Game Chat – St Kilda v Carlton

Written by Father Dougal on May 26 2019

Where and when: Giants Stadium, Sunday May 19, 4.40pm AEST

Where and when: Marvel Stadium, Sunday, May 26, 3.20pm AEST

Last time they met: Docklands Stadium, round 17, 2018: St Kilda 16.20 (116) beat Carlton 7.10 (52)

An elevated heart rate for brave Blues ruckman Matthew Kreuzer ended his night just minutes into the clash. The Saints would dominate the contest and added to the Blues’ pain in a season they ended up with the wooden spoon.

What it means for St Kilda: Coming off four straight losses after a difficult month, the 4-5 Saints can put themselves in a position to contend for finals, with Port Adelaide and Gold Coast to come after the Carlton clash.

What it means for Carlton: The Blues have been competitive in seven of their nine games but have been disastrous in two of their past three outings, against North Melbourne and Greater Western Sydney. Victory would be a sign of improvement.

How St Kilda wins: Don’t drop off. The Saints have been reasonably consistent, considering how much talent they have sidelined and having faced flag contenders the past three weeks. They need to keep their effort up.

How Carlton wins: Patrick Cripps can’t have 12 disposals, like he did against the Giants. It’s fair to assume he won’t either. The Carlton co-captain is an absolute jet and will respond.

The stat: St Kilda has won four in a row over Carlton. Before that, Carlton won four in a row over St Kilda. Before that, St Kilda won four in a row over Carlton. Are the Blues about to start a run of four straight wins over the Saints?

The match-up: Jack Steele v Patrick Cripps

The Saints stopper went head to head with the Blues superstar last time round, and while he couldn’t limit Cripps, both were prolific. Cripps is ranked No.8 in the Official AFL Player Ratings, while Steele is No.53.

It’s a big week for: Brendon Bolton

The pressure is red-hot on the Blues coach, as it should be. He’s been in charge since the end of 2015 but in his fourth season, there are serious questions over how long this rebuild is taking. It’s time the club starts winning.

Father Dougal’s Tip: Saints by 10 points.

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69 thoughts on “Game Chat – St Kilda v Carlton”

    1. I didn’t have a choice, but am expecting/hoping for a big day from Matty. Can’t see Young going bigger than last week. I’d hold for a week. Even if Parker disappoints and his bye doesn’t hurt you, you can hold him til he comes out the other side. I’m hoping he will. He has the talent, has decent JS and a break at just the right time …


      1. Thanks allsaints. Yes I think I will hold. Mainly concerned will Parker bleeding cash but holding saves a trade.


        1. Even if he bleeds this week, his ave. will see him back up and one big game … we’ll be wondering why we worried. Don’t forget, Saints have had some seriously good opponents the last 4 wks. While no game is easy, the next few are comparative to the last few!


  1. VC didn’t hold up his end of the deal so..
    T/U Captain Cripps vs StKilda
    T/D Captain Neale vs his former team


    1. Steele doesn’t do a hard tag and is still an important part of the Saints’ engine room, so I think Cripps can shake the tag. Think he’ll put in a big effort today.


  2. Wow my new recruit Robert Young hasn’t touched the ball. Go you good thing.
    *waves fist at Supercoach Gods


  3. Cheers, I Went with Cripps happy so far Even though he was on the bench for close to 10 mins lol



    1/4 time
    Stk 2.2.14 – 3.4.22

    T. Membrey 30
    P. Cripps 44
    J. Steele 30
    C. Curnow 44
    J. Gresham 28
    E. Curnow 32
    J. Bruce 27
    D. Thomas 30
    J. Newnes 27
    M. Kennedy 30
    S. Ross 25
    C. Marchbank 29
    B. Long 21
    M. Kreuzer 27
    C. Wilkie 21
    D. Cuningham 22
    D. McKenzie 20
    K. Simpson 21
    J. Battle 19
    N. Newman 19
    L. Dunstan 18
    L. Casboult 18
    E. Phillips 18
    M. Gibbons 18
    S. Savage 13
    H. McKay 17
    R. Marshall 12
    S. Walsh 15
    M. Parker 12
    J. Weitering 13
    N. Brown 12
    Z. Fisher 12
    J. Billings 10
    S. Petrevski-Seton 11
    J. Marsh 10
    P. Dow 11
    J. Sinclair 9
    J. Silvagni 10
    B. Acres 8
    L. Plowman 10
    D. Kent 2
    M. McGovern 8
    R. Young 0
    L. Stocker 7


  5. Is Robert Young actually on the ground o_O?

    Learning the hard way not to go early on rookies.


  6. great to see the blues protecting Cripps from the saints players intimidation
    after he dropped the easy mark
    blues players respect for their champ on show right there


    1. Astute observation, PJ. Cripps commands more respect among the players than Bolton for sure.



    1/2 time
    Stk 5.7.37 – 5.4.34

    L. Dunstan 71
    P. Cripps 67
    J. Gresham 59
    C. Curnow 66
    T. Membrey 58
    E. Curnow 58
    S. Savage 56
    J. Weitering 52
    J. Sinclair 54
    M. Kennedy 41
    E. Phillips 53
    C. Marchbank 39
    J. Steele 51
    K. Simpson 38
    S. Ross 51
    S. Petrevski-Seton 38
    D. McKenzie 50
    L. Plowman 35
    J. Bruce 46
    N. Newman 34
    R. Marshall 37
    D. Thomas 34
    B. Acres 37
    S. Walsh 33
    B. Long 36
    M. Gibbons 32
    J. Battle 29
    D. Cuningham 31
    C. Wilkie 28
    H. McKay 26
    J. Newnes 28
    L. Casboult 23
    N. Brown 26
    Z. Fisher 23
    J. Billings 25
    L. Stocker 23
    J. Marsh 25
    M. Kreuzer 22
    M. Parker 21
    J. Silvagni 21
    D. Kent 16
    P. Dow 21
    R. Young 5
    M. McGovern 20


    1. Umps have been woeful.
      Decisions being not payed to the blues and identical situations getting paid to the saints.
      Wish I could’ve had one of my sC spots for the umps in this game. Reckon they’re tracking for about 150pts


    2. yeh , i noticed the count also
      blues didn’t take a back step though , their intensity is right up there ,
      usually equates to more free kicks , especially from a young team
      was a couple of soft frees
      silvagni’s hip shouldn’t have been paid
      imo , i thought it was about right


      1. There’s been a few undisciplined acts from the blues, but if it was consistent, the count should be around 15-12


      1. has been a lot better in the 2nd 1/2’s this year ,
        usually when the saints get on top
        it’s a pretty hot footy so far


  8. seems like the blues lost their aggression for the contested ball during the 1/2 time break
    maybe trying to give away less free kicks has changed their mindset



    3/4 time
    Stk 8.10.58 – 6.6.42

    J. Gresham 103
    P. Cripps 86
    L. Dunstan 86
    E. Curnow 82
    T. Membrey 78
    C. Curnow 72
    D. McKenzie 77
    K. Simpson 68
    J. Sinclair 72
    L. Casboult 64
    J. Steele 71
    S. Walsh 62
    S. Ross 71
    S. Petrevski-Seton 61
    S. Savage 65
    J. Weitering 59
    C. Wilkie 64
    N. Newman 59
    B. Acres 63
    M. Kennedy 56
    J. Bruce 61
    D. Thomas 54
    R. Marshall 61
    C. Marchbank 53
    J. Billings 59
    M. Gibbons 52
    J. Battle 53
    L. Stocker 44
    E. Phillips 53
    L. Plowman 43
    N. Brown 52
    M. Kreuzer 41
    B. Long 50
    P. Dow 39
    J. Marsh 43
    Z. Fisher 39
    J. Newnes 43
    D. Cuningham 37
    D. Kent 38
    H. McKay 36
    M. Parker 36
    J. Silvagni 31
    R. Young 16
    M. McGovern 18


  10. I screwed my c loop this week..put it on moore not danger so got macrae points as vc instead of gawn as c.
    My faith in Gresham might still get me over the line…..go young fella.


    1. Watching him in the flesh … a bit like Tim Kelly, might be a starter in SC in just his second year.
      His engine is extraordinary. Forget the fact he has talent in abundance!! 🙂


  11. Matty P kicking a game- winner. Gotta be worth 30pts 😉

    PS it would be if Jake ‘seagull’ Lloyd had kicked it!

    Here’s hoping.



  12. So what will happen now with Carlton? new coach or keep the coach and clear out the other staff


    1. with that young list ,
      they’d have to give em the full season & see where they’re going after that


    2. I thought CAR’s structure, set-up and movement was pretty good, but the skills in execution were appalling. I’m blaming the players.
      Stand up CAR players. Can you imagine having the privilege of playing for what’s s’posed to be a big club?! 6.5 out of 22 stood up. I don’t get it.

      We’d have been flogged by anyone else today. That’s a way bigger concern for me.


        1. Two players play one good QTR each = half

          Sorry, now I’m being obtuse. Thought Casboult was good early, and the other 1/4 of the 1/2 was a collective effort. Gibbons involved.

          Let’s not kid ourselves, we were both poor.

          Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if we both win next week! Saints hated the idea of China but will be there to make a point!

          Then CAR play ESS and we know how that normally plays!
          #goblues #familything


    3. Either they improve in the second half of the year (like Brisbane last year), in which case nothing changes, or they don’t, in which case Bolton gets sacked.

      Either way, nothing will be happening this week.


      1. Post-scaling: +2 to Cripps, -3 to Marshall. That’s not quite what I had in mind, CD!



    full time
    Stk 9.14.68 – 8.7.55

    before scaling

    L. Dunstan 121
    P. Cripps 114
    J. Gresham 110
    E. Curnow 97
    B. Acres 99
    S. Walsh 93
    T. Membrey 97
    L. Casboult 90
    J. Steele 94
    N. Newman 89
    D. McKenzie 87
    C. Curnow 89
    J. Sinclair 84
    S. Petrevski-Seton 88
    S. Ross 84
    L. Plowman 79
    D. Kent 81
    D. Cuningham 75
    J. Bruce 79
    M. Kreuzer 73
    R. Marshall 79
    K. Simpson 72
    C. Wilkie 77
    C. Marchbank 64
    J. Battle 77
    M. Kennedy 64
    M. Parker 74
    L. Stocker 63
    J. Billings 72
    J. Weitering 62
    S. Savage 72
    D. Thomas 61
    N. Brown 62
    M. Gibbons 58
    J. Newnes 59
    P. Dow 56
    J. Marsh 58
    H. McKay 55
    E. Phillips 55
    Z. Fisher 51
    B. Long 51
    M. McGovern 32
    R. Young 17
    J. Silvagni 29


    1. Robbie Young will probably get dropped next week because everyone got him before his bubble #SCGods


      1. not everyone
        did the double premo upgrade this week with my danger cash
        i’ll be rookie shop’n next week


    1. He’s just about to hit his straps, but then I saw pre-game he has his left calf heavily strapped.
      Still moving OK and woe betide anyone who owns him getting rid … think he and Dunkley will smash the back half of the year.
      Huge engines if they can stay fit.
      #SC Gold


  14. R Young – what a useless piece of ….. FFS 17?? Injured players score better than that … how useless.



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