Written by Motts on 10:00 am, September 30 2016

Well, here we are. The Grand Final. Should be an absolute cracker of a game. Read our full analysis as you crack your first frothy for the day.

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The Teams – The GF

Written by Motts on 10:06 am, September 29 2016

Who will be this year’s heartbreak stories? Find out at 6:30pm.

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Arrivals & Departures #3

Written by Schwarzwalder on 8:00 am, September 29 2016

** POST UPDATED at 8am on 29.9.16 **

While there’s plenty of news about the upcoming Grand Final (rightly so!), the trade rumours and list changes continue to flow.ย  Make no mistake about it………there are going to be plenty of moves during the trade period.ย  Here is the latest news from around the traps………..

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Punters Club – Mutley

Written by Motts on 10:52 am, September 28 2016

Mutley’s back to lead the PC back into profitability. Joining him this week is last week’s champion, Pogue Mahone.

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Punters Club – TDA

Written by Motts on 11:00 am, September 26 2016

If tonight is Brownlow night, its time for our resident Brownlow specialist to get to work.

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Preliminary Final Review

Written by Thommo on 5:00 am, September 26 2016

The Preliminary Finals are complete and we are left with just the Grand Final. Check out this week’s review, now with actual SC scores!

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Game Chat – GWS v Western Bulldogs

Written by Thommo on 4:00 pm, September 24 2016

Facing the Giants at Spotless has been no easy task in 2016 and it won’t get any easier in the inaugural final at the venue. But if anyone can match the Giants for speed and aggression it is the Doggies and their rapidly growing fan-base.


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Game Chat – Geelong v Sydney

Written by Thommo on 6:00 pm, September 23 2016

After earning the week off, this will be the Cats’ second match in almost 1 month. While they rested,ย the Swans suffered further injuries in their bruising encounter with Adelaide.

So will Geelong benefit from the rest or will the battle-scarred Swans prove too strong?

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2016 Brownlow Comp

Written by Motts on 11:00 am, September 19 2016

Roo Bloke’s excellent Brownlow Medal competition is back again! Yay!

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