Blundstone Winners – 2016

Written by Motts on 5:38 pm, January 19 2017

Blundstone boots are some of the most comfortable, stylish, and hard working boots going around. Check out theย winners of our major leagues in 2016 sporting their brand newย Blunnies!

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Pre-Season 2017 (so far)

Written by Schwarzwalder on 4:00 am, January 10 2017

Supercoach pre-season is well underway at SCT.ย  In case you’ve missed anything till now, here is some reading material for those ‘work breaks’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Punters Club – Pogue Mahone

Written by Motts on 10:30 am, January 20 2017

Pogue’s up in the PC this week and taking advantage of Will Hill promotions to hopefully win us a bucket of money!

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Player Review: Isaac Heeney

Written by Thommo on 8:30 am, January 20 2017

Isaac Heeney is one of the most hyped players of this preseason. Is he worth a spot in our forward lines?

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Player Review: Josh Caddy

Written by Thommo on 8:55 am, January 19 2017

He’s moved clubs and is earmarked for an inside midfield role at Richmond, so should we consider Caddy for our Supercoach forward-line?

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Pre-Season Setbacks

Written by Schwarzwalder on 4:00 am, January 19 2017

Not everyone is burning up the track & training the house down.ย  Here’s a summary of players that have had some setbacks over the pre-season (so far)……….

** POST UPDATED on 19.01.2017 **

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Player Review: Joel Selwood

Written by Thommo on 9:00 am, January 16 2017

Dangerwood is the driving force behind Geelong. Will they also form the core of your Supercoach midfield?

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Player Review: Adam Treloar

Written by Thommo on 9:00 am, January 13 2017

Look out Scott Pendlebury, there’s a new big Dog in town. Is Treloar ready to take Pendlebury’s Supercoach mantle in 2017?

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