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Written by Motts on March 15 2012

Here’s an injury list update – thanks to the punter who emailed it to me this morning!

Ben Rutten Foot 1-2 Weeks Possibly NAB Cup GF
Jonathon Brown Face 5 Weeks Round 3
Brent Staker Knee LTI Season
Tom Bell Back 5 Weeks Round 4
Blake Bray 1 week
Dylan Buckley Finger 8 Weeks Round 7
David Ellard Knee TEST
Michael Jamieson Back TEST
Jeremy Laidler Knee 4-5 Weeks Round 4
Andrew McInnes 1 Week Round 1
Luke Mitchell shoulder 8 weeks Round 7
Rhys Okeefe Heel 8 Weeks Round 7
Rob Warnock shoulder 1 week Round 1
Simon White 1 Week Round 1
Dayne Beams shin available for round one
Alan Didak aductor available for round one
Tyson Goldsack knee available for round one
Ben Johnson hamstring available for round one
Chris Tarrant foot available for round one
Jarrod Witts ankle available for round one
Cameron Wood shoulder available for round one
Josh Thomas foot available rounds 1-3
Paul Cribbin face available rounds 2-3
Nathan Brown knee available rounds 2-4
Daniel Farmer hip available rounds 3-4
Andrew Krakouer knee SEASON
Brent Macaffer knee SEASON
Scott Gumbleton Back LTI Indefinite
Alex Browne Hamstring Test
Nathan Lovett Murray Hamstring Test
Nick Obrien Quad 1-2 weeks Round 1
Brent Prismal Knee LTI Infefinite
FREMANTLE (Unofficial)
Hayden Ballantyne soreness Test
Michael Barlow soreness Test
Alex Forster 2-3 weeks Round 1 or 2
Antoni Grover Test
Chris Mayne hamstring 2 weeks Round 1
Viv Michie foot LTI Season
Anthony Morabito knee 2-4 weeks
David Mundy ankle 2-4 weeks
Lachie Neale ankle 2-3 weeks Round 1 or 2
Gavin Roberts 1-2 weeks Round 1
Dylan Roberton Test
Alex Silvagni Test
Aaron Sandilands calf 1-2 weeks Round 1
Michael Walters 3 weeks
Daniel Menzel Knee 12 Weeks
Nathan Vardy Hip Indefinite
Dawson Simpson Back 9 Weeks
Travis Varcoe Foot
David Wojinski Foot Indefinite
Taylor Hine Ankle 2 weeks Round 1-2
Rory Thompson Knee 3 weeks Round 2-3
Nathan Bock SUSPENDED 2 Weeks Round 3
Jonathon Patton Knee Infefinite Mid-Season
Luke Power Hamstring 2 weeks Round 1-2
Stephen Gilham Knee Indefinite
Jarryd Roughead Achilles Indefinite
Michael Evans Back Indefinite
Max Gawn Knee LTI Season
Jake Spencer Knee LTI Mid-Season
James Stauss Leg 2 Weeks
Jack Grimes Shoulder 3 Weeks
Liam Jurrah Wrist 3 Weeks
Jordie McKenzie Achillis 2 Weeks
Rory Taggery Back 3 Weeks
Leigh Williams Back 3 Weeks
James Magner Hand TBC
Nathan Grima Knee Indefinite
Jack Ziebell SUSPENDED 2 Weeks Round 4
Cameron Hitchcock Shoulder 6-8 Weeks
Mathew Lobbe Hip 6 Weeks Round 4
Hamish Hartlett Shoulder TEST
Jasper Pittard Hamstring 2 Weeks Round 1
Nick Salter Foot 6-8 Weeks
Simon Phillips eye poke TEST
Brent Renouf Knee TBC
Brett Deledio NAB Cup Round 4
James Gwilt Knee LTI Round 5-10
Daniel Archer Jaw 1 Week Round 1
Brett Peake Concussion TEST
Ryan Okeefe Knee 3-6 Weeks
Lewis Johnston Ankle LTI Season
Dan Currie Foot LTI Season
Mark LeCras Knee LTI Season
Eric MacKenzie Head TEST
Brad Sheppard Ankle TEST

Mark Austin

Shoulder 2 weeks
Nathan Djerrkura Hand TEST
Lindsay Gilbee Calf 2 weeks
Dale Morris Leg Indefinite
Justin Sherman Finger TEST
Jason Tutt Hamstring 2 weeks
Tom Williams Shoulder 16 Weeks

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20 thoughts on “Injury List”

  1. Weird list.

    Lewis Johnston was traded to Adelaide last year and Dan Currie was delisted by Sydney. To the best of my knowledge Johnston is not injured.

    Actual Swans injuries include Tony Armstrong and Tom Mitchell.


  2. Here are the top selected players in Supercoach:

    1. Lance Franklin (54 per cent of teams)
    2. Brendon Goddard (49 per cent)
    3. Gary Ablett (45 per cent)
    4. Jonathan Giles (40 per cent)
    5. Orren Stephenson (37 per cent)
    6. Dustin Martin (34 per cent)
    7. Brian Lake (33 per cent)
    8. Billie Smedts (31 per cent)
    9. Brett Deledio (30 per cent)
    10. Nathan Fyfe (27 per cent)



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