Round 23 Review

Written by Thommo on August 27 2018


Thanks to Motts for setting up the site so well in the first place and to Schwarzwalder for working so hard on the day-to-day running. I don’t know if anyone realizes how time consuming running the site must be for Schwarzy, especially with a brood of young children at home. Thanks also to my fellow writers in Huttabito, Chillo & Father Dougal for their quality articles. It amazes me how much research and stats analysis they all do to create their articles, especially Father Dougal who is working in a different time zone.

Thanks also to Adam for his regular statistical analysis and to Jack for his first ever ALFW competition, even if his fascination with salamanders is kinda weird.  Also thanks to Catta, Double D and Roo Bloke for their consistent contribution to the site in new competitions, donations and general conversation.

Thanks to The Death Adder for his constant representation of the site on Twitter (and for pushing me to finally start using Twitter) and to Chaos Theory for posting teams every week, even this week when he was under the weather.

And finally thanks to the readers for their contribution to the site in general discussion and for keeping everything civil at Supercoach Talk. There are so many Keyboard Warriors in the world yet somehow we have none here!

To finish: Go the Hawks!

ESSENDON 17.9 (111) def PORT ADELAIDE 13.11 (89)


Paddy Ryder (HAW) 147 – Ryder recorded a career high 21 hit-outs to advantage from 46 hit-outs however he recorded 14 of these in the final quarter long after Essendon had lost Leunberger to injury. Still, he deserves credit for playing so well when he is clearly carrying an injury.

Now if only the rest of Port could show the same level of commitment and effort!


Robbie Gray (POR) 61 – Robbie Gray just outpointed Michael Hurley (62) for the biggest disappointment of this match, particularly frustrating for so many Supercoaches who were relying on a monster score to start their SC Grand Final. He wasn’t terrible with 19 disposals, 11 contested possessions, 5 clearances, 1 contested marks, 1 goal assist and 1 goal but he was penalized for 3 clangers and not sticking a single tackle.

GEELONG 22.10 (142) def GOLD COAST 5.10 (40)


Patrick Dangerfield (GEE) 187 – I almost labelled Dangerfield a villain for scoring like this after last week’s tripe but 187 points is 187 points! And what’s more, this was a true masterclass which included a bit of everything: 34 disposals, 20 contested possessions, 9 marks of which 3 were contested, 2 goal assists and 4 goals! What a beast!

Now, make him a forward Champion Data!


Jarryd Lyons (GC) 66 – Remember at the start of the season when we wondered if Lyons would be a true midfield premium? The answer is: No! Against the rampaging Cats he gathered 23 disposals but they were mostly uncontested and the Cats just had so many possessions that his score was devalued massively. Maybe if the Suns learn how to play consistent, good footy he’ll become a true premium!

RICHMOND 15.8 (98) def WESTERN BULLDOGS 14.11 (95)


Jack Macrae (WB) 163 – To be honest, Macrae was unlucky he didn’t score even higher from his 43 disposals. True, he only had 14 contested possessions and 4 clearances but he committed just 3 clangers and also grabbed 14 marks and placed 7 tackles . His Dreamteam total was 190 points and that was probably more true of his performance. He is going to be expensive in 2019 but I’m not sure I would dare to start without him!


Toby McLean (WB) 66 – He started with a bang but McLean’s finish to the season has been disappointing. His disposal count has been down in recent weeks and it seems like Dunkley has taken some of his midfield minutes. This is a great example of why keeping trades is so important for the final rounds. Wouldn’t it have been nice finishing the season with a switch to Dunkley or Hawkins rather than riding McLean to the bitter end?

COLLINGWOOD 11.10 (76) def FREMANTLE 9.13 (67)


Brodie Grundy (COL) 150 – What a beast Grundy has proven to be! We were all so concerned that we needed ruck cover for the season yet Grundy and Gawn have powered through all 22 Rounds. This week Grundy punched out another stellar performance with 24 disposals (15 contested), 6 marks (3 contested) and 34 hit-outs. It wasn’t the highest weekly score but Grundy has proven a safe captaincy option for the Supercoach finals.


Nat Fyfe (FRE) 66 – Some of those few coaches who had trades left decided to take a punt on Fyfe for two weeks but unfortunately this backfired. He was serviceable last week but this week he couldn’t get his hands on the footy and he committed 8 clangers, 6 of them free kicks against.

To be honest, I think I’m done with Fyfe. He can score well as a result of many contested possessions and marks but he gets injured too often and he can go missing some weeks.

HAWTHORN 12.11 (83) def SYDNEY 10.14 (74)


Jake Lloyd (SYD) 149 – He took a few weeks to find his groove in 2018, but once he did Lloyd became a must have. Since Round 8 Lloyd has posted 13 tonnes in 15 weeks with a low of 90 points and a high of 173 points. This week was just another typical Lloyd performance with 31 disposals, 9 marks and 4 tackles. He is going to be pricey in 2019!


Isaac Heeney (SYD) 93 – I know Heeney scored well enough but he was completely unsighted late in the match. He spent time up forward and through the midfield and was on fire in the first half with 2 goals and 87 SC points and then somehow only added 6 points in the second half. WTF?

No wonder the Hawks overran the Swans after half-time!

ADELAIDE 26.9 (165) def CARLTON 8.13 (61)


Rory Laird (ADE) 138 – After he was barely sighted in the first quarter, Laird got back to his sluttish ways with another 34 possessions, 10 marks, 2 goal assists and 1 goal. To be honest, there’s nothing exciting about Rory Laird, you just need to own him like everyone else does. Barring injury, he will always be a top 6 defender for total points and average points.

Sometimes it is best not to overthink these things!


Kade Simpson (CAR) 72 – Come on Simmo! After giving him a big wrap last week for his 144 points, Simmo let the team down with just 18 possessions and 6 marks in the ‘dead-rubber’ against the Tigers. He kicked another nice goal and gave a goal assist to give his score some semi-decency but in a topsy-turve season for Kade, this was a bit of a downer when we wanted a monster.

Thanks for your years of service, Simmo, but I think this will be your last game for Thommo’s Tribe!

WEST COAST 14.14 (98) def BRISBANE 11.6 (72)


Dayne Beams (BRI) 125 – Beamer has turned out to be an inspired pick for those brave coaches who picked him up late. This week he racked up another 32 disposals, 5 free kicks for and 2 goals in a relatively bruise free game of footy. With Zorko copping the tag and the Lions improving, Beams should go off in 2019!


Dayne Zorko (BRI) 69 – As mentioned above, Zorko is the main target of taggers at the moment. He is working harder than at the start of the season with another 9 tackles this week but Hutchings still held him to 16 disposals and 4 clangers and yet another poor Supercoach score. The Magician can pump out massive Supercoach scores but there are too many of these shockers to select him in your starting squad.



Max Gawn (MEL) 156 – Can anyone tell me the last time two ruckmen dominated a season in this way? Like Grundy, Maxy pumped out yet another captain-worthy score as he dominated the Giants all day, assisted slightly when Lobb went down with injury late in the match. He gathered 18 disposals, grabbed 6 marks (3 contested), 37 hit-outs and 1 goal.

So the question is: Can Max Gawn or Brodie Grundy back it up and break the ruckmen’s curse next season?


Michael Hibberd (MEL) 71 – I had to include Hibbo just one last time so we can all sit back and appreciate what a disappointment he has been in 2018. He had another 22 disposals but he didn’t lay a single tackle and only won 3 contested possessions so, despite not recording a single clanger, he scored poorly. Do we place him on the Higgins list or not?

NORTH MELBOURNE 17.15 (117) def ST KILDA 14.10 (94)


Trent Dumont (NOR) 162 – Does anyone even care? Nobody owns him and nobody will own him anytime soon given this was just Dumont’s second tonne for the season. Will he rack up another 38 disposals and 1 goal anytime soon? I wouldn’t count on it.

This really screwed those Perfect 9 attempts though!


Jimmy Webster (StK) 64 – Here is yet another player who has proven a massive disappointment. Between injuries and poor form, Webster hasn’t recorded a tonne since Round 12 and he’s missed 5 matches for the season. I think it is time for us to put the Saints’ players on the never again list until they find form. Or a new coach!

And in case you wonder what we Supercoach Talk writers are doing in the off-season…


Jack flopped onto his sofa, rested the tub of ice cream in his lap and cracked open the lid. Ah, cookies and cream! He downed his first spoonful and sighed. Geez he loved the off-season! No training for a few weeks, no team meetings, no losses!

He finished half the tub before the guilt kicked in and he returned the remaining ice cream to the freezer. Every tub of ice cream added to those preseason skin-folds! He was returning to the sofa when he heard a car door slam outside, followed soon after by a solid knock at the door. He looked at the sofa and then back at the front door, wondering if he could be bothered answering the door. After a pause, another knock sounded, louder and more insistent this time.

He swore and stomped to the front door. He yanked it open to find a tall, skinny guy with a wild look in his eyes and a clipboard in his hands.

“Yeah, what do you want?” he snapped.

The man glanced down at the clipboard in his hands and then looked back at Jack.

“Are you Jack Billings?” he asked.

“Yes. Who wants to know?” Jack asked, a bit disconcerted by the expression on the guy’s face: Like he was examining a bug he had scraped from the sole of his shoe.

“You’re a jerk, Billings,” the man said simply.

Billings boggled at him. “Who? Wh-What…?”he stuttered.

The man frowned briefly and consulted the clipboard he held in a slightly shaky hand.

“Jack Billings?” Jack nodded uncertainly.

“Number 15 for St Kilda?” the man added in a snippy tone.

“Er… yes?” confirmed Jack.

“You’re a jerk,” repeated the man, “a complete asshole.”

Jack just stared at the man, uncertain that this was really happening.

The man nodded to himself, pulled a pen from his pocked and made a note on his clipboard, and wandered back to his Mazda 3 parked in the driveway.

Jack scratched his head, and shut the door slowly. That was odd! He retrieved his ice cream, deciding he would finish the tub after all!

*                                       *                                        *

Out in the car, Thommo started the engine and consulted his list to discover who was next. He smiled in satisfaction: There was just one name left to visit and he was done. Since the season finished, he had insulted every Supercoach dud for 2018 except one. He had left the worst for last!

Thommo programmed the Sat-Nav for Michael Hibberd’s address and tore off down the street, musing over what he would say.

Perhaps he would call him a talentless hack…?

Please note, no AFL players were hurt in the making of this story. Well, not physically anyway. And yes, this is a massive rip-off of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!


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24 thoughts on “Round 23 Review”

  1. Brilliant Thommo, laughed out loud. Saving the best til last huh?! 🙂

    Surely Grundy and Gawn can repeat, given their respective ages and both in sides that you’d think will only improve in 2019?! Both $700k+ will hurt, but not as much as not owning them both! The ONLY reason(s) I can see for not picking them both will be if they have the same bye AND Preuss ends up somewhere else with sole ruck duties.

    Am now thinking I might leave Lloyd on my target list and pick him up later, given that Laird, Docherty and Williams have to be starters. Again, final selection will depend on byes.

    Hear what you’re saying about Beams but think there are too many others LOCKS that precede him in pecking order. Currently thinking that I am more likely to consider McCluggage or Rayner as potential breakouts in a BRL side that is on the improve.

    Dangerfield will surely be F1 and Dunkley F2 next year and am hoping Devon is afforded FWD status too, but am not certain he will get it.

    It’s a bye-bye from me to Simpson, Gray, Mundy and Westhoff as well as anyone wearing a St Kilda jersey! Thanks for your services.

    Thanks again Thommo. You have a definite talent with pen in hand!



    1. Thanks for the kind words and for your stats you’ve dropped.on the site, Allsaints.

      Defence, midfield and the ruck appear so stacked with guns that I might start with 8 forward rookies next season.

      Agreed re: Beams due to his injury history. Berry could be the one to explode next season, or McCluggage as you mentioned.

      It will be fascinating who CD gives forward status to in 2019.


  2. Terrific write up Thommo, ( love how that comes up in my predictive text!)
    Gawn and Grundy to break the ruckmans curse but both should be DPP (mid).
    Locks next year :
    Backs: Doc, Williams Lloyd, Laird
    Mids: Macrae,Cripps,
    Ruck: Gawn, Grundy
    Fwd: Danger, Martin , Dunkley
    A big thankyou to all the contributors Thommo, Hutta, Chillo, FD and of course Schwarz who is the absolute backbone of the site.A big shout to all who I have missed.


    1. Joe, I too have made a start on next year. Using allsaints tables, it becomes quite sobering when a Redman who has played two games, starts at $272k !! Your team is currently forecast to start at $6619k for the 11 chosen, or $601k each. it leaves an average of $177k for your remaining 19 players…..sobering as I said.


  3. Entertaining as always Thommo.
    Many thanks to you and all the contributing team for all the work put in running this wonderful site.
    Enjoy the off season, just watch those skin folds.


  4. Another sensational season of write-ups from Mr Thomson! Thanks for all your hard work, mate!
    Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, I don’t sleep much. Without SCT, my conversation would be limited to toilet training, kids testing their boundaries & quirky eating habits of children 😉
    Congrats on the LoEC3 Premiership!


  5. Well Done Thommo you finished the SC season with a bang after an outstanding year.

    I had to drag you kicking and screaming to join Twitter, but it is so vital these days with the latest up to date news around the Clubs or news in general.
    It has been my pleasure to promote this great site on Twitter with all the outstanding articles from Schwarzy, Chillo , Father D. , Hutta and yourself as well as the great stats from Adam.
    Would also like to Thank Motts for all the work he does on Twitter promoting the site and ReTweeting my Tweets to the @SC-Talk Twitter handle.


    1. Good call TDA. I forget about Mottsy’s tweets under the SC handle.

      I’ll talk to you soon about Big Bash Fantasy…


  6. You’re a bloody star, Thommo!

    Humumgous thanks to you & the writers at SCT, don’t want to mention them all just in case I miss one as that would be Un-Catta like. The SCT site is in unbelievable hands with the razor sharp team that has been assembled by themselves & no doubt the biggest SC identity in the world behind the scenes Motts!

    The time & effort that goes into this site behind the scenes is unheralded, but I’m sure I speak on behalf of 1000’s of SCT followers & the wider SCT family when I say a huge Thank You to each & everyone of you involved.

    As you all know I love a competition, watching the Catta’s Competition unfold in recent weeks has been exciting. It gave most of us a new lease of life in SC terms, as winning overall had slipped away for most of us.

    Consider this an annual $100 competition, but the time it runs in 2019 may vary as I like surprises & challenges without notice! HUGE thank you to Hutta for running the competition behind the scenes, you’re a star too Hutta 🙂

    In closing good luck to everyone & stay safe in the off season but remember, to jump back on the SCT site before the highly respected SCT Brownlow Competition unfolds in a few weeks time.

    Cheers Catta


    1. Thank you Catta. I love the spur of the moment competitions and ideas you and others have brought to the site.

      I am definitely in for the Brownlow comp.

      Go Hawks (again)!


  7. G’Day Thommo. Don’t post a hell of a lot, and thanked all the contributors in the “Thank You” thread, but just wanted to say I really enjoy your writing. I consider it a Monday treat and sincerely hope you are able to continue on after the preaseason and get another season in. As has become the cliché, looking forward to it!!


    1. I appreciate it JimmyDee. I’m not sure I’ll be reviewing next season but I’m sure I’ll be writing on the site in some capacity.

      I’m hard to get rid of!


  8. Hey Thommo

    Great to see you had a busy mad Monday. If you get a chance during the week, it would be great if you could also pay a visit to Rockcliff and Parfitt as well (I’ll chip in for the travel costs).

    Many thanks to you and the great team at SCTalk for making the 2018 H & A season so informative, entertaining and every bit as memorable as some of the previous years.


    1. I’m sorry Weendog but the only person I’ll visit about Rockliff is his Supercoaches. Anyone who dragged Rocky off the Higgjns List and into their side needs a good hard slap!



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