injury this week may help matters.

#6 – 10: Luke RYAN (FRE), James SICILY (HAW), Josh DUNKLEY (WBD), Caleb DANIEL (WBD), Nathan FYFE (FRE)

Most traded OUT players this week: Jordan CLARK (GEE), Noah ANSWERTH (BRL), Noah BALTA (RIC), Tom ATKINS (GEE), Jack PETRUCCELLE (WCE), Darcy MOORE (COL), Lachie WHITFIELD (GWS), Marty HORE (MEL), Liam BAKER (RIC), Liam STOCKER (CAR)  

Most popular trades so far this week:

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26 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 13”

  1. Please FURL give Bewley a game this week. I don’t really care after that. He’ll make a fine loophole til Hill … or someone else for that matter goes down.

    Woosha did go on to say that ESS might ‘find room’ for Clarke. Surely?! If Clarke does get a game with Shiel, Stringer and Fantasia back IN, then surely his JS looks a bit more positive going forward? Again, pleeeease!

    Thanks Chillo


    1. Who knows with Essendon. Parish is having a mini breakout playing on ball and you just know Woosha will push him back into a fwd/wing/bench role.

      IMO Woosha is almost as bad as FURL. Other than their one premo mid option (Ess: Zerrett, Freo: Lyfe) it’s a coinflip in regards to trusting anybody else on the team.


  2. Great work once again Chillo!

    It might pay to fix up the poll and give people 3 options with 3 trades available this week and with it being such a hard bye plenty will be using all 3 trades this week.


  3. Dunkley, Boak or Daniel?

    Gone Daniel at this stage for value sake considering there’s still upgrades to come, but very tempted on Boak.


  4. Thanks Chillo.

    Gardener came in last week.

    Bewley is in, if named.

    I was always going to take a punt on R Gray post Bye at $410K.
    Adam has made a strong case on another thread as well.
    If I was low on trades I may go Boak and just wear the extra cost.

    With a eye to getting Neale in next week, I need all the cash I can scrape together.
    My plans were well on track, and then Dimma had to send Balta to fullback!
    I can’t have another spud score and him loosing more cash.

    I need a cheap F6 ( hopefully eventually F7 ) this week

    Oh.. I also wouldn’t mind ruck cover.

    No Lobb 🙁 means only one thing….

    Welcome to the team Scott Lycett..


      1. How about the Hoff instead of Lycett as he also possess ruck dpp but has greater consistency and durability than Lycett and with the imminent return of Dixon hopefully this allows Westhoff to return to his usual role as a utility/swingman.


        1. I have thought about it Adam.

          I feel even with Dixon back the Hoff is no sure thing to return to 2018 form. ( he played a fair bit of ruck last year )

          Lycett at least mainly plays Ruck and with a pretty favourable draw could possibly average 90+ from here.

          At the moment Lycett ( with a low BE and only $50k more ) seems the safer option.


          1. Yeah , The extra cash and his durability are starting to change my mind too.

            In Hoff we trust…

            Lets hope he can get that role change soon.

            Thanks for that Adam.


            1. Grabbed him RD8 at 400,000 instead of Dunkley at 470,000 due to the cash saved and ruck cover provided.

              Should still be a solid F6/F7 come seasons end as well as filling in for Grundy/Gawn/Goldy/etc should they suffer an injury.


            2. Sorry allsaints

              Re.. waiting on Westhoff

              Balta was going next week anyway, now has to go this week..


                    1. Thanks Adam..

                      Neale and Gus Brayshaw in next week.

                      Complete mid and forward with Duursma and B Smith at D5/6.

                      I should have enough $$ to upgrade at least one of them, May need another downgrade to get to a full team.


          1. Finnigan.

            Normally the price does reflect the output.

            Both R Gray and Westhoff are classic cases of “Fallen Premiums”
            They both started the year north of $500K.
            Both have a long history of solid scoring in SC.
            Due to either injury, or change of role both have been well down on their usual output.

            I’m backing them in to revert to the norm, and start producing premium numbers again.

            Hopefully R Gray is over any injury niggles he has had a can stay in the midfield. Also I’m gambling Dixon can come back in and help free up Westhoff. He scores well when playing that floating Wing role.

            Usually I would wait on a player like Westhoff to see that he is back on track. This week I really need to offload Balta with his huge BE. I’m taking a punt on Westhoff as he is DPP R/F ( ruck cover) and $180K under his starting price. With the money I save , I’m hoping to afford an extra M/F ( Menegola R 15/16) for F6/7 – M9.


            1. Im with you FT , Gray is coming in he has had time to get over niggles , breaks etc and proved what he can do when he is fit and anywhere near the ball and if not on the ball can still average 90 at the least imo.
              As for westy well if your prepared to take the chance that he is over his niggles ( its obvious he has had them as he isnt even presenting up forward) your a better man than me as his scoring since very early has been worthy of the seconds.


    1. Westhoff? with Dixon coming back in a week or two, should get up the ground more, been stuck in the forward line to much with no Dixon.


  5. I prefer Voldemort over FURL. Feel it gets the point across in a more ominous yet artistic fashion.


  6. I feel as if job security is less of a priority now… personally I’ll have a completed mid and fwd line after the byes so as long as a downgrade I bring in plays through the byes (e.g. Bewley, hopefully) I’m not too concerned after that.



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