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Written by Motts on September 27 2013

Muttley’s in the driver’s seat this week and has kicked us off with a European soccer multi and a couple of strong Hawks bets.

Bet 1
German Bundesliga Matches
Bayern Munich V Wolfsberg – Selection – Bayern Munich
Borussia Dortmund v Freiberg – Selection – Borrusia Dortmund

Scotland Premier league
Kilmarnock v Celtic – Selection Celtic

Valencia v Vallecana – Selection – Vallencia
Almeria v Barcelona – Selection – Barcelona

$30 Multi at $2.84

Bet 2
Hawthorn v Fremantle
Quarter by Quarter leaders
Hawks Hawks Hawks Hawks $20 bet at $3.00

Bet 3
Hawthorn v Fremantle
Roughead First goal $10 bet at $7.00

Bet 4
Saturday Eagle Farm
Race 1 No. 2 How Fairdinkum – To Win
Race 2 No. 5 Missy Long Stocking – To Win
Sunday Caulfield
Race 3 No.2 Sir John Hawkwood – To Win (thanks Deano)
Race 7 No.1 Romantic Touch – To Win

$2 Lucky 15 ($30 Total) @ Best Tote+5%
(If all 4 legs get up we can all fly first class to the UK to personally thank Mutts)

Bet 5
Sunday Caulfield
Race 8
$15 EW Strawberry Boy @ Best Tote + 5%


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25 thoughts on “Punters Club – Muttley”

  1. Had my first ever bet on the soccer last week for a bit fun, just had my second on Muttley’s selections and I think I might double my money. All the best for the weekend.


  2. For anyone who’s interested, here are a couple of tips for the Bundesliga this weekend.

    ** The top three sides (Dortmund, Bayern Munich and Leverkusen) are all playing at home against weaker opposition. They should all win comfortably, downside being that they aren’t much value (1.2, 1.15 & 1.3 respectively). If you have an online account then I’d go with a 2 goals or more bet on all three.

    ** Other than that there are alot of 50/50 games. Like the look of Hertha Berlin (2.05) and Eintracht Frankfurt (1.70). Both have opponents that are finding the going tough after promising starts (Mainz and Hamburg). Wheels have just about fallen off at Hamburg. Even a change of coach won’t change the fact that they are an ordinary side.

    Good luck!!


  3. I got a black booker from moonee valley last night.
    Bring something ran an eyecatching fourth in the stutt stakes. I dont think the field was that strong for a so called group2.
    Looks like they are trying to do a five and a half star with this one. A maiden at the start of october, to a victoria derby winner by the end of it.
    Should probably line up in the edward manifold on oct5, and fleminton will suit much better. Will be huge odds too


  4. Got a winner with Missy Long Stocking,went past How Fairdinkum down the straight. On the board Mutley, paid around 2.50.


  5. Put the soccer bet on twice,4 teams first bet,5 teams second,don’t ask me how. There’s money in account so they must of got up,covers my 12 loses on grand final.I’ll be watching out for my soccer tips next week Mutley and SW.Well done,be watching last couple of horses later on also.


  6. Bet 5 – loss

    A good result overall though, Mutts, best we’ve had so far. Was given $120. Returned $150.49. That means you’ve got $30.49 to punt with next week. Anything you make over $120 will be yours to punt with the week after.

    I’m up next – looking forward to seeing everyone’s best bets during the week.



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