Cow Talk – Round 21

Written by Father Dougal on 3:00 pm, August 8 2018

Five! Sets of Numbers! Four on-field cows, Three Weeks Left, Two Precious Trades, and yet another long term injury!  (In this week’s Cow Talk)

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Game Chat – Carlton v Greater Western Sydney

Written by Father Dougal on 12:10 pm, August 5 2018

Last week the Blues won. Can they win again? I keep thinking they will somehow manage upsets and being wrong. This time….not thinking there will be an upset, but you never know.

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Cow Talk – Round 20

Written by Father Dougal on 3:00 pm, August 1 2018

The cows may be fading away and we may not have the trades to care about the ones we have left, but just in case, all the numbers in this week’s Cow Talk

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Cow Talk – Round 19

Written by Father Dougal on 3:00 pm, July 24 2018

There are actually still Cows who are growing in a relevant fashion. Who would have guessed?  All the numbers that matter in this week’s Cow Talk!

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