Round 22 Review

Written by Huttabito on August 21 2017

Hello fellow SuperCoaches and welcome to the world of Paradoxes.

My name is Huttabito. You might remember me from such articles like , ‘Going Going Gawn’, ‘To WHE or not to WHE’ and ‘Rookie Review Rd1-21’. But today, today I fill in for the man, the myth, the legend himself, Thommo. While he’s off gallivanting through southern Italy, he’s entrusted his legacy to be carried on by Chillo, Father Dougal and myself. Not sure if wise or not.


We have reached the final road house before our destination and Wognuts has just about done enough to secure the major prize with 1 round to go after a whopping 2,767 this week which saw him with the 14th highest score for the round, great going! One more week, ride or die mate, ride or die.

1  Wognuts@SCT  Stephen  48,614  189
2  WeDoNotForgive@SCT  Jeremy  48,434  344
3  No Worries @SCT  Timothy  48,357  460
4  ScrambledLegs@SCT  Michael  48,317  520
5  Baby Bombers@SCT  Dilan  48,283  576

Please note that I am only listing the teams from the group with @SCT because only they are eligible for the overall prize!


Last week, we Supercoaches voted for:
5 – Dangerfield: Another wasted 3 Brownlow votes?
4 – Adams: Loving the absence of Pendles.
3 – Franklin: Big Bad Budweiser with a season high 164!
2 – Heeney: Another who beat up the Dockers.
1 – Crouch: 11 tonnes in a row, 5% ownership. 2018 lock.

The overall leaderboard stands as follows:

Player Votes
1 Patrick Dangerfield 56
2 Sam Docherty 19
3 Dustin Martin 17
4 Rory Sloane 17
5 Nat Fyfe 13

So who did you like in Round 22?

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Adelaide vs Sydney – The Irresistible Force Paradox. 

Now this is what Friday night football is all about! This encounter had “What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?” written all over it. On one hand, you have Adelaide who lead the AFL for points scored and on the other, you have Sydney who have conceded the least. What happened after the first bounce had to be seen to be believed. Physics broke as it couldn’t get a handle on what was happening with Sydney getting off to an absolute flyer with JPK and Buddy leading the charge to be up by 24 points part way through the first quarter. Physics corrected itself with all the momentum swinging back to Adelaide until the two forces reached an equilibrium and the rest of the game was a hard fought slog. End result, you just can’t move an immovable object. Sydney (83) def Adelaide (80).


Rory Sloane (Adel) 140 – Massive first half with 11 tackles, 18 disposals and a goal to go into the main break on 93 points before soldiering on to be the games top scorer. You would be pretty stoked to pick him up on the cheap for his last 4 games.

Rory Laird (Adel) 124 – The general across Adelaide’s half back flank making all the plays to get them back within striking range as he racked up 34 touches and a game high 10 marks.

Josh P Kennedy (Syd) 110  JPK loves playing the Crows and you wouldn’t have believed he’s spent the last 2 weeks on the sidelines with a hamstring injury. Swans major ball winner with 31 touches, 5 marks and a goal. Think of his score if he didn’t have 6 clangers and a DE of 55%.


Dan Hannebery (Syd) 82 – Fantastic first half with 63 points but went MIA once the tough got going. Just not good enough in SuperCoach semi-final week.

Jake Lloyd (Syd) 81 – Continues his fall from grace with just the single 90+ in 7 weeks. On one hand, he’s lowering next seasons starting price but you just couldn’t go near him with McVeigh sniffing around. Maybe he should be here instead, surely he should be retired by now?

Luke Parker (Syd) 75 – Most of his stats read well. 30 disposals (14 kicks), 19 contested possessions, 11 clearances and 4 tackles, then you see his 50% DE and the 9 clangers he had. This is SuperCoach Parker, you’re going to get punished.

Western Bulldogs vs Port Adelaide – The Hangover Paradox.

Before finals last year, expectations on the Western Bulldogs have been quite low and fans had grown accustomed to being let down. Defying all odds, they won the 2016 premiership from 7th position with an injury list bigger than Ben Hur, earning respect and being labelled everyone’s second favourite team. The team was hyped leading into 2017 and everyone expected brilliance, only to be disappointed as they went into Rd22 in 9th. The premiership hangover continues and the Bulldogs can just about say goodbye to a finals campaign in 2017. The game was theirs to be won but they just don’t seem to want it. Port Adelaide (96) def Western Bulldogs (79).


Jack Macrae (WB) 145 – Put the Superman cape on for this match to gather a mammoth 41 disposals and 7 tackles. Outstanding performance repaying the faith from his blunder of a game last week.

Patrick Ryder (Port) 134“Rucks do bad against the Bulldogs” was so 2016. Just the casual 55 hitouts and 2 goals for a potential All-Australian but a game high 5 frees against stopped him from being the top scorer.

Travis Boak (WB) 134 – Captains stand up when it counts and Boak was no exception with a team high 33 disposals, 7 tackles, 9 inside 50s and a goal.


Brad Ebert (Port) 76 – Sucks numerous people in every year but is always a let down when it matters.

Marcus Bontempelli (WB) 45 – Injured and spending time forward? Being tagged? Not feeling it this week? Whatever his excuse is for hit paltry score, no-one is buying it. Will no doubt sink many teams this week as a unique.

Collingwood vs Geelong – Simpson’s Paradox.

A phenomenon that can be seen in probability and statistics where trends in different sets of data disappear or reverse when the data sets are combined. In sport, the general trend is the better team wins the game. This has not been the case for this clash in recent years with Collingwood holding the hoodoo over Geelong winning the last 3 encounters despite Geelong clearly being the better team in general. This trend was sent to continue with Collingwood getting to a 30 point lead in the first quarter before Geelong slowly began to chip away at the lead. 2 lead changes later, Collingwood were back in front with half a quarter to play before two quick fire goals from Dangerfield and Murdoch were enough to break the hoodoo by 11 points. Maybe this result is just an outlier, guess will need to wait until next year to see. Geelong (70) def Collingwood (59).


Patrick Dangerfield (Geel) 146 – Do I really need to say anything?

Sam Menagola (Geel) 118 and Mitch Duncan (Geel) 109 have been talked up by myself and SCTalk legend Big Sexy respectively to stand up in the absence of J.Selwood and if you listened to either of us, you would be rather pleased with the result. 28 disposals/11 marks/2 goals for Menagola and 32 disposals/6 marks/5 tackles for Duncan saw 3 Geelong midfielders round out the top 3 scorers for the game.


Jeremy Howe (Coll) 68 – It took a long time for Jeremy to get going as his direct opponent was dragging him up in line with the ball to take away his marking power. Eventually got let loose but too little too late to salvage a decent score.

GWS vs West Coast Eagles – The Paradox of Youth.

The galactic centre of the Milky Way is the home of a supermassive black hole which is believed to be over 10 million years old. Using spectroscopy to identify the age of the stars surrounding the black hole, it’s been discovered that they belong to the main-sequence star band and have existed for less than 10 million years. The current model for the formation of stars falls over in the conditions near a black hole and herein lies the Paradox of Youth, how did they form? Despite GWS being the youngest club in the AFL, they are defying everything we know and will present themselves as a powerhouse of the competition in the years to come. Eagles fought their hardest but GWS was able to hold on for longer keeping themselves in 2nd spot on the ladder even after battling an injury list so extensive this season they had a round with a maximum of 25 fit players to choose there best 22. GWS (81) def West Coast (60).


Josh Kelly (GWS) 144 – Astronomical game from Kelly with a career high 43 disposals (19 contested) and delivering the final blow to sink the Eagles. Locked and loaded in my squad next year, regardless what colours he’s wearing.

Lachie Whitfield (GWS) 134 – Potent winger with his best score of the season (3rd career highest), he registered a game high 10 marks to go with 31 disposals (21 kicks) at an impressive 84% DE and a goal.

Matt Priddis (WCE) 128 – Wound back the clock in what could well be his second last game of AFL collecting 31 disposals, 5 marks, 10 clearances, 7 tackles and 2 goals. On behalf of all SuperCoaches, thank you for your consistent 100-110 week in, week out in your glory days.


Zac Williams (GWS) 68 – His position and points is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get. Pushed out of the midfield this week for 22 disposals and was hurt with only 5 contested possessions.

Jack Darling (WCE) 32 – For someone who can be a devastating forward at his best, he can be terrible at his worst and your team is going to struggle to get over the line if you only manage 9 disposals and don’t hit the scoreboard.

Gold Coast vs Essendon – Potato Paradox.

The answer to the opening question, I would have 50kg of potatoes, and this paradox highlights what is such a seemingly small amount having a result much greater than expected.  This rings true with Gold Coast and the absence of Gary Ablett. Out of the 40 wins Gold Coast has registered since joining the AFL, only 5 have been without him – one would say they are half the team when he doesn’t play. So, Gold Coasts backs were against the wall from the get go with Ablett deciding to sit back and relax from the sidelines for yet another week in the back half of the season. Gave it a shake early but Essendon are too hungry for finals and ran away with the game the longer it went on. Essendon (90) def Gold Coast (57).


David Zaharakis (Ess) 137 – What a tease he’s been this year. 6 x 100+ (and a 97) in the last 9 games since Essendons bye topped off by his best score this season courtesy of 38 disposals, 5 marks and an insane 15 inside 50 entries for 3 goal assists. Not a bad night at the office.

Trent McKenzie (GC) 132 – The cannon was back with one of his special performances. 24 disposals (19 by foot) with at 96% DE combined with 9 marks was enough to post his highest ever SuperCoach score! Don’t tempt me for next year!

Tom Bellchambers (Ess) 128 – Feasted on the inexperienced rucking experience the Gold Coast Suns rocked up with winning the hitout battle with 34 to go with 20 disposals (16 kicks) at 6 marks. Score was significantly held back due to a DE of 45% combining with his 6 clangers. Bellchambers was on track for 150+? Well I never.


Touk Miller (GC) – For tagging Z.Merrett!

Joe Daniher (Ess) 58 – One day he will step up and be a premium fantasy forward but 6% of SuperCoaches have gone 1-2 years to early.

Jarrod Harbrow (GC) 21 – Yes, you read that right. 21 points. What a disaster he’s turned out to be.

Carlton vs Hawthorn – The Ship of Theseus Paradox.

Theseus has a ship and every summer, he replaces just a few components for maintenance, but one would agree, it’s still the same ship. After many, many years, every single component has been replaced, but again, it’s still the same ship. While this has been happening, someone has been collecting all the pieces and slowly assembling them into another ship until it’s complete. The question is, which one is Theseus’s ship? Was this game ‘Carlton vs Hawthorn’ or was it ‘GWS vs Hawthorn’? Pick one, They (77) def Hawthorn (70), but between you and me, “Carlton” has lost to Hawthorn the last 14 times, sure you can draw the conclusions.


Tom Mitchell (Haw) 161 – It’s official, Tom Mitchell now holds the record for most disposals (755) in a home and away season with 44 disposals against the Blues and he has done so with a game in hand. Absolute ball magnet. 2018 lock.

Sam Docherty (Carl) 144 – Phew, he’s back. After a couple of down weeks he lead the charge from the backline with a game high 15 marks to go with his 31 disposals at 94% DE. Where was this when he was a unique for me last week in a knockout final against Schwarzwalder!?!

Issac Smith (Haw) 118 – This game tops off a great month for Smith with a 111, 83 and a pair of 118s in the last 4 weeks. 22 disposals, 4 marks, 5 tackles and a goal.


Jaeger O’Meara (Haw) 49 – Reminder: Do not get sucked in next year.

James Sicily (Haw) 25 – A night he would rather forget. Been a fantastic POD for those who took a punt on him when he was reinvented as a defender but he let frustration get the better of him to give away 7 free kicks.

Melbourne vs Brisbane – Catch 22 Paradox.

One of the most common and well known paradoxes, where a requirement cannot be met until a prerequisite is met but the prerequisite cannot be met until the requirement is met. Brisbane have been receiving priority picks the last couple of years trying to rebuild and would very much like another one this year, but they are just about playing good enough to not warrant one, given the young talent and players coming through. Brisbane gave this game a really good sniff and with a clash against North Melbourne next week, there is every chance they would not finish with the wooden spoon, thus denying them leverage at a priority pick. They came home strong kicking 4 goals in a row in the final quarter to get back within single digits but put pride aside to keep any chance of the extra pick in their grasp. Melbourne (104) def Brisbane (91).


Dayne Beams (Bris) 148 – When he’s not injured, he’s an uber premium. 33 touches, 7 marks and 3 goals for the Brisbane captain.

Nathan Jones (Melb) 133 – Captains game and the Melbourne star racked up 31 disposals, 7 disposals and 2 goal assists.

Michael Hibberd (Melb) 126 – Doing what he does best. 23 disposals (13 kicks) at 87% DE to go with 7 marks (including a handful on intercepts) but what stands out the most is his 4 tackles!!!


Stefan Martin (Bris) 72 and Max Gawn (Melb) 78 – Both rucks were major let downs, would suck to own them both. Sigh, sums up my finals campaign.

Tom McDonald (Melb) 43 – That lean patch he went through looks a long way back now!

St Kilda vs North Melbourne – Sorites Paradox.

The paradox of the sand heap. If you were to have a heap of sand with 1,000,000 grains and were to remove 1, you would still have a heap of sand with 999,999 grains. Remove another to have 999,998 grains, you would still have a heap of sand. Repeat this process until there is 1 grain remaining, would you still have a heap of sand? If not, when did it stop becoming a heap? 2 grains? 10 grains? 1,000 grains? At what point in the last 15 months did North Melbourne stop becoming an elite team with a record of 10-1 to a team with a record of 6-27 since? St Kilda (127) def North Melbourne (78).


Jack Steven (StK) 153 – Always racks up lots of the ball but more dream team relevant due to his usual ineffective disposal use. Not this week, 40 disposals (14 kicks) at 88% DE and 5 tackles is enough to crack 150.

Ben Cunnington (NM) 136 – Father Dougal flirted with the idea of picking up Cunnington at one stage this season but has been down of late. Bounced back with 36 touches and 7 tackles but not enough to get them over the line.

Luke Dunstan (StK) 119 – 2017 sees Dunstan with his highest average season since his rookie year. Failed to step up but the last 5 weeks he’s started to show a lot more promise. 32 disposals, 7 tackles, 2 behinds and 3 goal assists.


Dylan Roberton (StK) 78  19 disposals and 5 marks for Robbo, which is far from what was promised for those who jumped on after the bye.

Nathan Hrovat (NM) 58 – Remember when he was being floated as a mid-priced option in the preseason?

Fremantle vs Richmond – Arrow Paradox.

For motion to occur, an object must change the position which it occupies and in a duration-less slice of time, the arrow is motionless. If everything is motionless in every 0-duration slice, and time is composed entirely of these slices, then motion is impossible. And this is what it’s like being a Fremantle supporter after two consecutive 100+ point losses. You just stare at a screen feeling empty inside. Richmond (155) def Fremantle (51).


Nat Fyfe (Frem) 142 – One of the only few Dockers who can hold their head tall after such a loss with 30 disposals (20 contested) to go with 6 marks (2 contested), 8 clearances, 9 inside 50s and a goal. Well done to those who held onto him!

Kane Lambert (Rich) 133 – 6 goals for Kane which was one less than Dockers scored, impressive!

Bachar Houli (Rich) 132 – Repaying his team back for his time spent on the sidelines suspended with 29 disposals (18 kicks) at 86% DE, 7 marks, 7 rebound 50s, 7 tackles and a consolation goal.


Trent Cotchin (Rich) 64 – Tagged by Sutcliffe but you would hope your captain would get in on the action on the demolition of the Dockers.

Cam McCarthy (Frem) 28 – He is clearly starting to fade as the season pushes on given his time on the sidelines but he’s going to need to step up next year and become the messiah for Fremantle that he promised to be.


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7 thoughts on “Round 22 Review”

  1. We also learnt on Saturday night that James Sicily listens to Justin Bieber. Surely this means he deserves a permanent spot in the ‘villains’ list from now on?


  2. I have an alternative explanation for Carlton’s win on Saturday: since 2012, Carlton has only lost its game scheduled closest to my birthday once. And I turned 24 on Saturday.


  3. Well done Huttabito! I would like to add Zeno’s Dichotomy paradox – motion is an illusion, because to get anywhere you first have to walk half that distance. A bit like Richmond trying to win a flag. Sorry Tigers fans!

    Another paradox – I had 5 players score 140+ on the weekend, and my team still sucks. At least the Swans won. Apologies to my neighbours for my outburst on Friday night, I’m sure you understand given the circumstances.


  4. Great stuff Hutta.

    Thanks for a highly entertaining review.

    That Numb feeling when watching Freo get thumped again sums up my Sunday.

    At least my SC team went alright.


  5. Great review, Huttabito. Not sure if the Science theme was something I could follow too well, though. In a year 9 science test, I got 42 and second-bottom got 59. I took German in year 10.


  6. Great job Hutta. Fantastic theme!
    The only thing that makes the pain of my ailing team hurt less is watching your struggle too!


  7. Well done Huttabito on filling in and picking up from where Chillo left off.

    I didn’t get a chance to follow most of the games like I normally do as was away for the weekend so good to get a bit of a recap!



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