Game Chat – Melbourne v Collingwood

Written by Motts on June 12 2017

Venue: MCG at 3:20pm AEST

R12, 2016, Melbourne 16.8 (104) d Collingwood 8.10 (58) at the MCG
R4, 2016, Melbourne 16.6 (102) d Collingwood 9.13 (67) at the MCG
R18, 2015, Melbourne 13.13 (91) d Collingwood 7.12 (54) at the MCG
R10, 2015, Collingwood 17.8 (110) d Melbourne 13.7 (85) at the MCG
R12, 2014, Collingwood 8.13 (61) d Melbourne 3.10 (28) at the MCG

Game notes: This is a season-defining clash for both sides with a position in the top-eight potentially up for grabs. With plenty on the line, the annual Queen’s Birthday blockbuster shapes as the match of the round. Following its bye, Melbourne will be looking to continue the good form it displayed in Alice Springs against Gold Coast. The likely inclusion of Christian Salem, after serving his one-game suspension, will add a touch of class to the Demons’ backline. Collingwood has resuscitated its season on the back of three-straight victories against Hawthorn, the Brisbane Lions and Fremantle. However, injuries to key personnel including Jamie Elliott (ankle), Daniel Wells (calf) and Tyson Goldsack (shoulder) are big blows. The Magpies’ midfielders, in particular Scott Pendlebury, Adam Treloar and Taylor Adams, have been central figures in the club’s revival. With Nathan Jones and Clayton Oliver primed, all three will need to produce their best footy to engineer a Collingwood win.

Mottsy’s Tip: Melbourne by 20 points.

While we do our best to update posts with end of quarter scores, we aren’t always online so if you have access to the scores and see they haven’t gone into the Comments section of this post, the Community would love it if you could help us out.


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37 thoughts on “Game Chat – Melbourne v Collingwood”

  1. Who to make captain? Can’t bloody decide.
    Thumbs up- Trelor
    Thumbs down- Adams

    Comment for Oliver
    Cheers guys


  2. Community, had a bit of a sleepless night thinking about weather to take Mitchell’s 113 (TU) or go with Treloar (TD) as C,

    The Burbler


    1. As your opponent this round can i suggest an alternate strategy. Upgrade Treloar to Levi Greenwood. Apparently he’s a big monarchist and will rise for the occasion. Better put the C on him BB. 😉


          1. Yeah I wanted to have a relatively stress free afternoon. Still a tight call at HT. Maybe your Grrenwood call wasn’t so far fetched


  3. Would you rather
    Option 1 1382 with hibbered WHE and treloar (c) – ( 19 playing and lowest score of 45 removed)
    Option 2 1284 Adams petrecca WHE Oliver (c) ( 20playing and lowest scores of 45 and 45 removed )




    Melbourne: Christian Salem, Dom Tyson, Clayton Oliver, James Harmes
    Collingwood: Tom Langdon, James Aish, Tim Broomhead, Ben Crocker



    Melbourne: 4.3.27
    Collingwood: 3.2.20

    N. Jones 49
    J. Hunt 41
    T. McDonald 38
    C. Pedersen 34
    O. McDonald 32
    M. Hibberd 30
    C. Salem 25
    C. Petracca 18
    N. Jetta 17
    T. Bugg 16
    J. Watts 15
    C. Oliver 13
    J. Garlett 12
    B. Vince 12
    S. Frost 10
    M. Hannan 9
    D. Tyson 9
    A. Neal-Bullen 7
    J. Viney 6
    J. Melksham 6
    J. Harmes 6
    J. Lewis 5

    S. Sidebottom 40
    B. Grundy 38
    S. Pendlebury 34
    L. Greenwood 30
    J. Howe 28
    M. Scharenberg 26
    A. Treloar 26
    L. Dunn 22
    W. Hoskin-Elliott 21
    J. Aish 21
    T. Phillips 20
    J. De Goey 19
    J. Crisp 18
    B. Maynard 18
    T. Broomhead 12
    T. Adams 10
    B. Crocker 8
    T. Langdon 7
    J. Smith 6
    C. Brown 6
    D. Moore 1
    A. Fasolo -1


      1. Sounds like Hogan misses another 2 through surgery as a minimum.

        Way too late to get on now but would have been good in hindsight.

        Might also be useful for next year. I can see a Hogan/Pedersen forward line having a lot of merit for the Dees, even if it may not be SC relevant.



    Melbourne Demons: 6.6.42
    N. Jones 72
    C. Pedersen 63
    M. Hibberd 54
    J. Hunt 50
    T. McDonald 49
    O. McDonald 45
    C. Oliver 43
    D. Tyson 42
    C. Salem 37
    C. Petracca 35
    J. Watts 32
    Neal-Bullen 30
    N. Jetta 29
    J. Garlett 26
    T. Bugg 25
    B. Vince 22
    J. Harmes 20
    J. Viney 18
    J. Lewis 17
    S. Frost 17
    J. Melksham 15
    M. Hannan 14

    Collingwood Magpies: 10.5.65
    Sidebottom 86
    B. Grundy 58
    Pendlebury 58
    J. Howe 57
    T. Phillips 56
    J. Aish 54
    A. Treloar 48
    Broomhead 46
    L. Dunn 46
    B. Maynard 44
    Greenwood 43
    H-Elliott 40
    J. De Goey 37
    Scharenberg 35
    B. Crocker 35
    J. Crisp 35
    A. Fasolo 33
    D. Moore 30
    T. Langdon 28
    T. Adams 27
    C. Brown 24
    J. Smith 15


  7. Since halftime, the Pies have played as bad as any team this year
    The bloke keeping the clanger count must be exhausted


  8. Pendles for c looks like a mistake. But at least it will be a common one. Shoulda gone vc on Kreuzer.


  9. Hibberds decided 3 quarters is enough and taken the last quarter off. Hasn’t scored yet this quarter. Was on track for 2000 with WHE, Adams, Treloar C and Hibberd. Well WHE and Adams have different ideas i guess.

    Thank goodness im trading WHE. Trading one yo yo scorer to yeo yo !


      1. Some of the free shots Melbourne hand on goal due to free kicks. I’ve never felt more robbed walking out of a game.


        1. It’s about bloody time, for us we get robbed on the field, off it and it seems even when the game of footy aint being played. Well thats how i feel as a Melbourne supporter. And to Jeremy Howe suck hard on that 4 game losing streak you hold since crossing to the Filth. Apologies 4 the negative comments. But not you Howe, choke on it.


  10. Can’t wait for this game on replay cable here tomorrow morning!

    Just got off the phone with my bro Andy over there in Australia who was at the game. I told him not to spoil too much as I wanted to watch the game unfold (even though I kmow the result and am super pumped up for the big W :))

    He mentioned Clayton Oliver’s roving work in the second half was huge and that Petracca won the medal!

    As an owner of Oliver my friend was feeding me some welcome news. 107 from the boy. He has been fantastic! Great for my SC game and great for the Dees!

    Can’t wait to watch the QBDay Clash in the morning 🙂



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