How Did You Go – Rd22

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 19 2018

Dancing In The Street?ย  Or Jagged Little Pill?ย  Tell your fellow SCT Coaches about it………

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          1. Grundy (364), Lloyd (124), Simpson (144), Yeo (120), Laird (116), Brayshaw (115), Dusty (138), Parker (159), Beams (144), Titch (108), Cripps (106), Gawn (156), Smith (125), Westhoff (126), Gunston (140) the ones to tonne up.

            Then the likes of Zerrett, Danger, Cogs to bring it home.

            Only let downs were Hurn, Walters, Heeney and McLean were who all in the 70s.


            1. Great Stuff Hutta!

              You have taken the lead in the Catta’s Comp with Peroxide Bombers only scoring 2,487 so you have a slim lead of just over 40pts I think.

              Hope you can hold on and take the Ben Franklin for all the hard work you put into the site.


              1. I ended up with 2,553 with mitchell as captain. Lost to lisa (amazons) by 40 in the Team league 4, the danger over grundy vc choice really buggered me lol. Hoping kelly and howe are back next week to give me a slim hope of making up the ground on lisa in the sctalk group.


          2. Awesome stuff, Hutta

            Cattaโ€™s Clan nervously awaits you next week ๐Ÿ™‚

            2747 is the best Iโ€™ve seen in my leagues, so your score is definitely up there?!


    1. Yeah weโ€™ll done Hutta, you pants me nicely in Cattaโ€™s league.
      Not sure how you lost it in Draft…Bloody Broadie Smith…Worth the loophole risk I guess.


    1. Unfortunantly I wonโ€™t be in one of them Scotty, so weโ€™ll have to leave our rivalry for another year. But Hutta will be a worthy opponent after what he dished up against me…


  1. 2380/Grundy pre scale
    My worst trade of the year in Curnow hurt me again with a decent score from him easily winning me my main league.


  2. 2,474 pre-scale

    Made it through to two SCT Grand Finals and one other!! first SC GFs EVER ๐Ÿ™‚

    Congrats to TDA, Doedee going down cost me a few points but you would probably have had me all the same. Revenge is sweet, especially when it counts huh?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Diamond D Dynasty and Dennis Confetti (smashed) got me in the other two. Congrats to you both and good luck in the grand final.

    Most importantly , I’m hoping I’m a little above average to crawl back a few places to the top 1,000. we’ll see.

    here’s to having Jelly back next week. having to take Guelfi’s 42 probably cost me 70-90 pts this week.


  3. 2337/Gawn/was 1010

    Literally took the C off Cripps and put it on Gawn seconds before lockout.

    I have lost all 6 prelims

    Needed these 4 players to have substandard scores – Grundy, Macrae, Simpson, Lloyd. Well that went badly didnt it.

    Grundy will be my first pick next year

    I now have 2 main focuses for the final round.

    1) Rank high enough to be eligible for a spot in a LOEC league next year and

    2) Ensure that the leagues I am in finish as high as possible – such as Catta Challenge and the Looney Mooneys

    Congratulations to Catta and to AllSaints (again) for there wins over me this round.


    1. thanks for the kinds words. i feel had a bit of luck this week with Grundy, Simpson and Macrae the real differences in our match-up. they weren’t PODs in the games i lost that’s for sure.

      being 1010 overall is massive mate. i’m a couple of hundred spots behind you and would be over the moon to make the top 1000 come season’s end.

      we’ll just have to aim for top 500 next year!


    2. Cheers, Shaggi,

      Youโ€™ve been a massive contributor & reason for why CattasSCTchallenge league is in the top 40 leagues overall hopefully higher after this round ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Until next time, Catta


  4. 2541/Macrae/~10k
    After having 2 shocking weeks i have finally produce a decent score which got me into my 2 Grand finals that i was still able to contend in after losing every other game last week. I can finally stop receiving all the comments about how i was yet to make a grand final out of my friends. THANK YOU!!!!

    Studs: Devon, Franklin, Stef, Simpson, Dusty, Westhoff, Gawn, Yeo, Laird and Wallis
    Wasn’t expecting to get up this week as my opponent had beaten my 70% of the year and my current form was giving me little hope but Franklin took my match and flipped it on it’s head. If he could actually kick even better it would have been 200+. Stef came through and helped close the gap on Grundy all because the late out of McInerny and then to make the result beyond doubt Simpson hit is old form and sealed the victory. Those 3 plus Devon were what brought my match up home and have given me a chance of claim my all important premiership i have gone without for many years.

    Duds: Zerrett, Hurn, Hurley, Danger, JPK, Heeney, Mclean and my captain choices.
    Hurley needs to learn to play 4 quarters because he went missing after half time, thankful my opponent had him but you always want the biggest score. Can’t really say much more as i got over the line but how much luck do i have next week as i have pulled some results out of thin air in the league and i hope i haven’t done all this to choke at the final leg…..


  5. 2524 pre-scale / Macrae unfortunately

    Gutted! I lost my main league by less than five points because my opponent did not have Danger and Oliver. Who would have thought those two guns would be a liability in finals?!

    How can Macrae not go large against the Blues?! He had 50+ points in the last quarter which was handy but something strange was going on at Docklands today. #weird #suspicious

    On a positive note I managed to win a couple of other prelims so hopefully team selections are kind next week.


  6. 2431/Mitchell

    Was 1176

    Into 3 grand finals including Sct5 league final against Jack The Salamander. Happy birthday Jack.
    Could have snuck into a couple more finals if Doedee played out final quarter .
    Hope Kelly and Howe back next week.


  7. 2426/ Danger into Macrae

    Plenty of heroes to go with the underperformers. Gawn, Bud, Simmo, Dusty, Yeo, Laird, Boak (looped), Macrae all 110 +
    Duds in the 70s included Hurn, Fritsch, Heens and McLean.

    Won the cash league by one point and lost to the Bigala Brigade in the family/friends league. On a side note, chalked up my highest tech league score of 2475 with PODs of Bud and Kelly to knock of Ruby – apologies there, a rare loss at the wrong time but I’ll take it as my aim was to make the tech league GF.

    Good luck to everyone in the GFs next week.


  8. 2,522 Macrae obviously the wrong way to go.

    I am into 6 Grand Finals and commiserations to AllSaints, Bearded Burbler , and Shaggi who all went down to me this week.
    Also commiserations to MJ who I managed to scrape home over in the coveted SuperCoachTalk Contributors League.

    The disappointment was losing a Double Header by 4pts.

    Studs – Grundy and Gawn huge, Dusty, Matty Crouch the big star getting me home in 2 Prelims , Westhoff and the reliable Laird.

    Duds – Hurn , Crisp, Wingard , Heeney , and 3 Mid Premos who have been good but under performed on the big stage Merrett , Oliver, and Danger.


  9. 2565/Titch/18 pre scale

    I won 8/10 prelims into 8 grannys! happy with the score this week not sure if it’ll be enough to reach top 10 but i’m hoping lol


    Cogs (19 points in the second half smh…)

    1 trade left undecided who goes


  10. 2532 – titch – no idea
    Really hurt Brodie smith being a late out so the score is off 21, also damn me having Luke parker on the bench like a rookie


  11. 2613/ titch my highest score ever…..
    in the 14k zone…
    made it into 3 GFs
    SCT – had 3 x 2500+ and now a 2600+….. in last 6 games – you have helped me so much – thanks to all


  12. 2593 / Macrae / rank 226

    Tossed up all morning on whether to put the Captain on Macrae or Gawn – and lost LOEC3 by 17 points as a result of the wrong choice, he had Grundy as VC to Captain, to my disappointing Danger as VC. Gutted to lose that one after finishing the season 2nd, congrats to “Team Custard” – my score would have beaten both the other 2 prelim teams. On a brighter note, won my other 7 leagues, and hoping to improve in Catta’s Challenge. And rapt with my ranking – my highest ever by a long way.


    1. I’m four spots behind you I believe…

      2597 / Olango (Grundy as VC) / 230

      One trade left, so hopefully I need to use it…


  13. 2585 / Macrae / 1,312 (was 1664)

    Parker to Macrae didn’t give me the point gain I was hoping for, and he wasn’t an ideal captain this week (although I’ve had much worse), but I still managed a nice ranking boost and won 7/8 leagues (the one loss was by 4 points), so I’m not about to complain.

    Whatever happens next week, it will be my best ever finish by a long, long margin.


  14. 2290 , Mitchell , don’t ask
    donโ€™t no how but got the win in my cash league ,
    3 peat still a possibility ,
    supercoach gods couldnโ€™t have been kinder to me this week ,
    my opponent has averaged 2450 since the byes n was top all year ,
    he copped McGovern going fwd to cover darling n 2 donughts through Kelly n ahern ,
    scraped in with a 20 pt win ,
    GF v the guy that smashed me in the 1st final ,
    different situation this time round ,
    no trades left but pretty much my whole team playn bottom teams @ home & @ least 1 bench on each line available for loopholes,
    good chance of a 2500 + score this week ,
    bring it on โ€ฆ


  15. I’d prefer not to mention my score. Let’s just say my trading the last month or two has been regrettable and my team has regressed rather than improved.

    Brought in Witherden as my Heater replacement. Roll on SC 2019!!!


    1. yeh , I had withers last yr & was good ,
      traded him out after a few underperforming rd’s this yr n he turned it on ,
      then went backwards @ the end when every1 jumped on him again ,
      next yr he will be cheap again & with Brizzy improving ,
      will be a hard decision to include him or not ,
      looking like he may end up being a Daniel Rich type scorer ,
      between 60-110 each week ..


  16. 2,385 / Macrae

    Fallen from 121 to 194.

    Pretty ordinary month from me, limping over the finish line and into only 1 grand final. Had to use Spargo as cover this week which sums up my injury crisis. Bring on 2019!


  17. 2651/Grundy/2217
    Made the Grand Final in TheTeam@SCT1 league so good luck to The Phat Side.
    In all 6 of my grand finals but the supercoachtalk one is by far the best ranked and biggest challenge.
    Hopefully Grundy can keep carrying me through finals


  18. 2498 / Titch / 11573.

    Its been a very average year for me.

    I read everything on this site ( thanks again guys) and plan for smart trades. Starting a fair way back you feel like you need to do something different. This, and sometimes “beer goggles” have meant I’ve made some very average choices. I may need to make a “don’t drink and trade” rule for next year!

    Congrats to Jeremy” Great ones” who beat me in Huttas last minute. Good luck in the Grannie.

    Somehow I managed to make a single lowly ranked league Grand Final. Andrew “Glad to be Here” I’m coming for you.

    I may have kept a trade just to keep things interesting.

    Once again I would like to thank all the contributions to this great site. You really are legends.
    I had no idea how bad I was at SC until I found you all!

    Maybe I will suck slightly less in 2019



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