Mid-Pricers Review – Round 10

Written by Hot Sauce on May 28 2019

Get Them In!

Players your team needs

Entering the pre-bye rounds we should be saving up for a war chest to get you through the rounds with no donuts and, if you play it right, with a strong advantage over your opponents. Due to this, now wouldn’t seem like the ideal time to be going after a high-performing mid-pricer, but instead turning over rookies for cash generation. It will be hard to make the list of must-have players to consider bringing into your side.

Bachar Houli continues his rich vein of form with his 3rd consecutive 100+ game, and his 5th from seven games. At just $504,400 you will be getting the 4th highest averaging defender who has proved to be able to sustain this level of output in the past.

With plenty of premium options available to select, it is hard to justify selecting a mid-pricer. However, at only 1.8% ownership while averaging 103.2 (110.7 over his last 3) it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore Ricky Henderson. If you’re daring enough to pick someone, he ticks the boxes.

Rory Lobb has raised his hand again to be your F6 – ruck swing with a big score against the Lions on Sunday evening. With many coaches looking to move O’Brien for cash generation for the byes, Lobb looks set to make the role his.

  1. Bachar Houli (Def; $504,400; and 7.2% ownership)
  2. Rory Lobb (Fwd/Ruc; $478,000; and 5.4%)
  3. Ricky Henderson (Mid; $500,500; and 1.8%)

Pass Mark

If you have them, keep them.

There is still a heap of value out there especially in the less popular mid-price options. The likes of Brayden FioriniJacob HopperLachie HunterLuke DunstanJames HarmesShaun HigginsHugh McCluggageChristian SalemNick VlastuinJason JohannisenMitch Robinson and Tom Lynch all average 90+ with less than 5% ownership. The defenders and forwards especially present great value if you’re looking for a POD.

Chopping Block

Joining ‘Bite the Bullet’ and ‘Chopping Block’ together – a lot of tough calls.

Last week Zak JonesJasper Pittard and Alex Witherden were blacklisted and with good reason as they failed to impress this week.  This week we’re adding Brad Sheppard and Jeremy Howe to the list after both started the season strongly. Sheppard is averaging 66.7 over his last 3 games while Howe is averaging 76 over the same period. Howe has been extremely disappointing and if he can rectify his season, he can be picked up later in the season cheap.

I may have got the above defenders correct last week but adding Jade Gresham to the list backfired as the young Saint managed 114 points against the Blues on Sunday. Another young player who is struggling is Bulldog Toby McLean, who over the last 3 weeks is averaging a lowly 57.3 and needs to be cut loose.

Good luck coaches and let me know your thoughts.


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12 thoughts on “Mid-Pricers Review – Round 10”

  1. Here’s a couple if you don’t already have them, Jack Steele priced at 476k ave nearer 530k and a guy named Dangerfield who is even cheaper than that!! That is ridiculous!!


  2. I take it people think Grundy and/or Gawn will get a rest at some point, making a ruck cover a good idea?


  3. I had the misfortune of looking at donuts this week like lots of people. It meant I had to keep Gresham !!


  4. howe doing what howe does
    always starts slow & is cheap
    always posts 100+ after the byes & comes into my team
    always gets injured around R 18 & burns me
    gotta love him


  5. would think with rocky & wines out
    drew would play midfield this week
    could go big in china V the saints
    with a BE of 63 & a potential ton on offer
    still has a lot of money to be made


    1. I agree PJ.

      Rocky on the plane to china, but I’m not sure he will play.

      Drew or Atley could come in ,for his second game.

      If Drew misses again he may be on the chopping block, as he has the bye next round anyway.

      If Atley gets a game, R13 could be interesting with both Bewley and Atley potentially on the bubble.

      I currently have Drew on my Mid bench to cover Rocky.
      Stocker will be forced on field, if Rocky or Drew miss.

      I’m all over Hinge, this weeks. Looks the goods.


        1. I’m looking to hold drew through the byes @ this stage
          Still got $ upside
          DP really helps my team structure @ the moment also
          If a good DP rook pops up ( 70+ ) that might change
          port loose another midfielder he could go into the mids & takes off
          potentially getting to 430k give or take



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