2015 Byes

R14 Progress Scores

by MJ on July 2, 2015

Update us with the way things are panning out for your side this weekend below.

No doubt there will be quite a few fast starters with JPK, Hannebery and Jack all belting out 140s!

Score / No of Players / Captain


Game Chat – Sydney v Port Adelaide

by Thommo on July 2, 2015

Following their loss to Richmond, Sydney were widely criticized for their one dimensional forward line structure. Thoughtfully, Buddy and Tippett put their hands (and shoulders) up to have a week off so Sydney could return to the no-name brand forward-line structure that worked for them in 2012.

But is that enough of an opening for the struggling Port Adelaide? It had better be! If Port can’t win this game their season is close to done and the media throng camped outside Windy Hill may smell fresh blood.

No Buddy? No Tippett?

No worries!

Thommo’s tip: Sydney by 12 points.



Before The Bounce – R14

by Motts on July 2, 2015

You guys know the drill by now. All queries, comments, statements, irrational fears and weekend plans can go into the Comments below.

Let’s have it!


Eagling’s LoEC2 Wrap – R14

by Motts on July 2, 2015

Round 13 Review

The Holyhead Harpies are in crisis mode after their players emphatically voted with their feet, showing their lack of confidence with their coach as the team was pulverised by the surging Demons of Darch to the tune of a 337 point loss.  Captain Nat Fyfe showed his magnificent credentials in defeat, and was superbly supported by the maligned Jack Newnes, whilst Scott Pendlebury and Dane Swan battled manfully.  Patrick Cripps showed up many of his higher profile teammates, battling to 82 despite being shrouded by Andrew Raines; whilst new recruits Kane Lambert, Luke Hodge and Jack Steele barely fired a shot between them.  Added to this calamitous mix, Rory Sloane has a lengthy stint on the sidelines and Eagling got only 5 predictions right for the LoEC clashes in round 13.

Sitting at 16th place, the Harpies are not giving up on finals yet; although they’ll probably have to win all 5 remaining games.


MJ’s Captaincy Candidates – R14

by MJ on July 2, 2015

#1. Nat Fyfe (v. Brisbane: 143, 77, 34, 125, 117; Form: 138, 151, 116) There’s no point wasting too much effort with a Fyfe write-up anymore. If the Teenwolf ever succumbs to injury or suspension, chaos will ensue to a similar degree to that of the Greece debt debacle. Playing on the last game of the round, at home in a game the Dockers are heavy favourites, all we have to do now is search for a suitable VC! I would jump straight to the only other man to be averaging 130+ in his last five, Patrick Dangerfield, but it’ll only be half time in the Crows match before Fremantle v Brisbane gets underway! The same reason can be given for another in-form midfielder, Dayne Beams.