Rare Gems – Round 1

Written by The Salamander on March 28 2019

With a sample size of just 1, it should come as no surprise that I have a large pool to choose from this week. So, I’m limiting the field to those that I think can keep producing this sort of form for the rest of the year.



Harris Andrews (BRL, $480,100, 117)

Widely touted as the next big thing in key defenders, the now 22-year-old averaged 88 last season (92 if you take out an injury-affected 22), and looks set to build on that this year. Like Brisbane supporters, the 2.3 percent of coaches who started him will certainly like what they’ve seen so far.


Jack Steele (STK, $512,600, 115)

Tipped by many to break into the elite bracket this year, Steele didn’t disappoint the 1.8 percent of coaches who started with him on the weekend. He was only up against Gold Coast, so it might be worth waiting another week before jumping on board, but if he can back it up again this week, then at $512K he’s an absolute Steele. (sorry…)


Ben McEvoy (HAW, $553,100, 102)

In just 1.3 percent of teams, ‘Big Boy’ averaged 102 last year and 95 the year before that. If you’re looking to offload one of Gawn or Grundy after last week, McEvoy could be one to look at, especially if you already have Goldstein.

Honourable mention: With his ownership at 3.2 percent, Toby Nankervis (RIC, $533,000, 127) just misses the Rare Gems cutoff. He’s durable for a ruckman, having only missed 2 games in the last 2 years, and with a 2018 average of 98, he could be another one to look at if you’re shopping for a replacement ruck.


Jack Gunston (HAW, $521,400, 103)

Making an appearance in just 0.8 percent of teams, Gunston has reaffirmed his status as the most underrated player in SuperCoach. Having missed just 1 game in the last 4 years, and 5 in the last 6, Gunston has averaged 90+ in all but one of the last 5 seasons. His up-and-down scoring might be off-putting to those who play primarily to win leagues, but if you’re going for overall rank, he’s just about the most reliable forward money can buy. You’ll probably be able to pick him up cheaply at some point, but if you’re looking for a set-and-forget option early in the year, Gunston won’t let you down.

Zac Fisher (CARL, $392,800, 109)

There are few things SuperCoaches enjoy more than being able to pick a midfielder and pretend that he’s a forward. Sadly, Champion Data has been cracking down on this tactic in recent years. As an integral part of Carlton’s on-ball brigade in 2019, Fisher needs to be on your radar. And it’s not just his role that should have you excited – it’s his skill set: he has inside grunt, outside speed, is a great ball-user, reads the play well, possesses silky evasive skills, and can tackle Dustin Martin. I fully expected him to break out this year; right now I’m kicking myself for not backing that expectation in and starting him. He’s currently in just 2.1 percent of teams; you can expect that number to swell over the coming weeks and months if he keeps this form up.


Do you have any of these players in your team? Or do you think there’s another unpopular selection out there that’s worth a look? Let us know in the comments below.


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16 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Round 1”

  1. I have Nanks and Steele.
    My last decision for my team was Steele in the midfield over Gunston in the forward line.

    Structure wise I should have gone with Gunston but took a risk on Steele


  2. Great article Salamander and will be looking forward to the remaining editions over the season.

    Very annoyed I didn’t start H Andrews as he was one of the best selections I had identified in my Elite Numbers series.

    In his past 16 games (since rd4 2018) he has averaged 94 and when the injury affected 22 is excluded he has averaged 98.8 from 15. Only 3 matches below 80 (which all occurred when he was injured and the 2 games upon his return) and only 2 matches between 80-89 which occurred RD6 and RD7 of 2018.

    Will likely be my first upgrade target and is assured of a spot in my team in 2019 and hopefully will last longer than his previous appearance of 1/2 a quarter.


  3. Oh ManofSteele. Like all the others and may become upgrade targets if they show some consistency over the next few weeks.
    Great stuff Sal. This should be a great series.


  4. Thanks Salamanda.

    A couple of Gems to keep an eye on over the next few weeks.

    L Ryan $489 900 R1: 91 points 2.2% ownership.

    D Zorko $520 200 R1: 112 points 2.1% ownership.

    M Walters $476 800 R1: 109 points 2.9% ownership.

    All come with ?’s over role , tag , fitness.

    That said ,they are all capable of finishing high enough to be considered.

    Love ya work , keep em coming. 🙂


    1. As a Freo fan I think L. Ryan will be a great upgrade target. Probably should have locked him in at D3, did want to see how Freo went. We have a bit of depth now in the backline with Pearce, Hamling, Hughes/Logue/Cox. They stay fit and Ryan will enjoy his role as intercept player and primary half back ball mover.

      I love son son, think he will do well but injuries have burnt me the last 2 years.


      1. I agree Nadonis.

        Sonny is a champ, but unsustainable really with his injury history. I would pick him in Fantasy but SC has too few trades .

        I just hope he can stay on the park and help out our young
        ( speedy) midfield.

        Ryan is a tough one. I considered starting him too.I will be waiting to see if Blakely’s return (round 5/6) will affect his out put. Upgrade target for sure.

        Hoping Freo can have another big win over the Suns this week.

        It’s kinda nice sitting on top of the ladder 😉


        1. I 100% agree with you Freo Tragic. This year if round one is to go with , the game is going to be faster, the scores closer and injuries rampant. Stay away from injury prone players until we figure out if it is a lasting trend. Trades will be Gold


        2. Yep you’ve nailed it FT. I am hoping both as a fan and SC player that Blakely slots straight into the midfield and becomes another nice tasty early upgrade target after the Round 11 Bye


  5. Zac Fisher is definitely ear marked for more centre clearance work and should be aided by new rules which should assist his slight frame. The only area that limits his scoring is marks, however, all other stats are showing great progression in his third year.

    Another player showing similar improvement in his third year with similar traits to Fisher and is getting centre clearance work is Geelong’s Brandan Parfitt. Seven (7) clangers held his score back in round 1. Like Fisher just needs to lift his mark tally to average 95+.


  6. Changed over to Andrews from Whitfield when the stories came out that Whitfield was heading forward. His form last year was super consistent when you take out the game he got KOed and the two returning games. Happy to be in the minority on this one. Shhh… he’s my little secret.


  7. A player I am watching is J. Lyons from Brisbane. Was a good player in an below average GC team. Transitioned ok. Full pre season, Loving footy at the Gabba. One to watch .



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