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Written by Motts on August 30 2014

Team Still Needs Work slides into the PC driver’s seat today and has thrown a caterpillar at me. Get a load of this:

Bombers Win
Freo Win
Geelong Win 1-39
GWS Win 1-39
Parra Eels Win
NZ Warriors Win

$40 @ 35.60

Andy B also wants a piece of the action and has gone $5 on each of the following for the win and $5 on each at the line (1.91) + a $ 5 multi on each of the win & also ‘the line’ collectively.

1/ Port to Win – 2.75, Line: 13.5
2/ Saints to Win – 13, Line: 58.5
3/ Richmond to Win – 3.35, Line: 22.5
4/ Brisbane to Win – 6.50, Line: 38.5

Multi WIN – $5 @ 778.46

Multi LINE – $5 @ 13.31

That leaves AB with $50 still left to bet with another week.


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12 thoughts on “Punters Club – TSNW”

  1. If that comes in Andy B, i’ll probably have a wa……………………………………lk in the park and wonder how the hell you pulled it off!!!


  2. Going for the jugular……I like it! Driving home from holiday so no Bundesliga tips this week. After those results in the first week, probably not a bad thing. Fingers crossed for TSNW and Andy B!!


  3. Andy B, I actually had your amount remaining incorrect above. After checking my spreadsheet, I noticed you’d used $40 of your remaining $100 in the same week Deano punted leaving you with $60. You used $50 this week so you’ve now got $10 left. Does that sound right to you?


  4. Motts Andy B won $150 after having $10 on the lions at 15-1at over 39.5pts vs the suns the week Deano was up. You gave Andy B $40 of the $150 he won to add to his $60. So check that spredsheet again Mottsy.


  5. I hope I can turn my form around punters.
    I am off to Cairns next week with my pubs punters club,
    we are proberly the worst punters going around.
    Spent $3300 collected $770.
    Instead of eating mudcrab we will be dining at maccas.



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