2013 Byes

The Teams R5, 2014

by Motts on April 16, 2014

Brisbane v Richmond

Richmond Tigers

B: Chaplin, Astbury, Grimes
HB: Houli, Newman, Morris
C: Grigg, Jackson, Conca
HF: Martin, Griffiths, Lloyd
F: S. Edwards, Riewoldt, Petterd
R: Hampson, Thomas, Cotchin
IC: Ellis, Vlastuin, Arnot, Gordon

Em: Lennon, McDonough, Foley

In: Petterd
Out: Vickery (Omitted)

Brisbane Lions

B: Clarke, Lisle, Gardiner
HB: Adcock, Patfull, Golby
C: Aish, Rockliff, Mayes
HF: Zorko, McGuane, Paparone
F: Taylor, Brown, Paine
R: West, Redden, Robertson
IC: Lester, Bewick, Moloney, Cutler

Em: Polkinghorne, Raines, Harwood

In: Lester, Gardiner, McGuane
Out: Hanley (Leg), Harwood (Omitted), Leuenberger (Knee)


Badger’s Midpricer Madness

by Badger on April 16, 2014

Hi folks, the weekly mid-pricer write-up will consist of players between $200 > $450K that have are likely to offer value for their price. You’ll notice that most of them have at least offered decent scores in their last two games and should rise in price. Keep in mind that a mid-pricer list is probably more valuable for your draft leagues with the occasional gem worthy of a spot in your traditional SC team. Let me know what you think and if I’ve missed anyone.


Matthew Watson $262,400 av. 74 (just one score of 74) – Missed round two with a slight niggle and hasn’t broken back into team as yet. Surely Malthouse is going to give him a crack soon and I still think he’s capable of averaging 80+ points. High disposal efficiency but has to work on his defensive game to remain in the Blues line up. Wait until he’s played is second game before considering.


The Fallen Premiums R4, 2014

by MJ on April 16, 2014

Now that R5 is around the corner, you may well be looking at your first upgrade this week. Either that, or you need to swap out an injured premium. Look no further than this list, all of which have dropped at least $30k since R1 and now present a good opportunity to buy a proven performer for less. The old sharetrading adage is true for SuperCoach as well: BUY (premiums) low, SELL (rookies) high.


Jimmy Bartel $541,300 (-$31,200; 105.75, 75) Starting the season as the fourth highest points scorer in defence, Jimmy can now be purchased at over $30k less that his starting price. Still reasonably expensive, but you should get what you pay for with the Brownlow Medallist, Norm Smith Medallist, two-time All Australian and triple premiership player. Has the Hawks, Power and Tigers before the R8 bye. He has averaged 114, 114 and 109 against those three clubs since SuperCoach began in 2005.


Four Rounds, Four Tons

by MJ on April 15, 2014

During this week’s podcast, I slapped the ‘premium’ tag on Matthew Jaensch ($414k DEF), after coming out with scores of 107, 111, 111 & 109. I have since dug a little deeper into whether that statement could be justified or not. As a sequel to the Early Season Bolters post, I had a look over statistics dating back to 2011 to identify which players had scored 100+ from R1-R4. What kind of illustrious company does Matty Jaensch find himself in? Let’s find out!

Jaensch 107, 111, 111, 109
Selwood 157, 140, 138, 126
Watson 157, 113, 101, 102
Ablett 140, 121, 182, 138
Beams 135, 127, 102, 107
Swallow 132, 127, 102, 107
Pendlebury 127, 182, 115, 129
Sloane 103, 102, 122, 127

Pendlebury 160, 121, 124, 105
Birchall 122, 126, 110, 152
Cotchin 119, 119, 139, 106
Maric 112, 106, 120, 101
Boak 109, 123, 134, 103
Westhoff 100, 163, 150, 149


Injury List R4, 2014

by Big Sexy on April 15, 2014

Player Injury Estimated Return
Brad Crouch Broken leg 4 weeks
Ricky Henderson* Fibula 3-4 months
Jack Osborn Back 2-4 weeks
Andy Otten Knee 1 week
Nathan van Berlo* Achilles 3-5 months
Taylor Walker Knee 2-5 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 15
Player Injury Estimated Return
Claye Beams Foot 3 weeks
Josh Green Hamstring 2 weeks
Pearce Hanley Hamstring 2 weeks
Matthew Leuenberger Knee 10-12 weeks
Stefan Martin Back Test
Ash McGrath Calf TBC
Luke McGuane Knee Test
Daniel Merrett Suspended Round 6
Sam Michael Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Daniel Rich Knee Season
Brent Staker Calf Indefinite
Patrick Weardon Ankle 12 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, April 15