Game Chat – North v Richmond

Written by Motts on May 31 2019

Where and when: Marvel Stadium, Friday May 31, 7.50pm AEST

Last time they met: Marvel Stadium, round 8, 2018: North Melbourne 11.6 (72) lost to Richmond 12.10 (82)

Ben Cunnington’s AFL-record 32 contested possessions almost inspired the Roos to an unlikely victory over the Tigers. Richmond led by 26 points nearing half-time, but an upset was on the cards when North Melbourne hit the lead barely two minutes into the final term. Trent Cotchin was brilliant for the winners, amassing 37 touches in the midfield.

What it means for North Melbourne: The Kangaroos’ first match of the post-Brad Scott era has the potential to be a letdown after the emotional events of the past week. However, they will be keen to give caretaker coach Rhyce Shaw a winning start and put the drama behind them.

What it means for Richmond: It might not even be the halfway point of the season, but there is a competitive race going for a top-four spot and the Tigers will be keen to bank another win, knowing how valuable they will be down the track.

How North Melbourne wins: Winning the ruck battle is a non-negotiable, with Todd Goldstein – fresh from almost 60 hitouts a week ago – holding a significant experience edge over Ivan Soldo. Giving his foot soldiers the first look at the Sherrin is the first link in the midfield chain.

How Richmond wins: Barring the round seven loss to the Western Bulldogs, the Tigers have been exemplary in defying a lengthy injury list with major names on it. The success to date has depended on contributions from lesser lights, and more of the same is required.

The stat: Richmond has won its past two encounters with the Roos after losing seven of the previous eight clashes.

The match-up: Robbie Tarrant v Tom Lynch

The Tigers say power forward Lynch (No.271 in the AFL Player Ratings) will be fit to face North Melbourne despite his corked calf, but he won’t have an easy time of it against Tarrant (No.239). Tarrant, at his best, has the ability to hurt the former Sun the other way, too, if Lynch’s movement is hampered whatsoever.

It’s a big week for: Rhyce Shaw

Who else? This section is normally reserved for players, but Shaw is in the spotlight this week as his senior coaching career, albeit as a caretaker, makes a sooner-than-expected start. The dual AFL Coaches’ Association Assistant of the Year has aspirations to officially win a senior coach job at some stage and his audition begins now.

Big call: Sydney Stack does something, anything – a high mark, brutal hip and shoulder or spectacular goal, for instance – to have us all raving about his football story.

Mottsy’s Tip: Tigers by 5 points


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51 thoughts on “Game Chat – North v Richmond”

      1. Curious of the communities thoughts on the thumbs down:
        TD – someone doesn’t get sarcasm
        TU – someone just didn’t rate the sarcasm


        1. No need for td, sarcasm is a form of humor related to irony. So it would be ironic if the mighty tiges win by 90.


        2. I’m tipping a draw…..Goldy 180, dusty reported for shaking the goal post as brown starts his after the siren shot at goal running in from the boundary on the wing.


    1. Ha ha..

      I want what your on…

      The realist in me has ..Rhyce Shaw at his first Presser, with his hands in the air like ..What me ?

      What I’d love to see is him smiling ,with that look like maybe this is mine.

      For tonight….

      GO NORTH!


  1. TU Butters and Constable to Lloyd and Begley

    TD Bailey Scott and Constable to Lloyd and Oskar Baker (can’t afford Begley, who’s job security I rate as higher, but at least get to keep Butters who’s getting games)


  2. After Goldy’s effort last week against English I’m giving him the VC against Saldo. Go you good thing!!!



    North Melbourne: Luke Davies-Uniacke, Luke McDonald, Kayne Turner, Cam Zurhaar
    Richmond: Josh Caddy, Shai Bolton, Sydney Stack, Liam Baker


        1. Yeah, Bryson. Couldn’t resist a finished DEF line pretty much.

          Moore -> Houli & Crouch -> Ryan


  4. Time to move bailey Scott on to bewley/baker? His just sitting there and isn’t even lighting it up in the 2s :/


    1. Depends on what other rookies you have.
      Scott will probably get a game soon with Scott being dropped.
      If you have Hayes I would move him on first


  5. Current DEF are J Lloyd, Whitfield & Williams. Hurn will be after his bye. Which one would you trade in –

    TU : Houli
    TD: L Ryan


  6. I have officially lost the plot but with a team in shambles I’m going rocky to Cotchin and petruccele to Lynch, just so I can watch them tonight and avoid doughnuts, see you all next year!


  7. Out of curiosity, does anyone remember in 2016 when we all went super early on Sam Collins before he played a game?


  8. Brought Houli in this week, what a f**king rollercoaster already.

    Copped a knock and went off. Came back on and got 4 touches in a minute. Copped another knock. Back on now with 14 touches and 40 SC at QT.

    This is not good for my blood pleasure…

    Nevertheless, yalla habibi!


  9. 1/4 Time
    Roos 4.2.26
    Tigers 3.2.20

    Jamie Macmillan 38
    Ben Brown 38
    Cameron Zurhaar 34
    Jy Simpkin 31
    Jed Anderson 30
    Ben Cunnington 29
    Shaun Atley 28
    Scott D. Thompson 27
    Shaun Higgins 26
    Jack Ziebell  24
    Todd Goldstein  24
    Nick Larkey 22
    Kayne Turner 19
    Jared Polec 18
    L. Davies-Uniacke 16
    Jasper Pittard 16
    Luke McDonald 13
    Trent Dumont 10
    Marley Williams 9
    Mason Wood 8
    Tarryn Thomas 8
    Robbie Tarrant -4

    Bachar Houli 39
    Dustin Martin 39
    Brandon Ellis 37
    Tom J. Lynch* 29
    Josh Caddy 24
    Jason Castagna 23
    Noah Balta 21
    Kamdyn McIntosh 21
    Shane Edwards 21
    Trent Cotchin  20
    Sydney Stack 18
    Dion Prestia 17
    Dylan Grimes 16
    Nick Vlastuin 15
    Daniel Butler 13
    Ryan Garthwaite 13
    Shai Bolton 12
    David Astbury 11
    Nathan Broad 10
    Liam Baker 5
    Ivan Soldo  3
    Jack Higgins 1


  10. 1/2 time
    Roos 6-7-43
    Tigers 6-3-39

    B Cunnington 72
    S Higgins 57
    J Ziebell 52
    B Brown 51
    J Anderson 46
    T Goldstein 43
    J Pittard 42
    J Polec 41
    L D-Uniacke 39
    J MacMillan 39
    S Thompson 39
    C Zurhaar 38
    N Larkey 36
    M Wood 34
    J Simpkin 32
    K Turner 31
    L McDonald 28
    S Atley 27
    R Tarrant 27
    M Williams 22
    T Thomas 21
    T Dumont 1

    D Martin 77
    B Houli 72
    D Prestia 53
    J Caddy 53
    B Ellis 50
    S Stack 47
    L Baker 47
    S Edwards 43
    J Castagna 42
    T Cotchin 42
    K Mcintosh 39
    N Vlastuin 36
    T Lynch 34
    D Astbury 34
    D Butler 31
    N Balta 22
    D Grimes 18
    I Soldo 16
    N Broad 16
    S Bolton 16
    J Higgins 15
    R Garthwaite 1


  11. Did BT just refer to Razor Ray’s balls as “the sweet spot”? Jeez, BT. Keep it together.


  12. 3/4 time
    Roos 12-7-79
    Tigers 7-4-46

    B Cunnington 111
    S Higgins 96
    J Ziebell 93
    C Zurhaar 85
    J Polec 80
    M Wood 79
    T Goldstein 75
    J Simpkin 73
    J Anderson 69
    L D-Uniacke 68
    B Brown 68
    T Dumont 62
    J Pittard 53
    R Tarrant 50
    N Larkey 48
    S Thompson 45
    S Atley 45
    L McDonald 42
    J MacMillan 41
    T Thomas 31
    M Williams 31
    K Turner 30

    B Houli 107
    D Martin 89
    S Stack 79
    J Caddy 69
    L Baker 67
    B Ellis 65
    D Prestia 63
    S Edwards 61
    J Castagna 59
    T Cotchin 54
    K Mcintosh 49
    N Vlastuin 44
    T Lynch 43
    D Astbury 40
    D Butler 40
    I Soldo 36
    N Balta 32
    D Grimes 25
    S Bolton 22
    N Broad 21
    R Garthwaite 19
    J Higgins 21


  13. TrooRoo, Roo Bloke and Shaggi.

    Congratulations. Well fought, well deserved, well done.


    1. A very professional tough uncompromsing victory for the boys.
      If they keep playing like this the supporters will be happy and Shaw might get the fulltime gig.
      Zurhaar is a good player to have tackling in the forward 50. There will be a few sore Richmond defenders cause his tackles hurt.
      Very happy train ride home from the game


      1. A little bit different in the coaches box tonight especially at the end of the game. No shakes of the hand last week even though they won. Was super strange and no one knew how to react. This week all of the coaches seem almost relieved Scott is not there. I think there are a few things the public still does not know.


    1. Half expecting BT to end up in the underground car park talking to a security guard or a cleaner.


  14. Sorry guys forgot to hit post last night

    Final scores
    Roos 15-9-99
    Tigers 9-8-62

    Ben Cunnington 133
    Shaun Higgins 127
    Jack Ziebell 110
    Cameron Zurhaar 108
    Ben Brown 107
    Jared Polec 104
    Mason Wood 99
    Todd Goldstein 96
    Jy Simpkin 95
    Trent Dumont 94
    Jed Anderson 92
    Luke Davies-Uniacke 86
    Jasper Pittard 73
    Shaun Atley 72
    Robbie Tarrant 69
    Nick Larkey 58
    Luke McDonald 56
    Scott Thompson 55
    Tarryn Thomas 52
    Jamie MacMillan 47
    Marley Williams 45
    Kayne Turner 41

    Bachar Houli 139
    Dustin Martin 113
    Sydney Stack 107
    Dion Prestia 92
    Brandon Ellis 91
    Josh Caddy 86
    Liam Baker 85
    Shane Edwards 84
    Jason Castagna 76
    Trent Cotchin 69
    Kamdyn Mcintosh 58
    David Astbury 57
    Nick Vlastuin 57
    Tom Lynch 55
    Ivan Soldo 52
    Daniel Butler 50
    Noah Balta 47
    Jack Higgins 37
    Nathan Broad 35
    Dylan Grimes 34
    Shai Bolton 34
    Ryan Garthwaite 26


  15. The moment you forgot to do your footy tips and realize you aren’t further behind because everyone tipped Richmond. Gold!


    1. Snap. I didn’t bother going into Richmond to do my tips yesterday as I was gonna tip the Tigers anyway. Saved myself a trip and a (likely) sore head this morning 😉


  16. I apologise to those I suggested exercising caution when considering trading in Cunning-ton.
    Hope you ignored me and went with your guts?!



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