Punters Club – Stacky

Written by Motts on September 1 2018

Randwick R2 Streets Of Avalon

$30 @ 4.20 (PP)

Caulfield R3 No.9 Belaria

$10 @ 10 (PP)

Randwick R8 No.1 Oohood

$20 @ 4.80

Good luck to us all!


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6 thoughts on “Punters Club – Stacky”

    1. Stacky texted Mottsy last night saying โ€œGet $30 on Streets of Avalon in Randwick R2 before it gets any shorterโ€. Mottsy price pumped it. Clever Mottsy.


  1. And $50 was all it ended up being. Nice way to kick us off, Stacky, welcome to the club. Up this week is another new member, Hendo.



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