FPL SCT League GW9, 2013

Written by MJ on November 2 2013

So it’s been a little while since we checked in on how the SCT League is shaping up in the Fantasy Premier League game.

It’s absolutely no surprise to anyone that Heavy Zee still leads all comers, but has extended his dominance with a 64 point gap, which will take some chasing. A score of 87 points this week puts him at 418th overall! This is a remarkable achievement in it’s own right, but when you consider he finished in the top 100 overall in SuperCoach this year it really emphasises the outstanding year he’s having, fantasy wise.

I’ve managed to work my way up into 2nd place with a few big scores, but I won’t count on staying there, with 3rd-15th all reaching the 500 point milestone so far. This includes one of SCT’s favourites, BigRuss, with a monstrous score of 86 to put him at 501 pts and 17th place.

All the best with your selections this week,

Here’s how the top 20 looks after 9 rounds of competition:

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 2.31.22 pm


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2 thoughts on “FPL SCT League GW9, 2013”

  1. Boruc.
    Fonte, Lovren, Zabaleta.
    Oscar, Barkley, Yaya Touré, Ramsey.
    Suárez, Giroud, Sturridge.

    Mignolet, Ivanovic, Amalfitano, Baker.

    I’ve thrown Boruc on for Mignolet for this week with Southampton vs Stoke, and given Zabeleta a guernsey and one last chance hoping City can give Norwich a touch up. I can’t see an obvious trade which is probably an indication/confirmation that i’m struggling, so i’ll save it for next week 🙂


  2. GW10 Challenge set for you this week, probably worth only a handful of points, who scores more?

    Boruc v Hull (H)
    Mignolet v Fulham (H)



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