Its Draft Night!

by Motts on November 27, 2014

Pre-Draft: Who would you love to see land at your club tonight? Do you think its likely?

Post-Draft: Are you happy with who you ended up with?

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Punters Club – Schwarzwalder

by Motts on November 25, 2014

Unfortunately Mutley joined the growing ranks of punters this time around who did not return a cent to the kitty. This week, Schwarzwalder is aiming to avoid becoming a member of that club and to kick us off he’s thrown some dough at the midweek Champions League matches.

Multi 1

Barcelona 1.25
Paris 1.36
Chelsea 1.83
Sporting Lisbon 1.30
Juventus 1.33

$15 @ 5.37

Multi 2

Porto 1.57
Barcelona 1.25
Paris 1.36
Bayern Munich 2.15
Chelsea 1.83
Sporting Lisbon 1.30
Juventus 1.33

$5 @ 18.15

Here’s hoping (praying) for a result. Watch this space for the remainder of this bets.

On the Group Bet front, I’ve taken the initiative and placed our last $35 on Adam Scott to finish Top 6 in this week’s Australian Open golf. When (not if) that comes in paying $1.60, we’ll roll the $56 we’ll then have onto The Aussies in the 1st Test which at the moment is paying $1.57 (but may come in over the next few days).


Punters Club – Mutley

by Motts on November 19, 2014

Its been a very lean start to PC5 with most punters failing to return anything to the kitty. That all ends this week though with Mutley grabbing the reins and plowing his stake into a couple of multis.

English Premier League Multi

  • Newcastle Win (Against QPR)
  • Stoke Win (Against Burnley)
  • Chelsea Win (Against West Brom)
  • Southampton Win (Against Aston Villa)

$20 @ 6.20

Mixture Multi

  • Athletico Madrid Win (Against Malaga) Spanish Primera Division
  • Real Madrid Win (Against Eibar) Spanish Primera Division
  • Valencia Win (Against Levante) Spanish Primera Division
  • Moenchengladbach Win (Against Frankfurt) German Bundesliga
  • Australia Win (Against Ireland) International Rules

$20 @ 6.20 (yep, same odds as the one above)

With his last bet Mutts has gone searching for the big pay day. That’s not gonna happen without some risk being taken. Hold your breath…


Punters Club – Yiorgakis

by Motts on November 14, 2014

Yiorgakis is up and its roundball time. Here’s his 3 multi’s:

Multi 1
Greece     win (vs Faroe islands) Euro Quals
France     win (vs Albania) Friendly
Spain     win (vs Belarus) Euro Quals
Holland     win (vs Latvia) Euro Quals
Bulgaria     win (vs Malta) Euro Quals

$30 @ 2.06

Multi 2
Romania         win (vs Nth Ireland)
Portugal         win (vs Armenia)
England         win (vs Slovenia)
Belgium         win (vs Wales)
Czech Rep.     win (Iceland)

$15 @ 6.07

Multi 3 – ALeague
Newcastle         draw (vs Brisbane)
Adelaide United     win (vs Wellington)
Perth Glory         win (vs West Sydney)
Melbourne City     win (vs Central Coast)

$5 @ 23.49

There’s a lot of favourites in there. I’m feeling good about this week! Good luck buddy.


Punters Club – Hooter

by Motts on November 8, 2014

I’m sitting next to Hooter right now in the Kirribilli Club in Sydney. It’s a beautiful day and we gonna clean up!

Here’s his bets today:

MR4 – 9 Staviva $10 EW @ Best Tote + 10%
MR6 – Quinella 2, 10 – $10
MR7 – Box Tri – 2, 5, 6, 10, 11 – $30 buys 50%

Giddy up!