Poll – Replacing Selwood PART TWO

Written by Schwarzwalder on 9:00 am, August 9 2017

The best replacements for Selwood (if you had a bit of cash in the bank)………..

** These results will be used for the TEAM ahead of Rd21, VOTE NOW! **

Coaches have given 6 responses.

Poll – Ryan D6

Written by Schwarzwalder on 3:00 pm, August 8 2017

Luke Ryan: viable D6 option or just a brief purple patch?

Coaches have given 14 responses.

Polling Station – Rd21

Written by Schwarzwalder on 12:00 pm, August 7 2017

You control the content at SCT!ย  Tell us which polls you’d like to see this week……….

Coaches have given 6 responses.