The Fallen Premiums – Rd 8

Written by Chillo on May 15 2019

As can happen as this time of the year, there’s a swag of classy midfielders this week who may have had one or two rough games early on, but have now turned it around to find some good form. Hopefully you’ve got a bit of a war chest to call on, and can grab a couple of these guys while the going’s good! One small piece of advice – it’s definitely time to start considering bye structure in your trades. It certainly shouldn’t be the primary factor, but if you can’t decide between two options, choose the one that fits your bye structure better.

After my Bevo rant a couple of weeks ago, the Dogs have found a bit of form. Maybe I need to say something about the MRO, too? Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean….Here are the Fallen Premiums!


Jason JOHANNISEN (WBD), $457 900 (-$7.7K), avg 90, BE 74 – As mentioned above, the Bulldogs have gone from insipid to slightly above adequate in the past fortnight, and their Norm Smith medallist’s form has reflected that. One of the more dynamic running halfbacks in the game, JJ is providing the drive out of defence that helped propel the Dogs to a flag in 2016, and has produced scores of 105 and 93 in their recent wins. Very good value, and worth consideration as a superPOD and possible smoky for a top 10 defender.

Backing it up….
Lachie Whitfield, $575K, BE 210
Jake Lloyd, $561K, BE 149
James Sicily, $552K, BE 142
Shannon Hurn, $574K, BE 135


Too many to choose from this week!

Dayne ZORKO (BRL), $488 000 (-$32.2K), avg 96, BE 47 – Frustratingly inconsistent start to the season for the Magician, but scores of 128 and 114 in the past two weeks indicate that the spark is back. It’s crazy that you can get someone with this sort of scoring power for south of $500K, especially now that Lachie Neale is taking some of that opposition attention. Rd 13 bye.

Jack MACRAE (WBD), $574 000 (-$115.7K), avg 117, BE 98 – Will be one of the most popular trade targets this week and rightly so. Jacko comes with an enormous discount on his starting price, but has still scored more points this year than every mid except Bont, Cripps and Neale. Yes, he is coached by Mr Magnets, but take comfort in the fact that one of the few constants at the Dogs this season has been Macrae in the middle. Rd 12 bye.

Jack’s interests outside of footy include golf, gardening, and the invisible javelin.

Clayton OLIVER (MEL), $568 000 (-$54.6K), avg 110, BE 66 – Boom! Oliver belts out a massive 175 against the Suns, and suddenly he’s a must-have again. Huge game from the Demons beast in conditions made for him, the best sign he’s back being the 15 tackles he made. Clarry has tested his owners’ patience a bit this year, but he’ll be over the $600K mark in a couple of weeks, so get him now or pay for it later. Rd 13 bye.

Josh KELLY (GWS), $594 500 (-$23.3K), avg 115, BE 83 – Absolute class performer with a ceiling matched by few others in the game, but only in 4% of teams. Kelly is a prime target for a trade IF you think he can stay on the field, having already missed three games this year. GWS have a reasonably friendly run of games leading to the bye also, facing Carlton, Melbourne, the Suns, Adelaide and North. Rd 14 bye.

Just quickly: As mentioned, there are oodles of mids to consider this week – here’s a select few, some of which were mentioned in previous articles but still represent amazing value:
Rory SLOANE (ADE), $522 200 (-$2.1K), avg 111, BE 61 Rd 14 bye
Andrew GAFF (WCE), $555 100 (-$32.3K), avg 107, BE 66
Rd 13 bye
Elliot YEO (WCE) $554 100 (-$31.4K), avg 100, BE 82
Rd 13 bye
Nat FYFE (FRE), $597 000 (-$21.1K), avg 118, BE 97 Rd 12 bye

Limbo land….
Lachie Neale, $641K, BE 158
Matt Crouch, $510K, BE 151
Stephen Coniglio, $506K, BE 138


Scott LYCETT (PTA), $406 700 (-$34.5K), avg 85, BE 87 – So old mate Westy got a run in the Fallen Premiums last week, and duly responded by pumping out a polished 41 point effort in the Showdown. Stinky! I’m tempting fate, but his Power teammate and fellow swingman appears here this week. Not for a second am I suggesting that you should view big Scotty as an onfield option, but he could be handy ruck coverage for the rest of the year (especially the byes), and has a ceiling suited to an F7 loop.

Lycett often visited Lilliput on his days off from footy.

Max Gawn, $651K, BE 150
Brodie Grundy, $655K, BE 140


Jack GUNSTON (HAW), $407 800 (-$113.6K), avg 82, BE 50 – Gunners started the year brightly with consecutive tons, then produced a putrid month where he averaged 63. Back-to-back 90s in the past two games mean that Jack’s price tag has officially bottomed out, and you can pick up a top 10 forward from last year for just over $400K. Are you a gambling type?

Forward thinking….
Patrick Dangerfield, $496K, BE 169
Travis Boak, $565K, BE 154
Isaac Heeney, $468K, BE 145
Jeremy Cameron, $512K, BE 140


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17 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 8”

  1. Cheers Chillo, couldn’t go past Sloane this week that screams value. Ave a 111 and priced at 95, I’m wary though he has a couple of top class taggers in Hutchings and De Boar coming in the next 4 weeks. Still anything can happen in that time and with a b.e of 60 one thing for sure is that he’s as cheap as he’ll ever be.


    1. Thanks Joestar. Love Sloane, and I think the tagger thing is slightly over emphasised – how many good taggers are there really? His big games will balance out his poor ones, and the rest of the time he’s very consistent.
      Problem for me is I already have Cripps, Cogs and Crouch, and another round 14 bye in the mids would wipe me out that week. But if you’ve got good balance in that regard, I say go for it.


      1. I’m a little torn on Sloane too. Does seem great value at current price but seems to struggle away from home over the past two years, hardly ever cracking the tonne in away games, seems to limit his upside.


  2. Great Stuff Chillo!

    Fantastic effort this year with the power of work you are putting in for the site and great to see your Team benefiting with a Top 200 overall rank.


    1. Thanks mate. Bit of a rough round just gone, but hopefully Whitfield and Crouch get up and play this week.


  3. Morning coaches

    Trying to decide on which way to go on this. Leaning towards Dunkley.

    Fwd line currently: Danger, Kelly, Heeney, Billings, Lycett & Drew (Corbett, Bines)
    Would run Dunkley in the mids until drew is offloaded. Giving me Neale, Cripps, Fyfe, Macrae, Oliver, cogs, dunkley, Constable

    TU: this week butters & Walsh to Macrae & Dunkley

    TD: butters to Macrae then wait for Boak’s price drop

    Also targeting Lloyd & Hurn pre byes when they drop in price.



  4. Yep. Enormous effort Chillo. Thanks for all the hard yards you put in!

    Would really like the javelin thrower this week, but am gonna have to wait until teams are dropped before making a final decision.

    Thanks again Chillo. Great stuff!


  5. I took a very long hard look at Gunston. I decided against it cause I’m not convinced the hawks can provide him enough chances up forward. I know he gets up the ground a bit but still… his possession are down on last year.

    I’m happy to be convinced otherwise, I had him last year and he was quite a handy/stable performer.


  6. Great stuff Chillo.

    I’m really attracted by the value on offer re: Sloane but he has burnt me in recent years with either injury or not handling a tag. Its therefore very difficult to go past Macrae at $110K less than his starting price, but a dilemma no less.

    TU – Atkins-Sloane & Parker-Stocker
    TD – Atkins-Macrae & Duursma-Stocker


  7. looks like cogs is still struggling with that hand injury ,
    makes kelly is the go to man for GWS for now ,
    some potentially big scores coming his way


  8. Thanks Chillo.

    Macrea all the way for me this week.( Ross gives way )

    He will become Invaluable in a few weeks as I will explain later….

    I too am a little heavy on R 14 Bye players in the Mids and defence,but I kinda like it that way. They should all play through R 12 and R13.
    I started Cripps ,M Crouch and Sloane. ( Walsh*)
    I also have Whitfield, Williams and Smith.

    In theory we should all bolster our R14 line ups, by upgrading players that have already had their Bye .
    My plan all along has been to turn Walsh* into Neale R 14.

    Back to R13, With Grundy, Gawn, Danger, Neale*. Heeney, lloyd
    (upgrade target pre byes), having the week off….

    Who’s going to Captain my side ?

    Yes there’s Cripps But every one will be backing him, Now , I will have Macrea too. 🙂

    R13 V/C Sloane C Macrea.

    T/U I didn’t think of that…

    T/D Your looking way too far ahead….



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