SC Finals Wk 1 Update

Written by MJ on September 11 2013

Paul leads the way rather convincingly in the inaugural SCT Finals League after Week 1 with his team DickosDreamMachine. A score of 1,441 was enough to send him to 22nd overall. Great job Paul!

Deano is flying high in 3rd place with WherearetheBombers.

Double D is getting his groove on in 6th with DD’s Big dance.

Jurn Sturn is well placed, knocking on the door of the top 10 in 11th and…

Mottsy’s late entry, The Maulers, is living up to expectations as fearless site leader in 14th position.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.55.19 PM

How are you going amongst the 243 SCT members on board? What are your plans for Week 2?


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11 thoughts on “SC Finals Wk 1 Update”

  1. Happy with my week 1, unhappy that I had Duigan in the side until he wasn’t named. Picking which mid and low pricers will score is key.

    Guthrie looks like he’ll get another gig with Enright out so he’ll be making an appearance in my side. Has had good outings against Port this year too.

    Not sure where the bargains are coming in the forward line this week. I’ll stick with C.Bird who put out 100 on the weekend, and he recorded his highest disposal count on record against the Blues last time so could be in for another show. Other than that it’s all a bit up in the air until the teams. Hoping Chappy is selected and not as the sub this time.


  2. Pretty much a new team this week. SItting 40th I think.

    Notable changes IN Lobbe, Guthrie, Simpson, Ebert, Varcoe


  3. I gone nick dugain cam Guthrie and ted Richards backs
    mids gone selwood marc murphy joel corey picked him as he always scores over ton against the power and josh kenndey going make him vc fwds are stevie j varcoe and a young from port having trouble who to make cap josh kenndey my vc but stevie j or joel selwood as they both score overf 150 against port


  4. It’s all about cost per dollar in SC finals, will be looking at the cheapest players that will play a full game and score reasonably well. Note that in this format:

    30 points from a 100k player is just as good as 120 points from a 400k player.

    The key is to pick which >400k will go big, and which mid-low pricers will pull out >80, and which bargain basements will push out >40.

    I will be rolling with Duigan, and which ever of those two Swans rookies isn’t named as sub. Boak has been consistently good against the Cats, so he has been promoted into my side, likewise against Port Harry Taylor has been BOG in both games against them this year. I’m backing him to make it 3/3.



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