2022 Team Preview – Sydney Swans

Written by Dane on February 28 2022

Coming off a somewhat surprising finals appearance, it will be interesting to see how these young Swans respond in 2022 after losing an agonizing final by just 1 point. Typically known for their professionalism, there’s a big chance they once again exceed pre-season expectations to put them well in the hunt for a converted top four position. 


With drawcards like Heeney and Franklin in the team, the Swans will be must watch football in 2022, especially early on and Buddy closes in on 1000 goals. But there a great supporting cast around him too, with plenty of Supercoach scoring potential running around the field for the Bloods. 



Lock and Load – Jake Lloyd (586,600)

It was always going to be hard to emulate a 122 point average from the season before, but to still come out and produce 15 triple figure scores and return an average of a touch under 108, Lloyd’s 2021 season still put him firmly within the top 6 defenders, and he’ll do so again this year. After establishing himself in 2018 as one of the prime defensive ball winners in the competition, he has shown time and time again how valuable he is to pick at the start of the season. Wins plenty of the ball, generally uses it well, and with the departure of Dawson, may even see a greater dependence on his already well utilized skills. You know what you’ll be getting from this guy, so for that price, he’s a safe bet.

Feeling Lucky – Braeden Campbell (293,900)

Speaking about the departure of Dawson, that role of his precise left boot running along the wing needs to be replaced, and fortunately the Swans already have a copy of him with this guy. Year number one last season wasn’t incredible (54 point average) but surely we all remember his 25 touch, 6 mark, 118 point performance from round 2? I certainly do and if, with Dawson’s old role, he can put a couple of those scores together early, there’s plenty of money to be made.

Money Maker – Will Gould (123,900)

There has been plenty of talk about this guy in the past, so surely this will be the year when he finally gets a crack at senior football? Currently owned by 33% of teams, if he’s picked round 1, that may well double.


Lock and Load – Luke Parker (591,600)

I started with this guy last year and at no point did I think twice about it. He was one of the rocks in my midfield with an average of 108 and fifteen tons for the season. Overall it was his sixth time averaging triple figures in his career and still at the top of his game, 2022 may well be the seventh. Wins plenty of the hard ball and tackles even harder, he’s also one of those mids who can pop up with a goal or two a game, which is always an added bonus. There might be some guys with more scoring potential at that price, but if you’re looking for some consistency in your squad, Parker is one to consider.

Feeling Lucky – Callum Mills (612,100)

“Coming into the prime of his career, Mills improved his average by another 11 points (101-112) with a full time midfield role in 2021. Will turn 25 leading into the season and has now chalked up 100 senior games, so there’s no reason he can’t back up his 14/18 tons from last year with another dominant campaign. Currently in only 2% of teams, he has massive POD value, and along with Parker, will be lining up in the centre square week in week out for the Swans. Another safe pick.”That’s what I wrote a couple of weeks back and I stick by those words, but in that time there has been a reports that Mills is nursing an achilles concern and is hence, on lighter duties than others leading into the season. Be sure of his fitness before selecting him.

Feeling Lucky – James Rowbottom (406,100), Oliver Florent (416,200) and Josh Kennedy (506,700)

You’d be a brave, brave coach to start any of them, but keep in mind their names and their potential roles through practice match reports and preseason games, mainly for those that do draft leagues and put them on your watchlist as late round flyers. Kennedy is the obvious one, he’s Supercoach royalty and can still produce great numbers at this time in his career, while Rowbottom and Florent have shown glimpses so far in their young careers. Rowbottom and Florent have had some injury concerns in the preseason, consider that too.

Money Maker – Dylan Stephens  (167,800)

Plenty of noise coming out of pre-season that this guy is ready to prove to the competition why he was taken at pick number 5 a couple of years back. 2021 wasn’t his year but going back to the back-end of 2020 he produced four games in a row between 70-75 in career games just 5-8. If he can do that same thing for 10-12 rounds, he will be a perfect stepping stone into a fallen premium around bye time.


Feeling Lucky – Tom Hickey (562,000)

(Only for draft leagues). Eleventh year in the league and his first 100 point average in a season, that screams feeling lucky. One of the AFL’s great journeymen had an outstanding year as the Swans sole ruck last year, but with the top ruckman in Darcy, Grundy and Gawn being part of a lot of peoples plans, it’s not shocking that he is only in 1% of teams. Would highly recommend avoiding him this year, especially with three other ruckmen (Ladhams, Sinclair and Naismith) on the list. Once again though, not the worst for draft leagues if it seems like he’ll have that number 1 ruck spot.


Feeling Lucky – Isaac Heeney (454,500)

I saw an article the other day that said he is primed for more midfield time, and that he “spent time with the midfield group in training”. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but that article about this player has seemingly been doing the rounds for at least the last 4 years, but every year I find myself considering him because his shown potential is just that good. Averaged between 98 and 94 from 2017-2020, so with an 83.5 point average last year, this will be his cheapest starting point for a while, and with a history of 120+ point scores, he’ll be in and out of teams a lot this pre-season as coaches decide if he is worth the risk. 

Money Maker – Paddy McCartin (157,800, FWD/DEF)

Reunited with his brother up at the Swans, McCartin shapes as a ready made player who could slot into the forward line alongside Franklin and the younger McDonald. Once again he doesn’t have great scoring history during his time at the Saints, but mature aged players are usually picked up with a goal in mind, so he’s bound to get a game here and there. If it comes to round 1 and he’s picked, he’s worth the slightly increased price tag, because at that point in the season you want to make as much money as possible. Also has the valuable DPP.

Lloyd and Stephens for myself currently, with McCartin a strong chance if he gets a round 1 call-up. Who have you got from the bloods at this point in time?


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11 thoughts on “2022 Team Preview – Sydney Swans”

  1. Great write up Dane, lots of SC relevant players for the Bloods.

    Lloyd, Stephens & Mccartin are all in the team atm.

    Heeney been in and out as well, contract year for him and with the mid minutes promised it’s hard keeping him out…


    1. Thanks Abs!

      Heeney for me is wait and see, for the price I’ve just got more confidence in someone like Butters instead!

      I’ll leave out the fact that Heeney feels like he’s burnt me two or three times already…


  2. I’ll believe it when I see it with Heeney. His performance up forward in their final last year was too good for me to believe he’ll be moved into the midfield full time.


  3. Great stuff Dane.

    P.McCartin played Back in the trial game on the weekend. He took some telling marks and looked great. He maybe a bit of a slow burn , but he makes my side if named R1 (alongside Sinn at D5-6.)

    I am starting to get a bit worried with all of Lloyd, Stephens, Heeney and now P.McCartin all in my current side. I do know that a heap of Sydney players already had covid around Xmas, so hopefully they will avoid any major problems.

    I really like the Campbell call.I can’t really fit him in my Classic side. Although I did managed to snag him in one of my Draft sides. He could be one to really take off this year. MacInerney is another ( horribly priced ) defender that should improve.

    Thanks again for a fantastic Preview.


    1. Had McInerney sitting in the feeling lucky section in my original draft but with all things considered didn’t think he was worth the mention come the final product. Has shown plenty, especially over the second half of last season so a breakout isn’t out of the realms of posssibilty!


    1. Not really.

      He plays lockdown on the best small Forward every week. Although he has pace I think they would prefer others kicking it out of defence. He’s one I would avoid.


  4. Great write up! I’ll be going to most swans home games so I’m keen to start heeney, Lloyd, mccartin and stephens at a minimum. I never considered b Campbell.


  5. Heeney, Lloyd and Stephens for me. Unlikely to make too many changes in the season proper either.

    Parker would be a sound pick but there’s too many of the good rookies and value picks in the mids to take player like him in your starting line up. If he ends up as a fallen premium then he is certainly worth considering as a long term M7/M8 type.

    Eyes on McCartin. If he’s fit and named for round 1 he’s a lock to my mind. If he’s allegedly fit and they DON’T name him round 1 I’d be concerned at what is really going on beneath the surface.

    If you’re playing draft I’d consider Ladhams as a second Ruck or as a Forward with Ruck backup, but cannot recommend for SC Classic.

    Chad Warner will improve but hard to recommend a player of his age at his price point.

    Worth keeping an eye on Sheldrick but can’t see him getting enough games to do more than list block. If there’s a bunch of injuries he may become relevant.


    1. Thanks HH!

      Haven’t heard much about Sheldrick myself but there’s always one that comes out of the blue, might well be his year.

      Agree with the Parker call, but for his scoring history and set roll, if it fits your structure early in terms of byes and so forth, not much will go wrong with that pick imo.

      Ladhams is another solid call, has proven at Port that he can score well enough, just wondering how well he’ll fit into the Swans structure alongside Buddy, Heeney, Papley etc when resting deep forward.


  6. I’m fading Lloyd. Again. So don’t be alarmed when you hear a strangled scream somewhere around Round 8. It’s just me cursing myself for passing on the Bondi Seagull. Again.

    Dylan Stephens looks the goods but I’m worried about job security.

    And every time I go to put Isaac in my team, I get a flashback to those Frankenstein ankles he was waving around a couple of years ago. Gross. It’s either him or Butters though…or maybe both?



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