Rookie Review – Round 12

Written by Huttabito on June 14 2017

Huttabito’s Job Security Rating Guide:
1 – Only has a spot due to injuries and will be the first one out the door when others return.
2 – Earned a spot due to form in the 2’s but is yet to cement a permanent spot in the seniors or is hanging by a thread due to current form.
3 – Spot is purely form dependant as there are others waiting in the wings to take his spot if it drops off for a few weeks.
4 – Settled into a role/rated at the club and needs serious form drop to lose a spot.
5 – Will play all games for the remainder of the season bar a 1 week rest, injury/suspension or form goes out the door.
NB: These are purely subjective and just from a football fans perspective and the whispers/rumours floating around that I hear from fans of various teams.

Note: Mobile users turn phone sideways and refresh page to load full tables.

*  Denotes Bubble Boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd12AvgBE
NewmanSyd$420.5k (+$4.5k)8990.386
OttenAdel$375.5k (-$0.7k)6277.3122
McGrath (MID)Ess$368.7k (+$0.5k)6173.7100
ScharenbergColl$201.4k (+$37.4k)69603
MelicanSyd$228.5k (+$19.4k)7155.18
Berry (MID)Bris$291.4k (+21.9k)8452.839
Cox (FWD)Frem$117.3k3030-

Newman is fast becoming a semi-viable D6/7 short term option if funds are limited whilst he continues to keep his average north of 90 which with 89 points against the defending premiers he does. Putting his elite kicking skills to work yet again, he had 18 disposals (14 kicks) at 83% DE to accompany 7 marks, 4 rebound 50s, 3 tackles, 5 inside 50s and 2 goal assists. Has pretty much peaked in price value and is probably on his last legs as being called a rookie. J.Lloyd will be a downgrade option (i.e. profit) for Newman after the byes for those who are seeking a 100 average player and have a spare trade up their sleeves. Job Security: 3.

Otten’s time has finally come to an end. After dropping just under $1,000 in his final game before the bye on the back off 62 points, his BE is now 122 and he will bleed cash might fast over his next two games. Time to part ways and say goodbye. Job Security: 2.

McGrath was only just able to beat his BE with 61 points to rise $500 in his last game before the bye. Making $156.9k in his time, you would call it a success if you have held from that start however he will be staring down the barrel at a BE of 100 when he returns and is another rookie that can be said goodbye to. Job Security: 5.

Ryan got a second run at AFL against the Lions and found himself more at home collecting 13 disposals (9 kicks) at 77% DE, 4 marks, 3 rebound 50s, 6 tackles and 4 1%ers for 87 points. Given his performance on the weekend and his potential replacements going quiet in the WAFL, his short term JS is probably safe for a few weeks and he is set to pop his bubble post bye and will be a very popular downgrade option – for what it’s worth, I jumped on before he played his first game. Job Security: 3.

Scharenberg broke his bubble this week and 15% (30,000) of coaches jumped on board. Getting off to a flyer, he reached 26 points at quarter time (was the team highest scorer briefly) before finishing up on 69 points from 19 disposals (16 kicks) at 68% DE. He also managed 6 marks (1 contested), 3 rebound 50s and 3 1%ers for the game but 3 clangers reduced what could have been 80+. Slowly working into his season, a bye has probably come at a good time for him to recharge and let his rather fragile body recover 100% before getting back out there again. Job Security: 4.

Melican returned from the Sydney bye to put up his best score for the season of 71 points. Finishing up with 14 disposals (8 kicks) at 86% (third highest Swan), he also had 4 marks, 2 rebound 50s, 2 tackles (both free kicks for) and 5 1%ers (equal team 2nd). Now his two lowest season scores are out of his rolling average, his BE has dropped to 8 and he will continue to make coin for the next fortnight at least topping out just about on $150k profit. Job Security: 3.

Berry was a man on a mission and managed to pick up 15 disposals (8 kicks) at 87% DE. Getting an equal team second high number of tackles (5), he was able to take 4 marks and kick a goal (including 1 goal assist) to push him to a season high 84 points – some of these rookies just needed a weeks rest! With a BE of 39, he will continue to tick over the for the next couple of weeks. Job Security: 4.

Cox debuted for the Dockers and got a whopping 30 points… With the team effectively in rebuild build mode after the efforts of the last month, they may pump games into him but not one to be jumped on early. Has the bye this weekend so won’t be of relevance for another few weeks at least, if at all. Job Security: 1.

Goodbye for now: McNeice, Otten, McGrath


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd12AvgBE
BarrettBris$336.4k (+$38.6k)9768.823
Powell-PepperPort$330.7k (+$5.5k)6067.746
CousinsHaw$148.3k (+$45.9k)4054.3-9
MyersESS$217.2k (+$2.9k)4149.340

Barrett wasn’t up against much opposition (sigh) this week and relished the week off coming back to knock out his best score for the season (I’m going to put this theme into my what did I learn). He collected 24 disposals (12 kicks), 5 marks, 3 tackles, 3 clearances, 3 inside 50s, 2 goals and 2 behinds for his 97 points. Let down by his kicking at goals, his disposals went off at 58% DE (in the wet) and 3 clangers reduced what could have been a monster of a score for a rookie! Set to make a further $40k, he will push his cash generation up towards $250k in total. Imagine trading him out after one price rise before he went MIA (oops!). Job Security: 4.

Powell-Pepper and Myers partook in what will go down in history and a tale forever told as “the great rookie dud off of 2017” when they faced each other on Saturday night. Both struggling big time to find the ball, Myers spent more time on screen during the half time interview than he did with the ball up to the same point. They went into the major break with a couple of touches and about 20 points combined! Powell-Pepper at least finished strong with 16 disposals (7 kicks), 6 tackles and a goal while Myers limped his way to 41 points from 14 disposals (4 kicks). Unfortunately his efforts were late so he wasn’t rewarded with much of the points pie. SPP has a BE of 46 so still has money to make, especially back at Adelaide oval where he is averaging 69 points and up against Brisbane who he scores 97 points against in Rd6. Myers on the other hand… has a BE of 40 whilst only averaging 49. With the bye this week, he will be one of the popular spuds traded out this week. Goodbye Myers. SPP Job Security: 5, Myers Job Security: 2.

Cousins looked good early on to be on 29 points at the major break but went missing in the last half to end on 40 points. Other than 13 disposals (5 kicks) at 69% DE his stats sheet is quite blank only getting 1 mark, 1 rebound 50, 1 inside 50 and a clanger with absolutely nothing else! Has the bye this week but hoping he can get back out there with their mounting injuries. Job Security: 3.

Goodbye for now: Myers, Lloyd


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd12AvgBE
PreussNM$262.7k Bye75.57

English came back straight form the bye to play his second game. Being monstered in the ruck and being thrown around like a rag doll, he only managed the 8 hitouts to go with 7 disposals (all handballs) at 57% DE to end up on 33 points. Averaging just the 35 points and lack of DPP, there is little to no appeal for English as he pops his bubble the next game he plays. Job Security: 2.


PlayerTeamPrice (Weekly change)Rd12AvgBE
Greenwood (MID)Adel$240.0k (+$43.1k)68791
Ainsworth (MID)GC$242.9k (+$44.6k)73725
Taranto (MID)GWS$362.0k (-$6.1k)4567.782
J.StewartEss$244.2k (+$28.3k)10566.43
Turner NM$353.6k Bye64.872
ButlerRich$270.3k Bye63.764
HardwickHaw$271.6k (+$2.9k)4758.960
Gallucci (MID)Adel$148.8k-57-
Brown (MID)Coll$117.3k5252-
Bolton (MID)Rich$155.0kBye51.34

Greenwood was able to put up 68 points despite 17 disposals (6 kicks) going off at 59% DE and 4 clangers purely because 16 of his 19 possessions were contested! He had 5 clearances (3rd team highest) but not a whole lot more with only the 1 mark, 3 tackles (2 frees against) and a 1%er. His form has been trending downwards however the bye has come at a good time for a 4 gamer rookie as he can now have a week off to refresh. See if he bounces back like some of the other rookies. Job Security: 5.

Ainsworth played his first game post injury last week in the NEAFL and was set to play another before being a late call up to the seniors to pop his bubble. Things didn’t look good (for a $198k rookie) being on 31 points at 3qtr time (4th lowest on ground, lowest GC player) but he was able to have a ~25 point play to push his final score up to a very reasonable 73 points come full time. Collecting 18 disposals (8 kicks) at 67% DE, he also had 2 marks, 4 tackles, 4 inside 50s and 1 goal/1 behind. Jury is still out on his JS given he was a late call up however you imagine the club was giving him another run in the NEAFL before coming back in, he did line up in the Rd1 team after all. Job Security: 3.

Taranto just couldn’t finish up one a high before the GWS bye only getting 45 points and losing $6.1k of hard earned cash. Just the 9 disposals (3 kicks) at 78% DE to go with 1 mark, 4 tackles and a consolation goal in the loss to the Blues. With a BE 82, the bye has come at timely occasion as he can be moved on guilt free. Well done to the 20,000 coaches that held onto him after his resting in Rd5. Job Security: 4.

J.Stewart was a beneficiary of Port Adelaide not rocking up to Etihad and was able to collect 21 disposals (11 kicks) at 71% DE to notch up the SuperCoach tonne and finish on 105 points ending what was a quite 3 weeks. Kicking 2 goals/1 behind, he also had 6 marks, 2 tackles (2 frees against), 6 inside 50s and a goal assist. On his final straw with Essendons bye this weekend, he has bought himself a few more weeks in the senior squad (one would think) to prove himself (and more importantly earn cash) after their break. Job Security: 3.

Hardwick scored just the 47 points from 10 disposals (6 kicks) at 60% which was only just bigger than his BE so he only went up $2.9k. Has pretty much topped out for cash generation now with his BE at 60 and a 5 round average of 50. With his bye this week combined with the stats, it’s probably a good time to move him on too. Job Security: 4.

Beech debuted for the Crows on the weekend at 26 years of age after a long being picked up in the rookie draft in 2015. If you watched the game you would have been made well aware that he worked at caravan park whilst playing SANFL on the weekends and was overlooked in 8 rookie drafts. Earning his spot through SANFL form, he was able to collect 15 disposals (7 kicks) at a tidy 80% DE to go with 4 marks, 4 tackles and a goal which was widely celebrated by the team to finish up on 57 points. On the bye this week, might be a downgrade option post byes to facilitate final team upgrades. Job Security: 2.

Brown debuted (3rd for the round) for Collingwood in the Queens Birthday clash for a tidy 52 (expectations have been set low this year). He ended up with 16 disposals but majority of those were handballs (13) combining with a DE of 56% which kept his points down. Doesn’t mind the congestion and had 9 of 16 possessions being contested. Very quite overall on the day but had a couple of 5 min hot patches where he scored 80% of his points. He is currently the 3rd most traded player (behind Ryan) which just goes to show you how bad the rookie situation is this season – trading in a rookie on their bye after just one game? Crazy talk! Job Security: 2.

Goodbye for now: Bowes, Hardwick, Taranto

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The answer I got when I asked the SuperCoach gods if we could get any good rookies on the bubble this week…

I feel like we’ve done something wrong? Oh father for we have sinned….


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11 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 12”

    1. Hoping Hibberd comes back this week with EVW now injured although that would be to logical of a replacement for Brad Scott to consider.


    1. Cheers Brad. Loving that there’s less rookies to write about but it’s not great for me team progression. Catch 22.


  1. I have Perryman averaging 42 and going nowhere fast, is it worth trading next week to Luke Ryan to gain 60k and potentially someone who has better JS? (If he even does) Thumbs up/Thumbs down?


    1. Unless Perryman has a blinder (before being dropped), doesn’t look to make another $40k playing the way he is. Ryan will go up $50k with a 60 first week back.


  2. Good write up Hutta just a shame about no rookies this week!

    Now we are on this week in TheTeam@SCT9. It is 4th vs 7th , 200th vs 16k so i have no chance.

    Oh wait it is the Bye Round and Hutta is weakened a bit with possibly 18 men vs 19 men with one of my extra men the Dangerman POD in Matera.

    I can sense i am going to take a big scalp this week.

    Good Luck!


    1. Looking forward to it TDA. In the last 8 weeks I’ve lost 10 of 80 league matches but go into this round feeling very nervous! By far my weakest round of the season. 18 playing (14 premiums + Newman/Stewart/Bolton/Parsons) I’m not looking forward to my score! Also weary Matera has scored 159 against Carlton already this season!

      Remember that time in pre-season where I stated in my team reveal:
      “Bye structure? Couldn’t tell you to be honest and I’m not fussed. Injuries happen, premiums/rookies will come and go and I will build towards it 3-4 weeks out.” – Well yeah… I kinds regret that now!

      Think I will hand Catta his first win in CattasSCTchallenge too. I’d say good luck back but I’m the one that needs it, not you 😛


  3. Awesome stuff as always Hutta … now, if only you would drop a game in a coupe of those leagues I am right behind you in, that would be great!!!



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