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Injury List R18 (1st half), 2014

by Big Sexy on July 22, 2014

Player Injury Estimated Return
Charlie Cameron Groin Test
Lewis Johnston Hand 5 weeks
Sam Kerridge Foot Test
David Mackay Hamstring Test
Jared Petrenko Leg Test
Scott Thompson Hamstring Test
Nathan van Berlo* Achilles 5-6 weeks
Updated: Tuesday, July 22


Player Injury Estimated Return
Tom Cutler Groin 1 week
Matthew Leuenberger Achilles Test
Luke McGuane Knee Season
Brent Moloney Achilles TBC
Jack Redden Ankle Season
Daniel Rich* Knee Season
Brent Staker Foot Season
Patrick Wearden Quad 3 weeks
Trent West Knee Season
Updated: Tuesday, July 22


Player Injury Estimated Return
Dylan Buckley Hamstring 3-4 weeks

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Rookie of the year

by Big Sexy on July 22, 2014

As we have the split round, can’t really do a RR this week.  Though I will say Cam Wood looked great in the ruck on Friday night….. though, who know’s what that lovable larrikin (read flog) Mick Malthouse is thinking.

Who is your SC rookie of the year? (must have started under $200k)

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MRP, R18 Week 1

by Big Sexy on July 21, 2014

Mitch Robinson – another 2 weeks ( I have a feeling he’s not a fast learner)
Leigh Adams – reprimand


You’re The Boss – Collingwood

by Motts on July 21, 2014

Normally we’d have a Trade Talk up for you this morning but because of the split round we’ve got something even better. The Umpire has put pen to paper to give us how he’d run the Pies for a year given the opportunity. It makes for very interesting reading. Get around him!

Collingwood under Bucks have not lived up to their expectations. These last few years, although they have the talent and experience they lack motivation, determination and some grunt. The Pies simply look poor in 2014.


How are you going? 1st half of Split round

by Big Sexy on July 20, 2014

As we have a split round, just tell us how your going Score/Players played/Captain.  Who’s set you up, who’s letting you down, and who do you need to stand up next week?  Let them rip!