2019 JLT Game Chat – Collingwood vs Carlton

Written by Huttabito on March 11 2019

Monday, March 11

Collingwood v Carlton at Morwell Reserve, 2.10pm AEDT


B: J.Aish 14 J.Roughead 23 T.Langdon 8
HB: B.Maynard 37 D.Moore 30 J.Crisp 25
C: J.Thomas 24 M.Cox 46 S.Sidebottom 22
HF:B.Crocker 39 J.Elliott 5 T.Phillips 21
F: T.Varcoe 18 B.Mihocek 41 A.Treloar 7
Foll: B.Grundy 4 S.Pendlebury – C 10 D.Beams 11
I/C:C.Brown 17 T.Goldsack 6 C.Mayne 16 L.Greenwood 19 J.Howe 38 T.Brown 34 J.Stephenson 1 B.Reid 20 

In: B.Maynard, M.Cox, A.Treloar, T.Goldsack, J.Howe, C.Mayne
Out: I.Quaynor, J.Daicos, N.Murphy, R.Wills

Emerg: J.Daicos 26 N.Murphy 28 I.Quaynor 35 R.Wills 33    

Notable absentees: Will Hoskin-Elliott, Daniel Wells, Taylor Adams, Jordan De Goey, Brayden Sier, Lynden Dunn, Matt Scharenberg


B:K.Simpson 6 L.Plowman 20 J.Weitering 23
HB:N.Newman 24 L.Jones 14 D.Thomas 39
C:S.Petrevski-Seton 5 P.Cripps – C 9 E.Curnow 35
HF:C.Curnow 30 M.McGovern 11 D.Cuningham 28
F:W.Setterfield 43 H.McKay 10 M.Gibbons 40
Foll:A.Phillips 34 P.Dow 2 Z.Fisher 25
I/C:M.Murphy 3 P.Kerr 36 J.Garlett 21 S.Walsh 18 L.Stocker 13 C.Polson 29

In:P.Kerr, L.Stocker

Emerg: M.Lobbe 27 J.Silvagni 1 A.Schumacher 19 L.O’Brien 4

Notable absentees: Sam Docherty, Matthew Kreuzer, Caleb Marchbank, Darcy Lang, Jarrod Pickett, Tom Williamson


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47 thoughts on “2019 JLT Game Chat – Collingwood vs Carlton”

  1. I’m not getting to watch the match, but at half time Newman is not sitting on a good score. Only coming in with 8 possessions and 2 marks. This is not what I want to see


      1. Midfield.

        But it also has some of the juiciest midpricers and underpriced premiums along with so many guns that look set for a big year.

        Will be the make or break line.


        1. Hmm. Guess we’ll all be going 13 premos n’ rookies at 3-5-2-3 pretty much?

          I was playing around with my team today to see if I could maybe grab an extra premo in the midfield, but looks like that won’t be feasible.


          1. I doubt we’ll be able to get away with playing three rookies on-field in the forward and backlines. Right now I’m looking at something along the lines of 5-2-2-5.


              1. I know. But with only three premiums on the forward and backlines, I assume you intend to fill the remaining spots with rookies? I just can’t see there being enough good ones for that to work. Hence my 5-2-2-5 suggestion.


  2. With the dwindling cows available i do realize this is a very risky prospect, but Darcy Moore at 239K is looking better by the minute down back. if he stays fit he will be a fat cow down back!
    At my own peril?
    Or more and more considerations as the days go on??
    Help meeeee haha


    1. Not the worst idea, but I am not liking it. If you think it will pay off back yourself, with the lack of rookies, he might pay off


      1. im not sold on it yet but it gives a bit of flexibility if we all have Burgess up forward as well. if he can take 5 grabs a game and get 15+ touches thats a good score. im watching the game at the moment and hes taken the last 5 kick ins as well and hasn’t missed a target. Viable option i think


        1. Burgess fwd @ GC , will be lucky to score 50 pts a game , will get poor delivery n get pummeled by defenders


        1. Perhaps, but today’s game notwithstanding, all indications were that he would be playing the same role.


  3. so many 200 – 300 k players that will score 80+ this year , yet everyone is loading up on high priced rooks that might play 15 – 17 games if their lucky


    1. But you only need about 8 games from a rookie to upgrade them to a 100 ave player, while other people are hanging onto 80 ave players for too long.


    1. One or both of two things:

      #1. As an established premium, he’s just going through the motions. Most of them do that in the JLT – it’s nothing to be concerned about.
      #2. He’s struggling a bit because of his delayed pre-season. This might be something to be concerned about.

      Without being able to see the game, and not being privy to any inside information from Collingwood, I can’t say which one it is.


      1. N.B. I didn’t know he’d copped a corky when I wrote that. That’s probably what it was. He has a week and a half or so to get over it, so it shouldn’t be too concerning.


      2. He actually copped the corkie in the last quarter after he already played 3 average quarters so I think your first comment is the most accurate Salamander despite the thumbs down. He had another game with a very low k:h ratio, at one point he was running into an open goal and stubbed his toe as he kicked. I think he is still struggling from the toe injury. He would be straight out of my team if there were any viable alternatives. Unfortunately I can’t find one and he has a ridiculously easy run to start the season so he will likely stay.


  4. With the JLT officially over, I can finally start putting together a team! Yay!

    I have to say though that I’m quite proud of myself for sticking to my commitment to not do so beforehand.


    Adam Treloar 128
    Steele Sidebottom 115
    Scott Pendlebury 114
    Jack Crisp 99
    Darcy Moore 97
    Tom Langdon 95
    Dayne Beams 95
    Tom Phillips 87
    Brodie Grundy 85
    Josh Thomas 85
    Chris Mayne 84
    Jordan Roughead 82
    Callum L. Brown 81
    Brayden Maynard 74
    James Aish 68
    Jamie Elliott 63
    Mason Cox 61
    Ben Crocker 58
    Brody Mihocek 52
    Travis Varcoe 43
    Tyson Goldsack 42
    Levi Greenwood 39
    Jeremy Howe 34
    Tyler Brown 28

    Patrick Cripps 106
    Kade Simpson 105
    Sam Walsh 96
    Liam Jones 92
    David Cuningham 90
    Marc Murphy 90
    Harry McKay 84
    Sam Petrevski-Seton 80
    Ed Curnow 75
    Jacob Weitering 69
    Andrew Phillips 62
    Will Setterfield 60
    Zac Fisher 59
    Dale Thomas 59
    Paddy Dow 59
    Charlie Curnow 55
    Lachie Plowman 48
    Nic Newman 46
    Jarrod Garlett 45
    Cameron Polson 42
    Mitch McGovern 36
    Michael Gibbons 34


    1. TOG %:

      Adam Treloar: 75
      Jack Crisp: 78
      Steele Sidebottom: 88
      Josh Thomas: 77
      Tom Phillips: 86
      Scott Pendlebury: 77
      Tom Langdon: 80
      Chris Mayne: 87
      Dayne Beams: 72
      Brayden Maynard: 79
      James Aish: 78
      Brodie Grundy: 88
      Ben Crocker: 64
      Jordan Roughead: 92
      Darcy Moore: 84
      Callum L. Brown: 71
      Brody Mihocek: 88
      Jamie Elliott: 55
      Mason Cox: 83
      Travis Varcoe: 81
      Jeremy Howe: 41
      Tyson Goldsack: 74
      Levi Greenwood: 72
      Tyler Brown: 33
      Ben Reid: 0
      Jaidyn Stephenson: 0

      Marc Murphy: 88
      Kade Simpson: 87
      Patrick Cripps: 91
      Sam Walsh: 84
      Harry McKay: 84
      Ed Curnow: 84
      Sam Petrevski-Seton: 82
      David Cuningham: 80
      Dale Thomas: 75
      Charlie Curnow: 91
      Liam Jones: 98
      Zac Fisher: 72
      Jacob Weitering: 95
      Will Setterfield: 71
      Lachie Plowman: 83
      Paddy Dow: 70
      Jarrod Garlett: 71
      Andrew Phillips: 76
      Michael Gibbons: 83
      Mitch McGovern: 82
      Cameron Polson: 75
      Nic Newman: 76
      Pat Kerr: 0
      Liam Stocker: 0
      Levi Casboult: 0
      Alex Fasolo: 0


  6. Like Ridley from Essendon, Cuningham is getting harder and harder to ignore. Also like Ridley, he’s very awkwardly priced.


    1. Whats his role and what has lead to his increase in scoring? Never considered him until i just checked his scores! Moore, Ridley, Cunningham all providing alternatives to Roberton who unfortunately looks risky to start now because of his health (all the best to him!)


      1. Ridley playing loose defender with occasional mid time. Looks very good. Was initially good in 2017 but injuries. 2018 didn’t really get much of a go.


      2. Cuningham is, as salamander says, playing fwd pocket with shorts stints in the middle. Today he was about 98% fwd pocket and didn’t get a touch in the third due to the ball not being in blues forward line much.
        He was a first round pick in 2015 and was a Rising Star nominee in 2017. Has had a few injuries and most games in a season is only 8 (2017).
        5 games in 2018 three as an outside mid and two as wing/fwd (don’t know why SC made him a defender only, maybe because carlton raised his name as a possible docherty replacement) and played 2 VFL games missed the rest of the season through injury.
        He’s a great tackler and a prodigious kick and is now the main pressure fwd at blues. With McKay and Curnow now both becoming consistent he’ll get plenty of opportunities to kick goals. Only 4 tackles today but 10 of his 14 possessions were contested with a de of 78%


        1. Also has excellent job security. Much like Ridley, for $50K less he’d be a no-brainer, but at his actual price he’s a slightly trickier proposition. Still, for $250K there are far worse players you could pick.


    1. D Moore:
      Across his career he has averaged 77.24 SC points when he records 10 or more disposals and 5 or more marks in a game and across the past 2 seasons he has recorded a 80.92 avg when both the aforementioned stats occurred.

      59% TOG in 2018 and when his TOG equalled or exceeded 59% he averaged 69 from 4 (low of 34 and a high of 91) and averaged 80.67 from 3 when TOG equalled or exceeded 80%.

      From prospectus: “Moore spent 86% game time as a forward in his first 3 seasons, but that changed last year, spending 64% of his time in defence. In his final 3 matches he played purely as a defender and the signs are there that he could be a valuable interceptor. In his 2 full games not affected by injury, he had 18 intercept possessions, 9 intercept marks and 20 spoils- all elite numbers”.


      1. Spent the day on Curnow and won the battle his also Scored 79 from 70% tog against Freo in JLT 1. His dpp makes him very attractive as a starter.


  7. Have a look at TOGs and who they played against and the match playing formats ( results and cues on rack) before getting to hopeful.


  8. I’m a bit concerned about grundy, he didn’t manage a ton in JLT!
    96 with 46 hitouts against freo and only 88 today against philips who almost matched him for hitouts!
    Sure he had a corky but he didn’t get that until ten-minutes into the last quarter.
    58% de today what was his de last year?


    1. At the moment I am too. Partly he’s been probably restricted from kicking due to a toe injury.

      But also Beams back in the midfield he’s probably required to do less of the midfield load than he has in the past. It may impact his scores somewhat.

      I’m concerned enough that I banked the cash from Grundy and went Gawn, especially with Preuss’s poor showings and then injury.


  9. So I have not watched any of the pies JLT. But read the threads.. and a lot of talk about Darcy Moore. Is it going to take some serious plums to pick him or not, Exactly how good has he looked floating across HB? I could really use Greene & Moore at F3&4. Free up some cash


  10. Just noticed that Grundys stats for JLT were almost exactly the same as his season average stats for 2018, minus 5 kicks p/game. Yet his JLT average was only 89.5 which is a full 39.5points less than his 2018 average.
    Have CD changed the way that they interpret ruck influence?



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