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2024 AFL Mid-Season Rookie Draft

First round

1. North Melbourne – Geordie Payne (Tasmania/Coates Talent League)
2. Richmond – Jacob Blight (Peel Thunder/WAFL)
3. West Coast – Jack Hutchinson (Collingwood/VFL)
4. St Kilda – Max Hall (Box Hill/VFL)
5. Hawthorn – Jasper Scaife (West Perth/WAFL)
6. Brisbane – Will McLachlan (Geelong Falcons/Coates Talent League)
7. Adelaide – Toby Murray (Adelaide/SANFL)
8. Western Bulldogs – Kelsey Rypstra (North Adelaide/SANFL)
9. Carlton – Cooper Lord (North Melbourne/VFL)
10. Collingwood – Iliro Smit (Eastern Ranges/Coates Talent League)
11. Melbourne – Luker Kentfield (Subiaco/WAFL)
12. Port Adelaide – Logan Evans (Port Adelaide/SANFL)
13. Essendon – Saad El-Hawli (Northern Bullants/VFL)
14. Sydney – Tom Hanily (Gippsland Power/Coates Talent League)

Second round

15. North Melbourne – Brynn Teakle (East Fremantle/WAFL)
16. Richmond – Campbell Gray (Essendon/VFL)
17. Brisbane – Luke Beecken (Woodville-West Torrens/SANFL)
18. Adelaide – Pass
19. Collingwood – Ned Long (Collingwood/VFL)

Third round

20. Richmond – Pass
21. Brisbane – Darcy Craven (East Perth/WAFL)
22. Adelaide – Pass

Fourth round

23. Brisbane – Pass


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8 thoughts on “2024 AFL MID-SEASON ROOKIE DRAFT”

  1. CT
    When will any of these players be available??
    Will all players be priced at $102k even some have already played AFL???
    With all the injuries at the Pies Ned Long maybe a sneaky chance

    Appreciate all you do for this great site


      1. All of these players except Teakle and Long will be basement price.

        At a rough estimate they will be somewhere around 150 to 220k


  2. The Herald Sun has just posted an article with estimated pricing and yes, most at 102k.

    Going to be a punt either way to pick any of them but Richmond is lacking defenders so Blight has to be a chance and McLachlan for Brisbane they say is like Lincoln McCarthy who of course is out all season. Payne has to be considered but I did read NM might not be in a hurry to play him


  3. Most players have been entered into the system at 102k. 3 have DPP and the majority are forwards
    Long and Teakle are yet to be included however


  4. $102,400 players with DPP are;

    El-Hawli (ESS) DEF/MID
    Payne (NM) MID/FWD
    Gray (RICH) DEF/FWD
    Hall (STK) MID/FWD



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