R11 Teams Are Up

Written by Duck on 7:15 am, June 4 2009

Here`s the first cut from Thursday afternoon`s lists.

Guess things will change a little heading into tomorrow but now a great deal one would suggest.

OK, time for me to start perusing for my options to replace The Chad.


B: Chris Newman, Kelvin Moore, Dean Polo
HB: Joel Bowden, Luke McGuane, Will Thursfield
C: Andrew Collins, Shane Tuck, Brett Deledio
HF: Richard Tambling, Jack Riewoldt, Ben Cousins
F: Adam Pattison, Mitch Morton, Kayne Pettifer
Foll: Troy Simmonds, Daniel Jackson, Nathan Foley
Int: Trent Cotchin, Jordan McMahon,

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R10 Teams Are Up

Written by Duck on 7:33 am, May 28 2009

It’s the early cut and there’s sure to be some changes but here they are, the round 10 teams as of Thursday afternoon.

Very happy to see Houlihan, Riewoldt, Krakour and Didak back …. finally some fitness in my side!

Friday May 29
Carlton v West Coast
Etihad Stadium, 7.40pm

B: Michael Jamison, Mark Austin, Paul Bower
HB: Nick Stevens, Bret Thornton, Dennis Armfield
C: Kade Simpson, Aaron Joseph, Bryce Gibbs
HF: Ryan Houlihan, Brad Fisher, Mitch Robinson
F: Setanta Oโ€™hAilpin, Brendan Fevola, Eddie Betts
Foll: Matthew Kreuzer,

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R9 Teams Are Up

Written by Duck on 4:05 am, May 21 2009

First cut of the teams for R9 are up …. this will be revised again by 5pm Friday … hopefully anyway.

Friday May 22
Geelong Cats v Western Bulldogs
Etihad Stadium, 7.40pm

B: Andrew Mackie, Matthew Scarlett, David Johnson
HB: Joel Corey, Tom Harley, Harry Taylor
C: Jimmy Bartel, Corey Enright, David Wojcinski
HF: James Kelly, Max Rooke, Gary Ablett
F: Paul Chapman, Tom Hawkins, Steve Johnson
Foll: Mark Blake, Cameron Ling, Joel Selwood
Int: Shane Mumford, Mathew Stokes, Travis Varcoe, Ryan Gamble
Emg: Tom Lonergan,

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R8 Teams Are Up

Written by Duck on 6:48 am, May 14 2009

Yes, Kyle Cheney is in …hoping for a few other inclusions too, more to come when the rest of the teams are up.

Hodge out for up to 4 weeks could be an issue for some, not for me cause he aint in my team!

Guerra back ….. at this stage anyway … but Ziebell gone …. NOOO!

Higgins emergency …. pfffff, yeh right.

Saturday May 16
Melbourne v Western Bulldogs
MCG, 2.10pm

B: Jarrod Harbrow, Dale Morris, Brian Lake
HB: Lindsay Gilbee, Tom Williams,

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R7 Teams Are Up

Written by Duck on 10:51 am, May 7 2009

ALL the teams for Round 7 as they are announced by the AFL, i hope they`re as good for me as they are for you.

Friday May 8
Essendon v Hawthorn
Etihad Stadium, 7.40pm

B: Cale Hooker, Tayte Pears, Henry Slattery
HB: Courtenay Dempsey, Adam McPhee, David Myers
C: Ricky Dyson, Brent Stanton, Angus Monfries
HF: Jason Winderlich, Matthew Lloyd, Sam Lonergan
F: Bachar Houli, Jay Neagle, Alwyn Davey
Foll: Patrick Ryder, Jobe Watson, Andrew Lovett
Int: Nathan Lovett-Murray, Heath Hocking, David Zaharakis, Tom Bellchambers
Emg: Jay Nash,

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