Game Chat -Adelaide v West Coast

Written by Father Dougal on July 18 2021

Where and When:  4:40pm at Adelaide Oval

What it means for the Crows: A win and they further mess up their draft picks next year. 

What it means for the Eagles:   They need every win. They are in 7th and could fall right out of the Eight if they don’t keep winning. Plus a finals team would beat the Crows. 

Supercoach Watch: 

Crows: Rowe, Laird, Berry, Butts, Rowe, Thilthorpe, ROB.

Eagles:  Um…. Nic Nat…

Father Dougal’s Watch:  Laird has to be the most relevant player playing. 

Father Dougal’s Tip: I’m going out on a limb and tipping the Crows. I feel like they are going to win at home against a struggling away team. By 3


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4 thoughts on “Game Chat -Adelaide v West Coast”

  1. West Coast Eagles : Kennedy (calf) OUT, Williams IN
    Medical Sub : Nelson

    Adelaide : No changes
    Medical sub: Sholl



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