2017 Brownlow Competition

Written by Motts on 11:54 am, September 13 2017

Roo Bloke is back with the SCT Brownlow Comp for 2017. Come one, come all. Its a brand new chance to get your name in the SCT Hall of Fame!

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AFL Finals – Week 1

Written by Chillo on 7:45 am, September 8 2017

It smells like September, and that means finals footy! It’ll be a Mad Monday for two more teams after this weekend….

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Have Sydney Overtaken Adelaide as the Favourites to Win the Grand Final?

Written by Motts on 8:31 am, September 6 2017

Source: Sydney Swans via Facebook.

From early on in the season, the Adelaide Crows established themselves as major competitors and one of the favourites to win the flag. As the year continued on, it seemed as though they already had one foot in the Grand Final and the rest of the competition were playing for that second spot. They maintained their position on top of the ladder for the entire season except after rounds fourteen and fifteen when they slipped back to second for a brief period.

At first it seemed as though the GWS Giants were going to be the team to pose the biggest threat to the Crows winning their third Premiership.

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Rising Up

Written by Huttabito on 11:55 am, September 1 2017

to the challenge of our rival. And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night, and he’s watching us all withย the eye…. of the tiger.

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