Idle Chit Chat

Written by Motts on September 16 2013

Possible conversation topics today:

  • The state of the ANZ Stadium ground
  • Should Chappy get off?
  • The Kennett Curse – can Hawthorn win this week?
  • Can Sydney win this week with their injuries?
  • Will Collingwood keep Daisy?
  • What you got up to on the weekend
    The All Australian team (announced tonight)

Go your hardest.



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26 thoughts on “Idle Chit Chat”

  1. The state of the ANZ Stadium ground – Shocking
    Should Chappy get off? – No
    The Kennett Curse – can Hawthorn win this week? – Yes
    Can Sydney win this week with their injuries? – No
    Will Collingwood keep Daisy? – Yes
    What you got up to on the weekend – Watched two great sides record there last wins in 2013.


  2. The state of the ANZ Stadium ground: Shocking, couldn’t believe the conditions for a semi final very poor on the afl’s behalf.

    Should Chappy get off?: Not a chance, very similar to Buddy’s bump will get 1 week.

    The Kennett Curse – can Hawthorn win this week?: I’m pretty sure they will, Buddy and Riloli lining back up should bounce hard against the cats,

    Can Sydney win this week with their injuries?: Not a chance, freo has a massive home ground advantage and they are expected to win their first flag.

    Will Collingwood keep Daisy?: Nah he’s coming to Carlton =], hope his not injury prone though 😛

    What you got up to on the weekend: Fooooty

    The All Australian team (announced tonight): If spuddy makes the 22..


  3. Don’t write off the Cats too early.

    I think based on form the Hawks will win, but the Hawks have been a good side for a long time and the Cats somehow everytime since 2008 have found away to beat them.

    They match up very well against each other but the cats from is the burning question.


  4. The state of the ANZ Stadium ground? Was a bit rough but try playing on the grass covered concrete in Kalgoorlie. Two teams played on it… one team clearly adjusted to the conditions better. Was the ground to blame for no one bothering to man up on McVeigh though?

    Should Chappy get off? No… because no one else has. So now he’ll defintely cop a reprimand this arvo.

    The Kennett Curse – can Hawthorn win this week? I hope so… otherwise I’m doing full recon on the cricket club President’s house for all rope like objects and sharps and getting them hidden. That and the skiing might be a little too far uphill for those pussy cats. So now they’ll probably romp in by 6 goals…

    Can Sydney win this week with their injuries? Yes they can… if the Dockers field the same side that they did against the Saints. So Sydney will probably win with a kick after the siren…

    Will Collingwood keep Daisy? No… I’m more interested in what Carlton will be willing to part with in a trade. Robbie Warnock? Eddie Betts? Both?

    What you got up to on the weekend? I moved the rest of my stuff into my new house. Ate some of the cheesiest cob loaf in the history of food. Adjusted further to life without Foxtel…

    The All Australian team (announced tonight) – How Pearce Hanley wasn’t considered for a squad position is beyond me. How I wish the Lions had an All-Australian forward though…

    (rant below)

    Speaking of those bloody Lions though… another standard year of the usual promise and little to show for it. NAB Cup was nice but unless a Victorian side wins it that finished in the 8 the year before it’s a virtual non-entity past the final siren.

    Rolling the Cats and the last gasp let down of round 23 should have been enough to keep the masses hopeful but then the usual band of idiots managed to sack a coach that didn’t need sacking, are taking their sweet time appointing a replacement, upset Lethal, will lose most if not all of their vastly untried young talent and won’t attract flies to the club at the trade table.

    However the positives are an upset Lethal isn’t always a bad thing as it only took him 3 years with a fertile list to make the GF last time around, heads are bound to roll at board level to appease the members, Leppa may well come home to fill the role of ‘chief ranga’ among the few coaches that are publicly announcing their intentions to coach Brisbane, the list is fine and will only improve further despite the ‘walkers’ as I feel everyone due to leave (with the exception of Elliot Yeo and Brent Staker who I hope they work hard to keep) was a bit player at best this and the past few seasons.

    They may well get a raft of draft picks for these players wanting out which pretty much puts the brakes on being a major player in the finals for the next few years… unless they go moneyball… again… and get a bit of wheat among the chaff… and give us Supercoaches a little bit more to get excited about at the Lions again.

    (end rant)


  5. The state of the ANZ Stadium ground
    It was only bad the one side where the Rugby stands were over the grass, with the scheduling of the ANZ stadium its hard for the ground to be cherry ripe each week.

    Should Chappy get off?
    Should do but will get points for it.

    The Kennett Curse – can Hawthorn win this week?
    If they dont and Geelong get through Freo are a sure favourite for the GF win.

    Can Sydney win this week with their injuries?
    Very unlikely, Freo will play posession footy, make the Swans come to them.

    Will Collingwood keep Daisy?
    Too many high priced players at the Pies, he will be squeezed out anyway.

    What you got up to on the weekend
    Watching the Power put up a good fight but lacked experience when it counted most.

    The All Australian team (announced tonight)
    It will be a team of starts but how well they would play as a team??


  6. Ok what I got up too on the weekend: Stories from Asia.
    Was in Vietnam this weekend Hawks were not playing but still watched the Footy Saturday night. Bad Luck Motts
    Out at the only Night Club in the place and shut at 12.30am, after tipping a few people few bottles of Whiskey was ready to kick on at some local haunts I know.
    Problem no Cash.
    Went to the ATM (They can be shoddy) and the power went out as my card went in and did not come back, could not get cash, but these have local Security so knocked not too forcefully (I think) on the Window and the window fell out and broke near the guard. Happen to me 4 times already
    The Guard came around English fairly limited and told me I had to pay for it. Of course get me my card and I will, (I was pretty drunk so the language is a little toned down). No Avail no card till the next day.
    Woke up at home no recollection of how I got there, apart from Remembering some local from the Bar seeing me argue with the guards spoke to them in Vietnamese and calmed the situation down, so assumed he took me home.
    Ventured to the Bank the next day Manager came down apologised to me for the ATM failing, but said I had to pay for the Window. Sure no probs and was waiting for the money. How stupid are the guys my translator told him get his card he will give you the money from the ATM in total was 500,000 dong or $25 nice and cheap.
    Now when I got home from the Bank the next day my roommate who is Thai gave me 2,500 baht said to him what is this he said you gave it to the Taxi driver in Vietnam to take you home last night as you had no Vietnam money, he gave it back as he did not know Thailand Money, my mate paid him the money for the Fare which he said was 90,000 dong. Now I know how I got back.
    If he had gone to the exchange he would have got about $70 but instead he was happy to take $4.50 of Vietnam money.
    Breaking a ATM window, Yelling at the Guard, paying money in foreign currency to a Taxi driver to take you home, The Taxi Driver not checking exchange rate giving it back to you the next day and taking $4.50. No police were called, To the bank and the. Bank Manager apologising to you.
    Would any of this happen in Australia on a night out and you get home safely.
    One point I did miss I did apologise the Guard was there he just laughed gave me the thumbs up and would not take any money


  7. HF: Dangerfield, Cloke, Jack

    Cloke gets the nod as the first big forward to be selected. As expected, we’ve got predominantly on-ballers on the half-forward flanks.


  8. Interchange: Boak, Hannebery, Mackie, Watson

    Not sure how the best small forward in the competition (Lindsay Thomas, 53 goals) didn’t get a run in the AA.


  9. anz stadium is shocking\\

    kennet curse hawks will get smashed they don’t derserve anther shot at a grand final they will get there arses handed to them by the cats
    chappy well I am undecied yes or no if we didn’t have that idiot on the mrp buddy and chappy be free to play.
    and Sydney might win dosent matter who wins that game cats will win the flag after we beat that hawks.
    and dale Thomas hell no he will stay with the pies he will be off to blue land to play with his old coach


  10. and this weekend going to the hawk cat game to see my cats beat up on the hawks and probably see sniper hodge try take out some of the cats



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