Game Chat – GWS v Carlton

Written by MJ on 2:35 pm, June 25 2016

The Giants won by a combined 159 points in their two matches against the Blues in 2015. A more competitive side takes to the park for Carlton under Bolton’s reign, so this should be a closer encounter.

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Game Chat – Adelaide v North Melbourne

Written by Thommo on 6:00 pm, June 23 2016

Welcome to Adelaide v North Melbourne. Will it be Fight Night II tonight at Adelaide Oval, or are the Kangaroos too poor to afford to wrestle? Check out the SC Scores and have a chat here.

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How Did You Go? – R13

Written by MJ on 7:30 pm, June 19 2016

It’s the bye rounds, so I’m expecting a wide range of scores over the next three weeks as some teams navigate one round better than another. How has your first bye round in 2016 gone?

Score / No of Players / Captain / Overall Rank

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Game Chat – Essendon v GWS

Written by Thommo on 3:40 pm, June 19 2016

A twilight match between Essendon and GWS brings our short round 13 to a close. Are the Bombers any chance at all?

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