The Fallen Premiums – Rd 13

Written by Chillo on June 19 2019

There have been some benefits to the modern 24-hour news cycle. You don’t have to wait until 6pm to find out what happened today, and you don’t have to read yesterday’s news in the paper anymore. Instant information, instant feedback. It’s an amazing age we live in.

And then there’s the down side. Because we get the news for 24 hours a day, news outlets have to find something to fill all that space. So we get Wayne Carey suggesting that the Hawks consider trading Tom Mitchell (yep, he really did do that). We get deafening screams of “CRISIS!” because there are more security guards at the footy. And we get five days of bleating about some bloke pinching another bloke on the arm. It’s almost enough to make you want to turn the TV off….

Here are the Fallen Premiums!


No real viable Fallen Premiums in the backline this week, but….

Just quickly: Michael Hurley ($462 300, avg 89, BE 41), Jake Lloyd ($592 900, avg 118, BE 94), and James Sicily ($488 600, avg 99, BE 96) have all featured here in recent weeks, and are still priced below their starting values.

Backing it up….
Bachar Houli, $548K, BE 165 *BYE*
Shannon Hurn, $600K, BE 160
Lachie Whitfield, $564K, BE 156 *injured*


Clayton OLIVER (MEL), $539 300 (-$83.3K), avg 107, BE 85 – Clayton got DeBoered back in round 10, and posted a season-low 53 as a result. That score now drops out of his cycle, and he faces the Dockers this week – the last time out against them, he piled up 154. Yeah, he handballs too much, but he’s such a beast around the stoppages I don’t think it matters too much. With his running mate Gawndog in fine form and fresh off the bye, Oliver is a prime target this week.

Is it time for the bloke in the helmet?

Angus BRAYSHAW (MEL), $423 000 (-$103.9K), avg 90, BE 45 – After surprisingly finishing third in the Brownlow in 2018, the elder Brayshaw has struggled a bit this year, constantly getting stuck out in the cold on the wing. However, the past two weeks have seen Angus back in the guts, with the result being scores of 91 and 116. Averaged 107 after the bye last year playing a similar role, and is incredible value for your M8 if he regains that sort of form. With cash supplies scarce, he must be considered.

Andrew GAFF (WCE), $564 600 (-$22.8K), avg 109, BE 108 – The ultra-consistent Gaff has again impressed this season. One of the best true wingmen in the game, Gaff has only scored over 121 once this season in ten games, but also dropped below 97 only once. Always manages to get a ton of the ball (league leading 22.4 uncontested possessions per game), and generally uses it well (71% DE). Price tag really hasn’t changed much from week to week this year, so there’s probably not much point in waiting…

Just quickly: Jack Macrae ($572 700, avg 116, BE 107) will probably get more time in the middle now, with Liberatore out for 4-6 weeks. Steele Sidebottom ($467 900, avg 94, BE 71) is excellent value for a player of his class, and worth a thought if you’re looking for a budget midfield option.

Limbo land….
Mitch Duncan, $588K, BE 155
Josh Kelly, $651K, BE 152 *BYE*
Ben Cunnington, $568K, BE 147 *BYE*
Josh P Kennedy, $552K, BE 145 *injured*


That dynamic duo known as The Port Swingmen Justin Westhoff ($373 600, avg 75, BE 52) and Scott Lycett ($427 300, avg 87, BE 28) were both impressive last start against the Dockers, amassing 90 and 111, respectively. If you’re concerned about Grundy’s injury status, grabbing one of these guys this week might be a judicious manoeuvre.


Patrick DANGERFIELD (GEE), $542 400 (-$118.1K), avg 108, BE 44 – You’ve almost certainly already got him firmly in your forward line. If you don’t, then there’s no real thought process required here, just get it done. Will be a captaincy option every weekend from now until the end of the season.

Buddy dropped both watermelons on the floor. Not happy.

Lance FRANKLIN (SYD), $370 000 (-$173.5K), avg 71, BE 43 – I know, that season average is gross, and Buddy is certainly not the player he was a decade ago (who is?). The one thing that should have you paying attention is the news that Buddy is actually training again! Franklin looked fantastic against the Eagles before the bye, dominating an admittedly undermanned backline in kicking 5.4 and scoring his first SC ton of the season. We all know very well by now what he is capable of, and he’s definitely an option for an F7 loop on the way home.

Just quickly: Robbie Gray ($436 600, avg 85, BE 39) had 26 disposals, 99 points and attended 21 centre bounces (second-most behind Boak) last weekend. Ching-ching!

Forward thinking….
David Mundy, $499K, BE 181
Jeremy Cameron, $454K, BE 147 *BYE*
Tim Kelly, $576K, BE 130


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19 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 13”

  1. Great write up Chillo, was gunning to try and get Merrett in the side but didn’t quite have the funds, Oliver’s firmly in the frame now, what’s the likelihood they’ll score similar from this point on
    TU yes
    TD still wait for Merrett.
    Imagine if I’d asked that question pre season , would’ve had a much different answers.


  2. Very tempted by Robbie Gray playing in the MIDs and those centre bounce attendances. But does it all change with Wines back this week?


  3. Question for Freo fans: Mundy’s numbers are down the last couple weeks, Is this just a bad run of form or is he getting less midfield minutes.


  4. Running thin on trades.

    TU: Piggy Oliver and 4 trades left (full premo$

    TD: Neale and 3 trades left (full premo)


  5. Chillo, are you doing an around the grounds this week? Looking at who’s been burning it up in the magoos. Is Irving a chance?


  6. Who rates Billings for F6?
    He’s so cheap and had a big run home last year. And I’m low on cash lol
    I already have Boak, dunks, Kelly, Danger, heeney.


    1. Have a look at Papley perhaps. He’s form is improving each game. Gets plenty of ball. Decent avg. Cheap.


  7. Cash gen has been poor for me this year so my team is full of budget options. Considering Buddy and the Hoff this week while they’ve bottomed out as f6/f7 swing and ruck coverage…
    TU: Why not!
    TD: Think again you crazy bastard!


      1. I’d be surprised as he was quite good last week, but with Dixon back a tall has to go I guess. Hmm, might have to wait til teams drop as usual then. Cheers.



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