2019 Team Preview – Adelaide

Written by Chillo on January 17 2019

Did you ever see that Jim Carrey movie with the long funny name, where you could get all the memories of your ex selectively erased after a bad break-up? The Crows would probably like to make use of that service after a disastrous year. After falling short at the final hurdle the previous year, Adelaide entered 2018 as one of the premiership favourites. But the combination of a crippling injury toll and the inner turmoil resulting from the fallout from a now infamous pre-season camp saw the Crows slump to 12th place, their worst finish since 2011. With the quality of their list you can expect a big improvement this season, and in terms of Supercoach, there are at least a couple of players you should be firmly pencilling in to your starting line-ups.


Lock and Load: He was the most popular premium defender in the game in 2018, and Rory Laird ($587,600) is sure to be near the top of most shopping lists again this year. The Crows backline distributor compiled 13 tons from 20 games last season, which included four games of 40+ possessions. His career best scoring average of 108 ppg made him the number two defender in the game behind Jake Lloyd, and was also the fourth consecutive season that he recorded an average north of 90 points per game. Laird has just ticked off his 25th birthday, and should be coming into his footballing prime; the only concern may be the effect of Brodie Smith’s return on his numbers (see below).

Feeling Lucky: After completely obliterating his right knee in the opening week of the 2017 finals series, former All-Australian Brodie Smith ($332,500) was forced to take the long and well-trodden path back from reconstructive surgery. Meticulous attention to rehab meant he made it back for two games in 2018, which included a dynamic 129 point effort against the Giants in round 21. The long-kicking Smith can be a frustrating player to own and has had his share of bad luck on the injury front too, but he did post 93 ppg in 2014, and is obviously well under-priced due to his limited 2018 campaign. Monitor his pre-season closely!


Lock and Load: The younger – and slightly less injury prone – of the Crouch ball magnets, Matt Crouch ($551,300) shapes as a very nicely priced cog in your Supercoach engine room in 2019. Matt has a tendency to handball too much for my liking, but there’s no doubting his ability to find the footy (3rd in the league in avg disposals in 2018). Anyone who can get it 37 times in a losing grand final deserves respect! A minor hamstring problem early last year means Mrouch comes slightly underpriced for a player of his scoring potential, and he must be considered in what is sure to be an improved Crows lineup.

Feeling Lucky: As previously mentioned, it was a tough season for the Crows on a number of fronts, most notably injuries. Brad Crouch ($418,000) was no exception, as the talented mid saw his 2018 campaign completely flushed away by recurring groin soreness. Brouch is at a tricky price and doesn’t have the scoring history of his baby bro, but by all accounts he’s up and running, and a player of his talents should be watched closely.
You might be noticing a recurring theme here, and unfortunately even usually durable club stalwart Rory Sloane ($524,300) was no exception, suffering the dreaded Lisfranc injury mid season and missing a chunk of games. Sloane is well-priced for someone with such a wonderful scoring history (six consecutive seasons of 105+ prior to last year), but has occasionally struggled to break a tag in the past.
Fast approaching veteran status, Bryce Gibbs ($523,900) was the big name recruit for the Crows last year, and earned a pass mark with a 97 ppg season, playing every game. Worth keeping in mind if you’re looking for midfield depth in a draft league.

Money Maker: As the ninth pick in the draft, Chayce Jones ($171,300) has speed and footy nous, and shapes as a future leader of the footy club. Patrick Wilson ($147,700) has been carving up the SANFL for a few years now. Whether either man can find his way into the strong Crows midfield is uncertain though.


Feeling Lucky: It was a tough year for the Big Sauce Sam Jacobs ($455,700), who had his worst return since making the move across from the Blues almost a decade ago. It’s possible the speed of the game is getting away from the 30 year old, who also had to deal with back soreness and the untimely death of his brother Aaron during the 2018 season. Good choice for a late draft pick if you miss out on the more fancied rucks.


Feeling Lucky: The Crows forward line are an inconsistent bunch, and from a Supercoach perspective, I find it pretty difficult to recommend blokes like Josh Jenkins ($438,500) and Tom T. Lynch ($436,800) for your starting lineups. They’re solid players with high ceilings, but just not in that group of 6-10 players that everyone is looking at for their forward lines this year, and with good reason.

Money Maker: The livewire that is Ned McHenry ($139,800) was taken by the Crows as somewhat of a bolter at pick 16. The kid is a bundle of energy, can run all day, and loves to tackle. Whether he can find a spot in a team that already has one of the great small forwards will be a true test of his talent. His ability to run up to the wing means McHenry comes with mid/fwd DPP status.
A similar situation applies to the Crow’s other notable off-season recruits –  former Tiger Tyson Stengle ($123,900), who showed strong form in the VFL last season, and Shane McAdam ($123,900), an athletic mature age recruit from the SANFL. Both men also play a similar small forward role.


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6 thoughts on “2019 Team Preview – Adelaide”

  1. Nice write-up. Smith and B.Crouch too injury prone for me. Laird a yes, M.Crouch a maybe and I think McAdam will play Round 1 so I’ll put him in at F6 or F7.


  2. Nice one Chillo. MCrouch likely starts for me, but nobody else.

    Smith’s return worries me for Laird’s output. I know the sample evidence is only two games, but his 80 ave. when Smith played concerns me too much, when there are so many other options with a Rd14 bye. Whitfield outscored him in 2018 (total points), has a bigger ceiling and I feel has more upside potential. And Z.Williams simply offers too much ‘value’ to not include.

    Will be looking to pick him up post-byes, but by then we may see Milera as a better choice. I think we may have evidenced the start of a serious breakout in the final third of last year?!

    Thanks again for the wise words.


  3. The film you referenced is Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, and it’s absolutely incredible. If anyone hadn’t yet seen it, I 100% recommend it. Strap yourself in for some feels.


  4. Great review Chillo.

    I’m steering well clear of Smith this time around. I just think there’s so many defenders ( similarly priced or a little more) that are capable of scoring the same as Smith without the lingering doubt of injury. I will be looking at Laird as an upgrade target. I, (like allsaints) just feel Whitfield and Williams take priority for those R14 Bye spots.

    I do have M.Crouch at M4 and McAdam at F7 so far.

    I think they are the only Crows I’m willing to take a punt on starting at this stage.

    Once again great review.




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