Game Chat – Carlton v Brisbane

Written by Motts on June 8 2019

Where and when: Colonial Stadium, Saturday June 8, 1.45pm 

What it means for Carlton: A first up win for new coach David Teague is guaranteed under the new coach rebound rule. With the players’ objective of getting Bolton sacked now achieved, expect them to try a little harder than they have over the last month.

What it means for Brisbane: A golden opportunity for a percentage-boosting win over the in-crisis bottom team, although coach Chris Fagan will be wary of the prospect of an immediate response from the Blues.

The stat: The Lions have won just one of their past six games against Carlton at Marvel Stadium. They haven’t faced each other there since 2016.

The match-up: Harris Andrews v Harry McKay

This clash looms as an exciting duel between two of the game’s best young exponents of contested marking: Lions star Andrews and improving Blues forward McKay.

It’s a big week for: David Teague

The former North Melbourne and Carlton defender has been asked to fill the coaching void left by Bolton’s shafting and he appears well equipped for the role, having coached VFL club Northern Bullants before assistant coaching roles with West Coast, St Kilda, Adelaide and Carlton.

Big call: Now that they’re giving it 100% again, the Blues will kick the first point of the game before leading at the end of every quarter.

Mottsy’s Tip: Blues by 15


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108 thoughts on “Game Chat – Carlton v Brisbane”

  1. Danger game for Brisbane. Carlton should get the “sacked coach” bounce and be right up for it.


    1. scott would be peeved ,
      showed how many nth players were in couldn’t be bothered mode this year ,
      thats what happens when a new coach has em on the chopp’n block ,
      probably didn’t party up as much during the week before that game ,
      bolton will find out who were taking the pee out of him today


  2. With Richmond losing Brisbane has A LOT to play for with a chance to get some separation on the ladder between the top 5 and the next few. Surely Brisbane gets it done.


    1. You’d think so, RB. Key element of being a genuine Top 4, and eventually premiership, contender is being able to comfortably put down lower tier sides.


    1. Is that inside info PJ or your opinion? I would’ve thought if he’s sore he’ll be good to go after his bye?


      1. watching the game on TV , went fwd after about 8 mins ,
        commentators said that the coach said ,
        he would be rotating fwd more for the rest of the year ,
        i didn’t hear the coach say it though


  3. Setterfield 12 SC 7 minutes in, would be way more if he wasn’t going at 20% DE lol.


    1. he’s more focused on his hair & headband ,
      maybe he’s worried his brush wont be on the pine when he’s rotated


        1. yeh
          no guarantee hurn will be back in 2 ,
          @ 600k , coming off a hammy & a huge BE ,
          a fit & firing kelly , that i can put the VC on , was hard to pass up



    0.3.3. – 3.3.21

    J. Weitering 36
    L. Neale 41
    S. Walsh 25
    D. Gardiner 35
    S. Petrevski-Seton 25
    N. Robertson 35
    P. Cripps 23
    J. Allison 30
    D. Cuningham 22
    E. Hipwood 28
    Z. Fisher 22
    D. Zorko 26
    K. Simpson 21
    J. Lyons 25
    M. Kreuzer 20
    H. McCluggage 24
    E. Curnow 19
    R. Mathieson 22
    N. Newman 16
    L. Hodge 21
    P. Dow 16
    D. McStay 18
    D. Thomas 15
    S. Martin 18
    W. Setterfield 14
    C. Rayner 17
    C. Curnow 12
    C. Cameron 17
    M. McGovern 11
    D. Rich 16
    L. Plowman 10
    L. Taylor 15
    M. Gibbons 10
    M. Robinson 11
    L. O’Brien 8
    H. Andrews 5
    C. Marchbank 7
    L. McCarthy 4
    H. McKay 7
    A. Witherden 3
    J. Silvagni 7
    N. Answerth 0
    L. Casboult 6
    A. Smith 0


  5. Answerth ‘playing his first game’ apparently and looks ‘nervous’. sheesh i thought 7 commentators were bad!
    still, Answerth’s sitting on 0 at Qtr time!! rookies are killing me this week.


    1. You know what Carlton need a strict coach and senior leadership player that help and guide the players on the field they need to target a good leadership player when the trade start


  6. Ugh, hate myself so much for not starting Neale. What a beast and CD love him.

    Can’t wait to bring him in after his bye, those plans have been laid for a while.


    1. I hear you Gunboat.

      Going to be hard to trade out Walsh ( to get to Neale R14 ) the way he is going.

      I’m hoping Neale pulls up a bit, my budget only allows for a $185K difference.



    1/2 time
    3.4.22 – 6.4.40

    S. Walsh 69
    L. Neale 87
    J. Weitering 65
    C. Cameron 52
    P. Cripps 54
    D. Zorko 50
    E. Curnow 52
    D. Gardiner 49
    W. Setterfield 48
    H. McCluggage 48
    S. Petrevski-Seton 45
    N. Robertson 48
    L. Casboult 41
    D. Rich 40
    C. Curnow 41
    S. Martin 40
    N. Newman 39
    L. Hodge 39
    D. Thomas 38
    J. Allison 38
    D. Cuningham 37
    E. Hipwood 37
    Z. Fisher 35
    J. Lyons 36
    M. Kreuzer 33
    M. Robinson 35
    K. Simpson 30
    R. Mathieson 35
    M. Gibbons 29
    D. McStay 33
    L. Plowman 28
    L. Taylor 30
    J. Silvagni 28
    A. Witherden 27
    L. O’Brien 27
    N. Answerth 21
    P. Dow 27
    H. Andrews 19
    C. Marchbank 26
    A. Smith 15
    M. McGovern 24
    C. Rayner 9
    H. McKay 19
    L. McCarthy 5


  8. How the F did Andrews go from 20 at HT to 59 now .. with only a couple of possies?? 6 possessions and 1 tackle …. WTF??


      1. hey FT – how much does an intercept mark pay? Which site are you getting those stats from? FF doesn’t show all the stats …


    1. He’s contracted till 2022, think Carlton will already have a deal to make him a life-time player by then.


  9. Curnow really put the brakes on Neale … looks to be holding him a lot more now than just at the stoppages as he was up to HT …


    1. neale seems to have a issue with scoring well in the 2nd 1/2 ,
      maybe that’s when he gets tagged more often



    3/4 time
    8.9.57 – 8.5.53

    P. Cripps 119
    L. Neale 104
    E. Curnow 107
    D. Zorko 78
    S. Walsh 81
    N. Robertson 75
    J. Weitering 76
    D. Rich 68
    M. Gibbons 75
    H. Andrews 67
    N. Newman 68
    H. McCluggage 64
    S. Petrevski-Seton 66
    D. McStay 59
    W. Setterfield 62
    D. Gardiner 58
    M. Kreuzer 62
    L. Hodge 54
    C. Curnow 60
    C. Cameron 54
    P. Dow 59
    S. Martin 54
    D. Cuningham 58
    R. Mathieson 53
    L. Casboult 53
    M. Robinson 52
    M. McGovern 49
    L. Taylor 52
    Z. Fisher 49
    J. Allison 52
    L. O’Brien 48
    E. Hipwood 47
    D. Thomas 45
    A. Witherden 46
    C. Marchbank 41
    J. Lyons 41
    H. McKay 41
    N. Answerth 28
    L. Plowman 36
    A. Smith 25
    K. Simpson 33
    L. McCarthy 17
    J. Silvagni 30
    C. Rayner 12


  11. What a turnaround. Cripps back in the guts and Curnow to Neale.
    One of the best QTRs I’ve ever seen from Cripps. Jeez!!


  12. WOW! Cripps is an absolute BEAST! Dragged Carlton back into this game, and what a goal just then!


  13. I’m blaming Stewy _ the _ Swan for his post higher up saying how well Neale was scoring … I warned him not to tempt SC Gods! Neale has steadily declined from 3/4 time to lose points – they have given all his points to Cripps …


  14. wow – it looks like the scores this week are going to go to those who had the VC on Danger or Cripps – Neale was on track to match / beat Danger at HT – but has fallen off a cliff … Curnow has really upset him and smashed him in this half … but Brisbane seriously need to look at themselves and reassess their chances of playing finals after this … big lead at HT and they capitulate like this?? Truly awful …


      1. Andrews score is ridiculous for his possessions etc … jumped 40 points after HT with two possessions … there is some BS in that score for sure …


  15. Was too busy getting excited about Cripps’ score to notice that Walsh scored 142!



    full time
    11.12.78 – 9.9.63

    before scaling

    P. Cripps 193
    L. Neale 106
    S. Walsh 142
    D. Rich 98
    E. Curnow 128
    D. Zorko 87
    J. Weitering 111
    S. Martin 85
    M. Gibbons 108
    H. Andrews 83
    C. Curnow 101
    H. McCluggage 79
    L. Casboult 94
    N. Robertson 76
    S. Petrevski-Seton 92
    J. Allison 75
    N. Newman 87
    D. McStay 74
    Z. Fisher 80
    J. Lyons 74
    M. Kreuzer 77
    D. Gardiner 69
    M. McGovern 71
    M. Robinson 67
    W. Setterfield 68
    C. Cameron 62
    D. Thomas 66
    L. Taylor 58
    D. Cuningham 63
    L. Hodge 57
    C. Marchbank 62
    A. Witherden 56
    P. Dow 60
    R. Mathieson 55
    L. O’Brien 57
    L. McCarthy 53
    K. Simpson 49
    A. Smith 44
    J. Silvagni 49
    E. Hipwood 43
    H. McKay 48
    N. Answerth 33
    L. Plowman 38
    C. Rayner 25


  17. Don’t expect too much from rookies , but balta, answerth and baker a bit under whelming. Thank you gibbons and cant bring myself to refer to walsh as a rookie.
    Well done blues .


  18. Traded S Walsh this round

    But I finally grabbed P Cripps after missing him last year to complete my midfield of P Cripps, J Kelly, J Macrae, N Fyfe, L Neale, C Oliver, R Sloane and Z Merrett.

    Also happy with H Andrews considering he had less than 10 disposals which excluding injury affected games since 2018 is only the 2nd time from his past 26 matches.

    For those questioning if H Andrews score was overstated
    he recorded
    8/9 disposals effective
    5/9 disposals contested
    5 marks which includes 3 contested marks
    10 1 Percenters
    6 of 9 disposals were Intercepts



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