The TEAM 2019 Rd13

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 13 2019

Welcome back to the TEAM!  Where the largest gathering of SCT Coaches have converged to create the ultimate TEAM………..


A respectable score for the 1st week of Byes saw the TEAM sneak up another two thousand spots in the Rankings, despite trading in Robbie Gray (wasn’t playing).  After taking on Adam’s trade plan, the TEAM will still have an uphill battle trying to field a team of 18 this week.  With the Thursday game (God, I hate these), I might need to take some executive action along the way.



First off, the Captains Poll is available below.  Matt Crouch might even be a viable VC option tonight?

Next step in Adam’s plan was to downgrade Clark (GEE) to Bewley (FRE) or Clarke (ESS) in order to upgrade Hore (MEL) to a DEF keeper.  This is why I hate the quick turnaround…….because I can see the trading of Hore being a contentious issue.

Tough decisions will need to be made, Coaches!  If you have a better trade suggestion, one that will see us get to a team of 18 on-field, then let us know in the comments below.  The Coaching Staff will give it a good look-over……….


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26 thoughts on “The TEAM 2019 Rd13”

  1. Out: J Clark, N Answerth, L Stocker
    In: P Naish, B Bewley, D Clarke

    19 playing this week and 360,000 remaining salary. Cash could be used next week to trade Baker to a premium mid by switching Gray to the fwd line such as A Treloar only costing 140,000 and 1 of B Smith/S Walsh can be traded to J Lloyd.


    1. I like this plan but instead of going early on Naish, are there any premos that we could afford even if they miss this week as we would still have 18?


    2. I like this plan too. Maybe Blakely instead of Naish?
      Allows the TEAM to be aggressive next week on Lloyd for the full compliment down back.

      The reason I like Blakely this week is that it’s his 50th game, and milestoners seem to go well. Think Rampe last week and Cunnington as recent examples.


      1. But if we grab Blakely this round and grab Lloyd next round we will be unable to upgrade Baker next week meaning he will have to stay for a while post byes or he is traded for a mid rookie to fund Lloyd and means we would have to play D Clarke or B Bewley at M8.


        1. What if we did:
          OUT- Answerth, Clark and Stocker
          IN- Bewley, Naish and 1 of Stewart/Crisp/Johannisen/Rich or even Treloar
          Won’t have any cash left but will have 18/19 playing

          Then next week
          OUT- Baker, Walsh and Duursma
          IN- Rookie??, 2 premos around 550k each


      2. On the same page as always my friend…however I went Sicily in…see below. I’m all for emotive moments, but I’ll go with long term head over heart.
        Still doesn’t mean I’m right !!! LOL


    3. Adam, very sound. I had a similar idea but managed to get Sicily in this week instead …immediate extra points. Baker goes next week and maybe we get an extra prem then. My idea is posted below and is controversial as it sacks Hore…he is not playing this week. my idea hopefully gets 18 playing this week.


      1. That Willys is the unfortunate position that we are all in this week.
        What are your suggestions ??


  2. Leave Hore and Clarke until next week and then you have the choice of which two to unload out of the above plus Duursma and Smith to a premium – say Lloyd.


  3. I reckon Hore and Walsh would normally be our last trades. I said elsewhere that they should be looked at as money in the bank giving us good points. But..we have to make harsh choices this week for long term gains.
    I think given the captains voting, schwarzy can be given the green light for Fyfe into Cripps, with Cripps getting the nod if Fyfe <125. It would also help to know our oppts team this week, albeit it could change when teams out.
    Looks like 15 onfield this rd and 19 r14. Cash is badly needed, and one upgrade. So despite what i said re Hore and Walsh…..
    In.. Sicily/Bewley/Clarke
    Cash $103k

    I'm not sold on Naish JS. Bewley looks a find. Clarke will keep his pos..I am a bombers tragic and huge clarke fan…Hately he is not. Guelfi/Langford/ Laverde will all lose their spots first..they will find a way to keep Clarke in the team.
    Duursma plays this week and has the dpp. Reckon we can forgive Answerth could easily go instead of Stocker this week or next..interchangeable.

    Obviosly this week is a nightmare and the boss may have to make calls, but if Bewley and Clarke are in…I think this is the way to go…18 onfield this week and the full 22
    next week.

    I hate dropping Hore, but something has to give.. not playing this week is the clincher.


    1. If Hore goes…three cheers for his outstanding service !!

      Might I add that if my plan gets up, we dont have to trade next week, albeit we have the trades in hand.

      I think we will make great progress these next two rounds.


  4. I obviously had one red to many at lunch…sorry folks….wherever I said Sicily above, replace with Ryan. Thats what you get for having your own team and THE TEAM in front of you at the one time.


      1. hahaha…and I have some mad tiger mates coming round for pizzas tonight… tomorrow off !!



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