The Fallen Premiums – Rd 10, 2021

Written by Chillo on May 19 2021

Last week was a famine for the Fallen Premiums, but this week is a feast. With no genuine available options for a downgrade, I hope you’ve got the cash handy to splash out on some of these under-priced champions.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Fallen Premiums.


Rory LAIRD (ADE), $525 100 (-$39.7K), avg 105, BE 68 – He’s the most popular defender in the game and with good reason: this is possibly the last season you’ll get to pick Laird on that particular line. Rory is 100% playing on the ball these days, with his latest effort producing an incredible stats sheet of 36 touches (17 contested), 10 clearances, 5 tackles and 120 points. Averaging north of 30 possessions a game this year and has an excellent scoring history. Don’t have him? Get him.

Jordan RIDLEY (ESS), $481 400 (-$66.3K), avg 105, BE 98 – The Riddler has proven to be a bit of an enigma since his return from concussion, as can often happen with that particular injury. A pair of 80s followed by a 105 is not exactly screaming “pick me!”, but his latest effort included 27 disposals at 92% and there’s not many defenders going around capable of reaching those numbers. With Mason Redman taking over a sizeable share of the kick-in duties, there are a few minor worries here but with a $130K discount on his pre-injury price tag, it’s going to be very difficult to ignore Jordan this week.

Riddle me this: what starts with Y and sponsors the footy?

Backing it up…
Lachie Whitfield, $518K, BE 155
Tom Stewart, $550K, BE 138


Clayton OLIVER (MEL), $605 100 (-$51.6K), avg 118, BE 96 – Every year I say it, and I’ll say it again this year – I can not believe how many teams don’t have Clarry. Seven out of every 10 coaches don’t have the ginger Demon ball magnet in their midfield right now, despite him once again ranking in the top scorers in the game. Eight tons already this year after racking up thirteen triple-figure scores last year, Oliver is one of the most consistent performers in the league, hasn’t missed a game in five years, and spends every weekend at the feet of one of the most dominant ruckmen of the past decade. Easy choice!

Jack STEELE (STK), $569 200 (-$88.8K), avg 114, BE 114 – Steele has cooled off a little after a dynamite first month, but his price has probably bottomed out now and he looks to be a good option this week. Jack tackles like a maniac every week, but it’s his ability to win the hard ball that has boosted him into the upper echelon of Supercoach midfielders. I’m not totally convinced by Steele’s form right now – he has the Bulldogs this week and with his BE you could wait one more for confirmation, but with this discount he is sure to be a popular option.

Just quickly….Josh KELLY ($541 000, avg 102, BE 80) is still under-priced and has gone at 124 ppg in his last three games. Yes, he could tear something at any time and will probably miss a game or two at some stage – but maybe the avalanche of scoring before that happens will make up for it? 

Limbo land…
Joel Selwood, $534K, BE 165
David Mundy, $585K, BE 154
Sam Walsh, $589K, BE 151
Jack Macrae, $622K, BE 150
Zach Merrett, $568K, BE 144


Todd GOLDSTEIN (NTH), $489 400 (-$112.3K), avg 97, BE 43 – Gawn/Grundy/Flynn is the ruck combo of choice this year, but if you’re stuck outside of that particular clubhouse then Goldy is an interesting option. Here’s a guy who has averaged 112 for the past two seasons – and he’s available this week for less than $500K. BARGAIN! He’s sharing the ruck duties this year, but sent a timely reminder of his talents last weekend with his 150 coming from 19 possessions and 28 hitouts. May just be working into his season now and you could do a lot worse if you can’t afford one of the more popular kids in the ruck.

Brodie Grundy, $670K, BE 163
Max Gawn, $629K, BE 146


Dustin MARTIN (RIC), $425 500 (-$116.1K), avg 96, BE 68 – Dusty has made an art form of the early season slump in recent years, but he woke up just in time to save the Tigers’ from oblivion on Saturday night. 28 possessions and four majors was Martin’s best effort since the season opener, and he is insanely cheap now considering just how low the forward stocks are this season. If you’re among the 41% of coaches who don’t have Dusty in their lineup, there’s never been a better time to jump on.

Dusty and medals, name a more iconic duo.

Isaac HEENEY (SYD), $342 100 (-$112.4K), avg 75, BE 75 – That 19 point howler against the Cats is still in his price cycle, so his BE will be even lower next week. But this is about as cheap as Heeney will ever be, so if you’re willing to take the risk on the super-talented but super-injury prone Swans forward, now is a good time. Fully capable of going at 90+ for the rest of the season, but be warned – if you’re bringing him in this week, make sure you have good cover on your forward bench every week for the rest of the year!

Just quickly…Tom HAWKINS ($484 000, avg 91, BE 49) and Dayne ZORKO ($511 100, avg 100, BE 60) were both here last week and performed well. Both are still under-priced options for an upgrade this week, Hawkins in particular is an under-rated potential solution to your forward line woes.

Forward thinking….
Jack Ziebell, $575K, BE 143


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18 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 10, 2021”

  1. Mainly picked very durable premiums at the start of the year, aaaand… they all got injured.

    So makes sense to load up on Jelly and Heeney. What could go wrong?


  2. Can someone tell me what Jake Lloyds breakeven is this week ? trying to decide to swap Bowes for Ridley or Lloyd this week.


  3. Can’t seem to break out of the 8k-11k range overall so thinking I need to take a risk.

    Considering Jelly then. Yes, I know the injury history, but need to do something to get moving on up.

    TU – Jelly
    TD – Boak
    Comment – Petracca


  4. I haven’t got Dusty. In a late move in the minutes before the opening bounce in round one, I swapped Dusty for Short. I like the look of Hall as a trade in but Dusty does seem a no brainer. How am I even thinking of considering Dusty vs Hall. Doesn’t make sense!! These are weird times!!


  5. This got a mixed response in the Trade Talk thread so I’m curious as to take a poll now as the dust has settled on Round 9.

    I can trade out Powell for Jelly or Ridley.

    The former will be a like-for-like trade regarding my bye situation.

    The latter will allow for me to upgrade Warner to Heeney.

    TU: Powell>Ridley
    TD: Powell>Jelly


  6. defence needs the most help – bench or throw bowes or upgrade a rookie to maybe whitfield??



  7. I can’t bring myself to consider Josh Kelly because not only does he have the potential to miss games through injury but his coach is seemingly in love with putting him anywhere but the middle of the ground and around the ball.

    540K for an elite mid who at any time could be stuck in the half fwd pocket for weeks at a time is too much of a risk for mine. Also what happens when Coniglio and Greene potentially return in a month or so? Hopper, Taranto, Ward, Coniglio, Green is a deep midfield and at least 2 are going to spend a good chunk of time off the ball. My bet is it’s Kelly and Coniglio.

    I would much rather save the trade and $ for a months time for when L.Neale returns and bottoms out in price.


  8. If I decide this is the week to upgrade Powell (going with the theory of go hard or go home) who would you rather :

    TU-Steele (R14 bye not ideal but my R13 is more of a worry)
    TD-Titch (R12 bye much better and cheaper by $32k)


    1. Or else I need to be patient and wait to get Bont

      TU: Steele / Titch this week
      TD: wait for Bont in R14



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