Flavour Of The Week – Rd 14

Written by Chillo on June 18 2019

Sometimes Supercoach is great fun. You take a punt on the captaincy loophole, and against all odds it comes off. A sneaky POD selection becomes a must-have. A rookie tons up, an emergency saves the day, you check the week’s injury list and no-one in your team is on it. Winning!

And then there’s times like Round 13….if you hadn’t planned for it, or just copped a lot of bad luck, it got pretty ugly out there. But chin up coaches, because all that is over now, and it’s time to gear up for the big charge home. Besides, you should take solace in the fact that you almost certainly scored more than Browny’s team*……

Here are this week’s most popular trade targets, as of 12pm, Tuesday June 18:

1.       Dylan Clarke (ESS, mid, $147 700)


+ Woosha threw us all a red herring during the week, but the Bombers young gun did play and once again gave a great account of himself. 23 touches and 76 points for Clarke in his second game.

+ Now on the bubble with a break-even of just -87, Clarke is definitely the primary downgrade option this week, with his job security much more secure this week after that solid second game.

+ Clarke famously played as a tagger on Patrick Cripps in his first game, but played as a more traditional midfielder against the Hawks. Having the versatility to play different roles – and play them well – can only help his bid to stay in the Bombers’ best 22.


– You’d like to think that Clarke has earned a few games grace at the top level now….but has he? Job security is, unfortunately, going to be an issue every week. The likes of Dave Myers wait in the wings.

– That one game that Clarke played last season means he comes with a slightly elevated price tag in 2019. With every dollar precious at this stage of the year, can you afford to splurge on a rookie right now?

2.      Griffin Logue (FRE, def, $164 300)


+ Logue earned his first game this season after Alex Pearce sadly suffered a year-ending broken ankle, and Griffin seized his chance brilliantly. 24 touches, including a game-high 13 intercepts, gave Logue 93 points and assured his place in the Dockers’ 22 for the near future.

+ Taken at pick 8 in the 2016 draft, Logue has overcome a congenital foot problem that cost him the entire 2018 season. He has the size to play as a key defender, but is also capable of zoning off to set up play in the back half.

+ As mentioned, as long as Griffin is fit and firing, it would seem that a spot in the Freo defence is his. He has averaged 13 disposals and four marks in the WAFL this year.


– Logue has only played one game this year, and his scoring history (albeit brief) strongly suggests he won’t pump out 90s every week. Injury history has to be considered also.

– Similar to Clarke, Logue comes with an elevated price tag, this time due to the 13 games he played in his rookie year. You might have to compromise on your upgrades if you go for Logue.

3.      Lachie Neale (BRL, mid, $578 300)


+ The highest averaging midfielder of the year thus far, at the lowest price he has been all year. What more do you need to know? Neale has posted just under 124 points per game so far in 2019.

+ Fresh off the bye and with a break-even smack bang on his season average, the 57% of teams that are still Nealeless should have Lachie near the top of their shopping lists this week.

+ As mentioned multiple times in the pre-season, Neale has scored more points in the past four years than everybody except Dangerfield. Durable and prolific, it’s a great combination of qualities to have in Supercoach!


– Since starting the year in blazing form (136 ppg in the first six rounds), Neale has cooled off significantly (111 ppg in the next six). Will the slide continue?

– After Lachie utterly dominated the first half against the Blues, Ed Curnow went to him in the second half. Neale almost completely vanished and Carlton came from behind to win. Don’t think that’s gone unnoticed by opposition coaches around the league.

4.       Josh Dunkley (WBD, mid/fwd, $596 800)


+ Complete beast mode from Dunks against the Blues, racking up 41 possessions, ten tackles and a clever goal to boot. A season-high 173 points for the Dogs “inside mid”.

+ Since Bevo saw the error of his ways and put Dunkley back in the middle against the Tigers in round 7, Josh has averaged 130 ppg, making him one of the hottest Supercoach properties going around. Amongst midfielders, only Josh Kelly and Luke Parker have averaged more in their past five games.

+ The irony is that Dunkley is probably only worth selecting when Beveridge plays him as a midfielder, but you should pick him in your forward line. DPP status for the win!


– It would seem to be unlikely now, given Dunkley’s amazing form, but never underestimate Mr Magnets. Who knows what’s coming next??!!

– All that good form makes Dunkley very expensive now, up more than $80K on his starting price. Are you sure all that cash can’t be better spent elsewhere?

5.       Michael Walters (FRE, mid/fwd, $539 500)


+  Sonny has been promising this sort of stuff for a long time, but it looks like the Dockers’ match-winner has officially arrived. He was unstoppable against Port, 25 possessions and six goals netting him a huge season-high 158 points.

+ Now in his 11th year of senior footy, Walters might finally be having that breakout season we’ve been waiting for. Having never averaged more than 89 for a season, Walters is currently going at 104 ppg.

+ With only 8% ownership, Sonny is still a good point of difference. But with a break-even of only 36 this week, you should expect that to change very soon!


– Has a bit of a reputation for being a home ground superstar. Probably not entirely deserved, but he does average 111 at Optus this season, as opposed to his 94 ppg clip away from home.

– His reputation for being a streaky player is deserved though. Walters has a three round average of 132, but failed to ton up in the four games before that. You have to hope that you’re catching him in the middle of a hot streak.

#6 – 10: Travis BOAK (PTA), Nick HIND (STK), Ryan GARDNER (WBD), Patrick NAISH (RIC), Jackson MACRAE (WBD)

Most traded OUT players this week: Sam WALSH (CAR), Liam BAKER (RIC), Michael GIBBONS (CAR), Tom LIBERATORE (WBD), Brodie SMITH (ADE), Will SETTERFIELD (CAR), Xavier DUURSMA, Noah BALTA (RIC), Sydney STACK (RIC), Matthew PARKER (STK) 

Most popular trades so far this week:

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* 721 points, for those playing along at home.


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8 thoughts on “Flavour Of The Week – Rd 14”

  1. Finishing my team off:

    Gibbons > Clay Oliver
    Setters > Chol
    Duursma > Rich
    (4 trades and complete team)

    Duursma > Stewart
    Setters> Chol
    Gibbons > Clarke

    Bring in Neale next week for rookie (3 trades left)


  2. Kicking Whitfield to bring in Stewart and Lloyd to sort-of complete my Def (Hore d6).

    This leaves me 260k and 9 trades with 3 more upgrades to make – its been a rough season.

    But, when does Whitfield actually return? I have to kick him for a double upgrade as I’m holding ROB until he peaks if I’m able.


    1. Hold Whitfield. He’s likely to miss only one or two more games, and you need to conserve trades.


    2. They’re saying 1 – 2 on Whitfield, which sounds generous.

      I was forced by circumstances to trade him last week to cover the byes, but you’re in a position to hold I’d say. You’re not losing anything by holding him this week, as it’s his bye.

      Hold, ideally.


      1. It feels generous, right? It’s a broken bone. I’m not not confident he’ll come back that quickly or even score as well immediately when he does.

        Lots to consider this week.


        1. His first 1 to 2 games he will likely drop in value so really it’s 3-5 weeks before u look at getting him back in.



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