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Written by Chillo on January 20 2019

Early doors. Does anyone know where this expression came from? I don’t quite understand it myself, but that’s where we are for Supercoach 2019. Those of you armed with a Supercoach Gold account have no doubt already had a lash at the Team Picker, and so we already have early data regarding the most popular players for this season. As we approach the Supercoach Grand Opening on Tuesday, here’s a look at a team I cobbled together from the top 30 most chosen players so far (plus a couple of ring-ins, in order to fit under that pesky cap). Thanks to Huttabito and his extraordinary Excel creation for making this possible!


Rory LAIRD (ADE, $587 600) – 5th most popular pick overall
Lachie WHITFIELD (GWS, $542 100) – 7th
Zac WILLIAMS (GWS, $407 800) – 15th
Sam COLLINS (GCS, $188 900) – 10th
Jack SCRIMSHAW (HAW, $149 800) – 22nd
Chris BURGESS (GCS, $123 900) – 27th

Harrison WIGG (GCS, $102 400) – 9th
Tobe WATSON (FRE, $102 400) – discretionary pick


Patrick CRIPPS (CAR, $648 200) – 4th
Clayton OLIVER (MEL, $622 600) – 21st
Nat FYFE (FRE, $618 100) – 6th
Josh KELLY (GWS, $617 800) – 19th
Dustin MARTIN (RIC, $563 800) – 20th
Sam WALSH (CAR, $207 300) – 12th
Liam STOCKER (CAR, $126 300) – 17th
Brett BEWLEY (FRE, $117 300) – 11th

Charlie CONSTABLE (GEE, $123 900) – 24th
Nick HIND (STK, $117 300) – 26th
Luke VALENTE (FRE, $117 300) – 30th


Brodie GRUNDY (COL, $708 200) – 3rd
Max GAWN (MEL, $692 100) – 16th

Patrick BINES (WCE, $102 400) – discretionary


Patrick DANGERFIELD (GEE, $660 500) – 1st
Isaac HEENEY (SYD, $529 200) – 8th
Toby GREENE (GWS, $354 600) – 14th
Izak RANKINE (GCS, $198 300) – 28th
Will SETTERFIELD (CAR, $144 900) – 2nd
Shane MCADAM (ADE, $123 900) – discretionary

Josh CORBETT (GCS, $123 900) – discretionary
Ben CAVARRA (WBD, $117 300) – 13th

A few notes regarding this team of popular kids:

* The players from the top 30 that were left out due to the salary cap were Jake Lloyd (18th), Jack Macrae (23rd), Devon Smith (25th) and Tom Liberatore (29th). I replaced them with rookies that have been mentioned a few times in the Initial Team thread.

* This team leaves $160K in the bank, to be used for late swaps due to injury or rookie selection.

* Dangerfield is a predictable most popular pick, appearing in about three quarters of all teams at this stage. Not sure what the other quarter think they’re doing!

* Despite setting you back $1.4 mill for the pair, Grundy and Gawn are the only ruckmen to feature in the top 30.

How does your team compare to the Hot 30?


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19 thoughts on “Popular Picks – January”

  1. Early Doors was term for theatre goers. (Early 1900s). Typically you had to reserve a seat. Any seats not reserved were available at a cheap price when the doors opened. The theatres announced tickets were available then Early Doors were opened for the mad rush to get the few available seats. This was a class thing too, the doors were opened a little early so that the ‘elite’patrons were not inconvenienced when they arrived. In the 60’s The phrase was later used for those pubs who opened a little earlier in the arvo than the “6:00” license.
    It’s now mainly used by Andy Maher..


    1. Thanks Lazza, I never stop learning from this amazing community we have here. I think that phrase was suffering from overuse for a while there, but thankfully things seem to have calmed down now!


  2. Great work Chillo (and H).
    I must have a fair number of PODs in my team. Of those above I only have 13 players.
    DEF – 3
    MID – 6
    RUC – 1
    FWD – 3.


    1. Hey Dukesy,
      The Miles pick is low risk to me. He is currently priced at an average of 62 SC points.
      To deliver a $100k profit he only has to average 80. At 91 points he delivers a profit of $160K and at 100 points $208K. Now those who work on ROI will look to making $200k from 2 low price rookies. But that requires extra trades to snare a premo and low point count along the way.
      At an average of 100 points, Miles will be worth $550k. Not such a big jump to an ultra premo.
      At this point I am thinking that I will start with him with a view to trade him out for his R14 bye. Hopefully he will have reached the lofty $550k by then.
      One thing we can be sure of – his price won’t go down.


        1. i tried to open it, but I’m one of them people that only has a mac book and aint good with computers so i can’t use it.
          can anyone look up the price of sam weideman for me? at the right price i think he could be a great cash cow


  3. No Sicily or Dunkley… interesting! Although I’ve never been huge on PODs. Always thought to pick the best team possible and you’re bound to have a number of different picks than those around you. Most likely reason for low ownership is because they’re a spud in the first place!


    1. I totally agree Ash.

      Even if you do manage to find a POD that performs well.
      ( I got Westhoff R2 last year when Ryder went down.)
      As soon as they start going alright, everyone jumps on anyway.
      Better just to pick the players you think will perform best, and not worry too much about how many others might be picking them as well.



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