Trade or Hold – Round 12

Written by Hot Sauce on June 7 2019





Jordan Clark – Def – $286,800 – AVG: 61.0 – BE: 13

Another good score making it a very easy decision.


Marty Hore – Def – $396,500 – AVG: 86.8 – BE: 45

A late out last week, owners will be hoping he is named for Monday’s clash. If he is, easy choice, but if he isn’t, only trade to avoid a donut.


Tom Atkins – Mid – $294,800 – AVG: 60.4 – BE: -6

Still plenty more cash to make thanks to his 112 2 weeks ago. Hold until the bye then upgrade away!


Sydney Stack – Mid – $352,300 – AVG: 79.0 – BE: 36

Making a run at the best rookie pick up this season. Having already $250k with plenty more in the coming weeks. The kid gets better each week.


Sam Walsh – Mid – $417,800 – AVG: 88.7 – BE: 89

Given it’s a bye week he sneaks in as a hold assuming there are more obvious trade options. Will surely be a popular trade out during his bye week.


Will Setterfield – Fwd/Mid – $235,300 – AVG: 52.9 – BE: 47

As above.


Liam Baker – Fwd – $362,400 – AVG: 82.9 – BE: 26

Another solid game has seen him jump in price, with plenty more to go.


Reilly O’Brien – Ruc – $397,900 – AVG: 85.2 – BE: 95

He is done. Was done last week and Sauce Jacobs is back any week now. No need to hold him either unless for some crazy reason he is starting for you. Surely not.


Noah Balta – Fwd – $327,000 – AVG: 51.5 – BE: 65

He will hover around this price for a few weeks so should hang around until his bye. Has done well after the horror start.

Noah Answerth – Def/Mid – $220,600 – AVG: 58.5 – BE: -3

Looking more comfortable each week. Hopefully can hold his spot for a while to come.

Rupert Wills – Mid – $203,500 – AVG: 60.7 – BE: -25

If you don’t need to trade to avoid a donut, then you could justify holding him a little longer he breaks back into the side and fattens up a little more.

Liam Stocker – Mid – $210,000 – AVG: 49.6 – BE: 0

As above due to his recent injury.

Nick Larkey – Fwd – $263.800 – Avg: 63.5 – BE: 22

Some more cash to be made. Not a lot, but there is more. Hold until bye.

Josh Corbett – Fwd – $228,700 – AVG: 53.0 – BE: 52

As poor game has him possibly losing value after this game. If there are no issues with your team and can afford to use trade, do it. Other wise hold until bye round.


Luke Davies-Uniacke – Mid – $299,000 – AVG: 70.9 – BE: 49

If you happened to have held him for the three games he missed, you can hold him until his bye. Slight chance to lose value this week.


Michael Gibbons – Mid – $256,400 – AVG: 52.8 – BE: 33

If you have held him through the past two weeks, then continue to do so until his bye.



Jack Scrimshaw – Def – $304,900 – AVG: 65.8 – BE: 74

Should have been traded earlier. If not, better late than never.

Charlie Constable – Mid – $342,800 – AVG: 80.0 – BE: 51

Failed to break back into the side again, so if you still have him; trade him.

Willem Drew – Fwd/Mid – $321,800 – AVG: 73.1 – BE: 64

Trade. No explanation needed.

Gryan Miers – Fwd – $321,400 – AVG: 67.1 – BE: 108

Should have traded him already, if not only hold if a donut is the alternative.

Jack Petruccelle – Fwd – $259,000 – AVG: 54.0 – BE: 70

As above.

Jay Lockhart – Def/Mid – $259,500 – AVG: 53.1 – BE: 70

Doesn’t look likely to return anytime soon, even so would lose value firstly.

Bye this week:


Xavier Duursma – Def – $362,100 – AVG: 72.5 – BE: 37

Unless you absolutely must trade, don’t. In great form and set to make you more cash.


Callum Wilkie – Def – $315,500 – AVG: 66.7 – BE: 60

A decent score on the weekend will allow him to possibly make you a little more cash. If you have no other options to trade out to pick up bubble boys, he is the one to go.


Connor Rozee – Def/Fwd – $412,400 – AVG: 81.4 – BE: 99

Ok, he is now done. The future star has done his job and then some. Now is the time to make the cash to build your war chest.


Zak Butters – Mid/Fwd – $297,200 – AVG: 64.1 – BE: 11

Has managed to resurrect his SC season with a well-timed 112 last weekend. Jumped $40k this week with a further ~$50k to come. Unless you desperately must trade, don’t.


James Cousins – Mid – $357,700 – AVG: 71.3 – BE: 79

Has done his job and now is the time to cash in.


Bailey Smith – Mid – $399,600 – AVG: 74.5 – BE: 95

Just like Rozee, he has done his job; and a great job at that!


Matthew Parker – Fwd – $240,200 – AVG: 55.9 – BE: 23

A little more cash to be made but not a lot. Hold, trade, whatever.

Jonathon Marsh – Def – $196,700 – AVG: 57.3 – BE: 1

Surely you have better options to trade out. If not, trade.






Darcy Moore – Def/Fwd – $381,100 – AVG: 77.9 – BE: 94

Moore has most likely reached his peak price point, but you should hold until his bye.

Brad Crouch – Mid – $495,400 – AVG: 97.7 – BE: 89

Hold. Either for more cash or as M8.

Dom Sheed – Mid – $479,700 – AVG: 96.2 – BE: 83

As above.

James Worpel – Mid/Fwd – $444,800 – AVG: 90.4 – BE: 82

Flip of a coin decision on Worpel. Best to use his cash to upgrade, which should be from next week once post-bye premiums are available.

Rory Lobb – Ruc/Fwd – $483,600 – AVG: 91.5 – BE: 64

Can lock him in at F6 if you have him.

Jeremy Howe – Def – $375,300 – AVG: 77.4 – BE: 64

Same as last week, if you have held onto him so far, continue to do so until a fallen premo is available or he re-joins that group.

Brodie Smith – Def – $436,200 – AVG: 89.5 – BE: 99

Is due to dip in price a little but hold through the byes at least. Low priority upgrade.

Andrew McGrath – Def/Mid – $405,800 – AVG: 79.3 – BE: 49

Has finally scored 100+ and looks set to rise further. Hold if you can this week.

Tom Liberatore – Mid – $423,800 – AVG: 93.4 – BE: 60

As per James Worpel.

Angus Brayshaw – Mid – $407,100 – AVG: 87.2 – BE: 81

Hold at least until his bye.


Alex Witherden – Def – $380,400 – AVG: 77.6 – BE: 127

Another week another disappointing game and more cash lost. If you still have, trade. Unless you will be left with a donut.

Toby McLean – Mid/Fwd – $366,200 – AVG: 73.8 – BE: 79

I’d trade to build a war chest for next week. Minimal cash required to upgrade to a fallen premium.




Lachie Whitfield – Def/Mid – $564,100 – AVG: 110.9 – BE: 157

Cruel blow to all coaches who had him leading into the byes especially those who also have Hurn. If you are able to hold onto him you should, trade only if you have to. Will easily finish amongst the top of all defenders.

Clayton Oliver – Mid – $559,100 – AVG: 106.2 – BE: 159

122 last round prevented his value dropping too far. Definitely hold on.


Good luck coaches!


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15 thoughts on “Trade or Hold – Round 12”

  1. Considering trading out Constable for Bewley this week, with view to triple upgrade next week
    TU lock it in
    TD wait n see if Bewley holds his spot



    1. Surely worth waiting a week unless you can use the cash NOW or want to build your chest for a double upgrade nest week.

      Great stuff HS.


      1. I’m going early on Gardiner for a few reasons…

        1. I need the $$ to go 1 down 2 up next week.

        2..He is DPP and I have Moore ( until next week ) and Burgess. I will keep the DPP swing D/F.

        3… He is basement priced ,so even if he doesn’t play again ( I think he will )I have gained maximum cash for my downgrade.

        4…. If somehow Bewley isn’t named, I can go Clark instead and still make my planned upgrades.

        5…. I have 20 on field this week , even if Sloane misses.

        Of course…if you don’t need to go early, wait till next week.


  2. oh sorry I forgot.. thanks Hot Sauce!

    And also… As much as I’d love to have Whitfield in the back half of the year, Holding him now is simply not an option. 4+ weeks out right now is an eternity.

    + I need all the warm bodies I can muster next week !


  3. Guys is my reasoning sound?

    I’m thinking of trading Whitfield to Andrews. When Whitfield comes back in min. 4 weeks he will have dropped in value. Andrews in that time should go up in value. By the time I’m ready to bring Whitfield back in there shouldn’t be too much of a $$$ gap between them. As for trades I have 20 left before tonight’s game, so I’m going ok for trades.

    Tu do it
    Td think again.


    1. Yeah, no problems trading Whitfield- think that’s what most of us are doing, especially since “4 weeks” is generous. Could easily be upwards of 6 and I think GWS won’t be rushing him back, they’ll want him 100% for that first final.

      Not completely sold on Andrews though.

      Love him, had him last year, but his scoring fluctuates so severely. Everyone’s jumping on him after last week’s 131 but they’re forgetting that he’s also posted scores on 40 and 60 this year.

      If you’re happy to take the highs with the lows, go ahead.


        1. More consistent, but you’ll be paying for that. Settled GEE backline makes him a much safer option.

          To me, Crisp is the one who’ll score big compared to his price right now. Interrupted pre-season and a week off next week should be just what he needs to lift his DE back to where it was last year. Beams OUT should help and with Sier back, it’s essentially close to last year’s best 22 for the ‘woods


        2. Moonshine..

          If you have enough players this week I would look at holding Whitfield. If you trade him this week, anyone you trade him to will miss a week anyway.

          If you wait until next week you can safely trade him for any R12 bye player, knowing they have already had their Bye.

          I would look at Sicily, if you have/ can get a D/F DPP like Gardener you could also target R12 Bye forwards like Dunkley / R Gray.

          Best of luck whatever you decide.



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