Trade Or Hold Rd11 #1

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 29 2019

‘Need Help’ requested a poll on Brodie Smith in the Polling Station and we’re happy to help out where we can………

Brodie Smith has been one of the better mid-pricers for his position in 2019.  His output has dropped a touch over the last month however.  After a run of three consecutive centuries, Smith hasn’t hit the ton over the last four weeks and his average has dropped below 90.  Many Coaches have contemplated keeping Smith as their D6 for the entire season but are slowly having second thoughts.  Is Smith now a liability?  Is he losing pts in relation to an elite DEF?  What would you do with Brodie Smith (ADE)?


What to do with Brodie Smith (ADE)?

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7 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold Rd11 #1”

    1. Possibly, but that would be another rookie to get rid off later on.
      If you don’t have a lot of rookies to get rid off, go for it.

      If you do, don’t go for it.


    2. The aim is to downgrade your bench players to new rookies, and upgrade the on-field players to premos. You’re taking a risk there, what if Hinge is dropped in a couple weeks? Not to mention the loss of points each week between Smith and Hinge.
      If anyone is trading Smith out, he surely needs to be upgraded to a Lloyd/Whitfield/Hurn etc to be worth it.


  1. I upgraded Smith to Josh Kelly by downgrading another rookie to Hinge. Moved Duursma to D6 with Hore at D5. Only got one more defender to go but not sure out of Ryan and Hurn – depends how much cash I have left- and will leave Hore at D6. If I have trades left I will upgrade him but for now he is doing the job for me…..M


  2. Think that the boat has sailed with regard to upgrading Smith to top 8 defender before his round 14 rest. Should have been upgraded probably two weeks ago for maximum gain.

    Smith plays 3 games before his bye, say for total score around 250 -270. Adelaide play Melbourne, GWS and Tigers. Trading in a premium who has a bye round 12 or 13 will net only two scores say in the 100-110 range, a possible shortfall of minimum 30 points.

    Maybe an overall cash shortfall when trading out round 14, however, you have a guaranteed player barring injury over the next 3 rounds.


  3. Thanks for the poll Swarz 🙂

    I will be trading Smith to Lloyd this week and a rookie to Whitfield, if we read the fallen premos article we can see that Lloyd will be firing in the coming weeks which comes with a serious price rise, so it’s just too hard to pass up for Smith who hasn’t shown form particularly in the last few weeks, or consistency, just to keep and watch all that money he’s made trickle down.

    Made that mistake with brayshaw but started brayshaw as a keeper and it got too late to trade him however started smith as an upgrade target.



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