Rate My Team #1

by Motts on January 30, 2015

SC has now been open for nearly 18 hours. I’ve done about 10 iterations of my team, how’s yours looking?

Puff that chest out and post your boys in Comments. People may tear it to shreds, give you a thumbs up if they like it, or handily tip you that someone like Pearce Hanley won’t be playing for the next 12 weeks because he’s gone in for hip surgery.

Rate My Team posts are like a box of chocolates….


The Ring

by Motts on January 30, 2015

How serious does your league take SC? If, like in ours, you may not speak to another player for a few days after a narrow loss to them, this might be right up your alley!

We’ve been approached by the guys behind a Supercoach Championship Ring. Its a spiffy looking ring that would be awarded to the person who wins your league. Check it out here.

“What’s it going to set me back?”, I hear you cry. Well, everywhere else you look for it, its going to cost you $99. As you know though, here at SuperCoachTalk we’re all about giving back to the punters. So we’ve managed to wangle ourselves a discount code. Sweet huh?

I’ll give you the links below but first I’ll let the guys behind it say a few words (warning: they lay it on pretty heavy :-):


2015 Predictions

by Motts on January 27, 2015

Supercoach 2015 opens up to the general population at the end of this week. Excited? I bloody am!

So now’s a good time to get your thoughts and predictions on who you’ll be picking and how you think the season is going to play out. Cut and paste the following into Comments and fill it in:

  • Picking Gaz?:
  • First premium picked ($500k+):
  • First midpricer picked ($250k – $500k):
  • First rookie picked (<$250k):
  • Predicted biggest price rise:
  • Most over-hyped:
  • Won’t be going near:



by Motts on January 19, 2015

THE COUNTDOWN is on to the launch of Nissan AFL SuperCoach 2015 — and there are plenty of extra goodies to look forward to in 2015.

From the end of this month, SuperCoaches will be able to start selecting their teams for 2015.

And if the thought of hand-picking your own side as you go head-to-head with your mates wasn’t enough reason to get involved, then a huge boost in prizemoney and a range of new features and game enhancements will make SuperCoach more fun — with a bigger reward — than ever.

As Coach Crawf says: “That’s what I’m talkin’ about!”


Who doesn’t like the chance to win a bunch of cash? This year the overall prize will be massive while more players than ever will be rewarded through an expansion of weekly prizes, with prizes to be boosted for Herald Sun+, Courier Mail+ and The Advertiser+ members as well as Fox Sports digital subscribers. A full announcement on cash and prizes will be coming soon. Stay tuned. You won’t be disappointed.


Punters Club – Motts & Walkabout

by Motts on January 17, 2015

Walkabout has gone, well, walkabout so I’ve stepped in this week to fill the breach. No horse racing (although I came very close to chucking $5 EW on Razzle Dazzle Rock in the 8th at Flemington today), nope this weekend it’s all about the sports I love.

Check it out:

Multi 1 – NBA
Washington to beat Brooklyn
Chicago to beat Boston
San Antonio to beat Portland
Dallas to beat Denver
LA Clippers to beat Cleveland
$20 @ 4.29

Multi 2 – Aussies
Cricket – ODI
Australia to beat India in the first ODI
Tennis – Aus Open 1st Round
S Groth
$20 @ 2.97

Multi 3 – Golf
Sony Open 3 ball match ups
Molinari to beat Huh & McGirt
Day to beat English & Choi
Kuchar to beat Simpson & Donald
$10 @ 11.18

Good luck to us all (but mostly me)!