Rare Gems – Round 10

Written by Freo Tragic on May 17 2023

Here we are post round 9 and hopefully you are starting to reduce the rookies on field and heading towards a full Premo side. The dreaded sub rule has certainly halted a few of our rookie’s cash growth, but it also is starting to affect some Premiums as well. I’m talking to you Rory Laird ! So, as has been my lot this year, I have been forced to look at a few underpriced options to get those rookies off field and try and get to a full “Premo” side. This week, once again I will try to find some value picks that have flown under the radar and are hence still lowly owned. So let’s go find some Rare Gems.

Legend: Player name,Team, ( other position)  Price, 3 round average, Ownership %, Break even (BE)


Hayden Young  ( FRE, $507.100, 107.7, 4.8%, BE 94 )

The young Docker has been very consistent the last few weeks. A turn around in form from Fremantle, has seen Hayden playing more like many expected him to when they considered him as a starting pick. A huge 137 to start the year showed many what he is capable of. That unfortunately was followed by a month of poor scores as Luke Ryan stole all the ball down back and starved Young of his expected output. The last few weeks Hayden has been much more involved in link up plays from the back half, and even started to get some of those much desired kick ins. A friendly round 12 Bye and the natural progression that comes with these up and coming stars, might be enough to take punt on him heading into the back half of the year. Just a quick note that Hayden has out scored Nick Daicos by 15 points a game over the last 3 weeks.

Mason Redman ( ESS, $444,800, 87.7, 3% BE 41 )

Not one for the faint hearted, but the Red Dog is very cheap. His last 3 scores tell you everything you need to know about Mason Redman. A 51 v Geelong (MCG) followed by a 78 v Port (AO) before a 136 last week in Brisbane. All up he has had 4 tons in 9 games all above 110, as well as 3 games under 76. The rollercoaster is real, but so is his huge ceiling. Mason has a very favourable draw where he plays both WestCoast and North twice each in the run home. He scored 176 on North last year. Back on kick ins last week, he seemed to stay deeper in defence and I feel this is where he seems to do his best work. If you’re really strapped for cash and willing to take the risk, he is basically a straight swap for Hopper with a bit of DPP magic. If he gets on a roll he could really lift you up the ranks, but be prepared for the odd stinker along the way.


Matt Rowell ( GCS,$542.500, 119.3, 3.2%, BE 59 )

How to become the GOAT ? Act like a goat. Well Matty really took that literally last week with his grass eating antics. He then went out and scored a massive 165 against WestCoast. The injury to Touk Miller has certainly opened the door for Matty to step up. Can he maintain the rage when Touk comes back ? Can he continue to develop his outside game and start putting out good scores on a consistent basis ? I do know he has that great round 13 bye and if you did manage to get on a few weeks ago you would be more than happy with his output. At his current price he is competing with a few more established mids, but if you have the trades you could look to trade him in, ride the price rises, and then straight swap him to Touk when he’s back.

Rucks and Forwards

Darcy Cameron  ( COLL ( R/F) $494.00, 109.7, 3.9%, BE 55 )

After a fantastic start to 2023, this rather large Magpie was the most traded in player in round 3 almost doubling his ownership from 17.9% to 34.2% Unfortunately an injury that week forced all but ghost teams to trade him out the very next week. Slated for a return in round 10 many astute coaches have been eyeing him off as that dual position ruck forward. You can never underestimate the value of ruck cover late in the season so Darcy is someone we should seriously be considering. With Mason Cox actually looking like a footballer lately, perhaps they ease Darcy back in ?  Though with a very low BE now maybe the time to get him at his cheapest. Very much a risk v reward pick for me, I’m happy to wait a week and spend a bit more if he looks the goods. One last thing to consider is his round 14 bye actually works great, as he doesn’t share it with any of the other popular rucks.

Bailey Smith ( WBD, $511.00, 104.7, 2%, BE 80 )

The man with the mane is back in the middle and showing what he can do. I’m not sure I can trust Bevo to keep him there, but with Treloar perpetually hamstrung maybe Bailey can keep that mid spot and score accordingly. Macrae seems to be shunted forward of late, and if this trend continues Baz is definitely someone to consider going forward. That terrible round 15 bye may put some coaches off, but if he fits into your structure, at this price, he is very tempting indeed. The bonus with picking Baz is he’s super easy to spot on field with those flowing locks.

Ok thats it for another edition of Rare Gems as always let me know if there’s any low owned players you are looking at this week. Best of luck this week coaches.

Thanks for reading.

Cheers FT.





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20 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Round 10”

  1. Great write up FT, don’t talk to me about Rory Laird, was sitting back looking very comfortable with my Multi only needing Laird to get 3 more posies for the quarter to have a win, and then they went and subbed him off! Note to self don’t put older/ dodgy calf’s in your Multi!


    1. Starting Laird over Clarry has been my biggest mistake this year, and I traded in Touk and Captained him !


  2. Luke Jackson, 4% ownership, 3 round Ave 103ave (98, 5 round) , 3 x 100’s and 2 x 98’s
    And Then 4 x 60’s games.. sigh..

    I am wanting a back up ruck/fwd. cash is tight. Two rare gems, under done Cameron or yo-yo Jackson and ~20k What do we think?

    TU Jackson
    TD Cameron


    1. I’m interested in Jackson too, there was an article on AFL.com recently about more midfield time but that doesn’t look like it happened in the last two games (heat map is mostly forward). So it may be just a couple of good weeks. He’s on my 2024 list, but unlikely this season (my forwards and rucks are pretty solid too).

      I also brought in Jake Stringer last week so there is only so much risk I can take 😉


  3. Top write up FT and probably one of the most valued columns this year with the carnage we are all experiencing!

    Now we just need to find an animal pic for Hayden Young…..


    1. Racked my brain and couldn’t land on anything I liked.

      Ah well I kinda nailed the rest 😉


    1. Hey Murray.

      I will keep an eye on him and maybe include him next time. Apart from Ziebell It’s been very hard to trust any players from WC or North this year. If he keeps up some form I will definitely look at him.


  4. Love your work FT.

    Redman with a few easy fixtures, and then a nice run at Marvel post-bye could be a very strong D6. If it wasn’t for those horrid scores he’s also capable of punching out, I’d be all over him.


    1. Yeah Abs

      So hard to read the Red Dog. I was all over him but have had a bit of a re think. I want to see his role with Ridley and to a lesser extent Kelly back in the side. He dominated Kick ins last week and played on 10 from 10. I think I will wait until these guys are back to see if he can maintain that role. He is so cheap, but I think I’m happy to pay closer to $480K for the piece if mind.

      I’m finally biting the bullet and getting in Oliver. It’s been so hard to watch Melbourne play not owning him. I also want to get him this week as my VC.
      All my Uber Premo’s in Bont / English / Laird (is he though ?) and Dawson play in the same game this week.


  5. Yeah Joey.

    He has looked great the last few weeks. I’m just not sure he keeps this role when Howe comes back. Howe usually plays more of that intercept role. He may force Moore to play more accountable.


  6. This is easily my pick for most important article now. If you’re not near the top of the rankings (and who is), then you have to try something different to make up that ground.

    I like Bailey Smith, but has anyone got stats on his scoring with and without Treloar?

    Interested to get people’s thoughts on Merrett too. No Parish and no Setterfield leaves a huge hole in the Bombers’ midfield, does that help or hinder Zac?


  7. Cheers Chillo

    Merrett will be very high on peoples trade in targets this week. He and D Cameron are the most traded in Premiums in the top 5% ranked coaches.

    The Dons have a great draw and Merrett will hopefully get back to a full time midfield role. He may cop some attention though now Parish is out. We need to see what the midfield mix is like with Perkins and Hobbs likely to join Stringer and Shiel in that midfield. I will be watching this game closely this week with a view to possibly get Merrett next week.


  8. Starting to fade merrett slightly for rowell.. that Rd 13 bye player is juicy and a POD to make up some rank is appealing. Is gold coasts fixture a concern though? Lions, dogs adel, carlton, hawks Collingwood, and Port looks tough?



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