Movers & Shakers – Round 13

Written by The Salamander on June 14 2019

Player Name (Club, Price, Average, 3-round-average, 5-round-average)


Jake Lloyd (SYD, $592,900 117.6, 124,7, 119.6)
After a lean patch (by his standards) between rounds 6 and 8 with scores of 107, 101, and 83, Lloyd has been back to his best in recent weeks, pumping out 141, 115, 123, and 136 over the last month.

Matthew Suckling (WBD, $401,500, 82.5, 54.7, 74.2)
Started the year on fire, averaging 99 over his first five games, but has since come crashing back down to earth, with scores of 35, 76, and 53 over the last three weeks. And to think he almost got a Rare Gems gong a while back!


Patrick Dangerfield (FWD) (GEEL, $542,400, 107.7, 131.3, 103.8)
And this is why we all picked him at F1! After a quiet few weeks, including an injury-affected 26, he’s been back to his best over the last couple of weeks.

Lachie Neale (BRL, $578,300, 123.8, 99.7, 112.2)
Has had a relatively quiet three weeks, after starting the year on fire. He was on track for a monster score last week, but was successfully tagged out of the game in the second half by Carlton’s Ed Curnow. As a Carlton fan, I’m glad he was, but as a Neale owner, I’m hoping this doesn’t become a regular occurrence!


Max Gawn (MEL, $706,000, 129.4 153.3, 142.6)
I think we can officially declare that the Cox Curse is now dead. After an already impressive first two months of the year, the giant gnome has set out over the last few weeks to make sure that he’s as expensive as possible come his bye. This is bad news for those who were hoping to upgrade Goldstein, but it’s even worse news for those of us with the next guy…

Shane Mumford (GWS, $386,600, 84.7, 56.7, 72.6)
Starting at just $320K this year, the ex-retiree was looking like an astute pickup in his first six games, averaging 99 over that time. Then round 10 happened. And round 11. And round 12. Having collapsed in price over the last three weeks, those who have held him this long are going to have to fork out a lot of money to turn him into Gawn or Grundy next week.


Charlie Curnow (CAR, $386,300, 66.1, 94.7, 79.8)
After a horrible (if injury-affected) start to 2019, Charlie has been in good form over the last three weeks, pumping out scores of 89, 93, and 102. Perhaps even more impressively, the first two of those came in what were pretty bad games for the team overall (one of them even got the coach sacked!). With Carlton looking like a different team under interim coach David Teague, the young Blue could be a cheap, if slightly risky, way of finishing off your forward line.

While we’re on the topic of cheap Carlton forwards, I’d like to give honourable mentions to Zac Fisher ($319,700) and Sam Petrevski-Seton ($384,300). Both started the year well, averaging 89 over the first seven weeks of the year (Fisher) and 94 over the first five (SPS). Both then dropped off, much like Carlton in general, although like Curnow, SPS had started to turn things around even before Bolton was sacked (92, 85, and 92 in the last three weeks). Assuming the Blues keep playing well under Teague (and that’s far from guaranteed), the two on-ballers could be primed for a big second half of the year. Together with Charlie Curnow, all three could be excellent, if slightly risky, candidates for a cheap forward upgrade. Of the three, I’d say SPS is the safest bet, but at under $320K, Fisher is clearly the best value. Like I said, it’s a risk, but the potential upside is huge.

Jack Newnes (MID) (STK, $359,100, 80.6, 61.0, 66.4)
After averaging 93 over the first seven rounds, you could have been forgiven for bringing him in as a cheap forward earlier in the season. Clearly, the SuperCoach gods thought otherwise, dishing out a punishment of 55, 50, 60, and 73 over the last month to anybody who got sucked in. Ouch!

Is your team all movers and no shakers? Boast about it in the comments below!


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2 thoughts on “Movers & Shakers – Round 13”

  1. Quietly happy with Fisher up until a month ago when he copped a corkie followed by 3 circa 50 point games. Last week was more promising. Next week have a dilemma with him having a bye and me looking at fielding 15-16 players and the only way I can get Boak atm is by trading him and Stack who also has a bye. Fisher being super cheap and not worth trading and Stack still making money poses a dilemma. So next week Fisher and Stack to Boak and playing mid rook Clarke? Woodgate willing or cop 2 donuts. Will most likely be asking this question next week.



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