Offseason Punting Club – Week 1

Written by Motts on September 6 2013

Yiorgakis is kicking the OPC off and whilst I’m not a fan of a couple of his multi’s I love the variety of his bets.

Here they are:

1. $50 on Collingwood/Geelong win (multi) paying $1.69
2. $10 on Hawthorn 1-39/Geelong -14.5/Collingwood -19.5/Richmond 1-39 (multi) paying $12.06
3. $10 on Sydney +19.5/Geelong -14.5/Collingwood -19.5/Richmond 1-39 (multi) paying $8.92
4. $15 on Brazil (friendly)/Japan (friendly)/Kazakhstan (WCQ)/Norway (WCQ)/Bosnia & Herzegovina (WCQ)/Netherlands (WCQ)/Germany (WCQ) (multi) paying $5.35
Federal Election
5. $15 on ALP to win between 51-60 seats paying $2.00
Horse Racing
Flemington Race 6, $5 EW on 3. Mr Moet @ $10/$2.70
Fleminton Race 8, $5 EW on 7. Octavia @ $7.50/$2.75
All the best, mate!

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19 thoughts on “Offseason Punting Club – Week 1”

  1. Yiorgy some off the Wall bets in that.

    Especially the Soccer No idea with some of those, the names you have thrown up remind me of you betting on a Civil War or not, not so much a Soccer game.

    But lets keep the fingers crossed.


  2. Betting on the Federal elections, do us Aussie actually becomes Winners irrespective of the result, but of a lose, lose that bet.


  3. All of Yiorgi’s bets have now resulted and evidently he’s no good at sport but goes alright at predicting the voting preferences of the people. The only one of Yiorgakis’ bets to pay was the $15 he had @ $2 on Labour to win between 51 and 60 seats. On a weekend of footy upsets it was always going to be tough. So $30 goes back into the fund.

    sodes, you’re up next, have your bets to me by 10am Saturday morning at the latest please mate.



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