Rookie Review Rd12

Written by Huttabito on June 12 2019

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* Denotes a bubble boy


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd12AvgBE
HoreMEL$418,300 (+$21.8k)9487.639
Rozee (FWD)PTA$412,400BYE81.499
Duursma (MID)PTA$362,100 BYE74.316
RothamWCE$177,700 (+$53.8k)4064.7-32
ClarkGEE$291,800 (+$5k)2457.677
Answerth (MID)BRI$237,000 (+$16.4k)3354.937
CummingGWS$230,200 (+23.7k)3653.311
Lockhart (MID)MEL$259,500 DNP53.171
BurgessGCS$189,300 (+$20.2k)7241.98
Gardner (FWD)WBD$102,400BYE41-


Hore wasn’t affected at all with the inclusions to Melbounes defence and went about his thing racking up 21 disposals (8 kicks), 11 contested possessions, 4 marks, 2 tackles and 6 1%ers to finish on 94 points. Has the bye this week, but still has cash to make and the way he’s been going, his name needs to be thrown into the ring as potential season long, D7 cover if you still have him.

Burgess is back! Although, was he ever really here? Nevertheless, a timely 72 courtesy of a whopping 13 1%ers, 8 possessions (75% contested) and 2 contested marks will kick start his long await cash generation days. Watch him ruin it next week with a 30 though.


Bye weeks is when we need our rookies to stand up and I’m not going to bother wasting my breath too much this week because lets be honest, a lot of their SuperCoach performances were absolutely pathetic. Rotham was a popular downgrade target but has been on the bubble for for quite sometime now and a 40 in a loss to Sydney will see him be one of the first ones out of next weeks team sheets. He wasn’t the only rookie to disappoint up back with Clark (20), Answerth (33) and Cumming (36) following suit.


Naish squeezed himself into the seniors for a debut with the injury to Ellis and did no harm to his future selection with 20 disposals (15 kicks) at 60% DE, 5 marks, 2 tackles and a goal but a very low contested game (just the 3 CPs) held him to 78 points. Finished second in the team only to Houli for metres gained.

Goodbye for now: With the byes, it’s time to say bye bye bye to many of our rookies as me move them. Rozee can be moved on for cash conservation, but if you need warm bodies, there are worse you could have around. Clark and Lockharts days are probably done with a BE in the 70s each and a bye for GEE/MEL so we can bid farewell to them  too.


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd12AvgBE
WalshCAR$441,200 (+$23.4k)14193.155
StackRIC$367,500 (+$15.2k)7078.142
BakerMEL$200,200 (+$34.7k)5054.30
ScottNTH$172,800 DNP5414


Walsh with a career high 32 disposals (23 kicks) at 81% DE and 14 CPs to go with a team high 12 marks, 4 tackles, 2 goal assists and 141 SuperCoach points.  The kid is just a gem, not much more to say really.

Goodbye for now: Atkins lost 3.5k in Rd8 due to a hamstring injury and missed the following week but scoring 252 points in his 3 weeks since return has seen him jump over 70k and can now be called a successful cash cow and gets a well deserved rest this week.


O'BrienADE$402,300 (+$4.4k)10487.184
Coleman-Jones (FWD)RIC$123,900DNP60-


O’Brien has really found his feet ans despite a huge return game by Sam Jacobs last week in the SANFL, he kept him there and went on to beat the ruck dual against Mumford with 104 points. Hold on for one more week as he is great cover this coming weekend for those rucking Gawn/Grundy.


Smith played his second game and pops his bubble post bye, but just 44 and an elevated price tag in rucks at this time of the year with poorer JS, it’s a pass for me.

Goodbye for now: Clarke, Smith and Frampton


PlayerTeamPrice (Change)Rd12AvgBE
L.BakerRIC$373,200 (+$10.8k)5079.287
LarkeyNTH$278,000 (+$14.2k)5462.154
Setterfield (MID)CAR$244,200 (+$8.9k)6754.615
BaltaRIC$310,900 (-$16.1k)2949.5109
BegleyESS$188,600 BYE49.09
CorbettGCS$210,200 (-$18.5k)1046.977
R.YoungSTK$139,200 BYE39.733


Setterfield is finding some form over the past month posting his third score in the sixties with a 67 against Brisbane. He has been a very slow burn, earning just shy of 100k since the start of the season but now has 64 and 67 in his price change cycle so with a bit of luck, his patient owners may be rewarded.


Since I’ve been away, Balta somehow came of age scoring 100+, making $100k (and becoming a successful cash cow – words I never thought I’d say) but upon my return, he immediately goes and scores a 29 in the first week of the bye and loses money….

Corbett scored a measly 10 – thankfully not in my best 18, but he did lose $18k. I’m done with GCS rookies….

Goodbye for now: Bye Balta, thanks for the unexpected scores and cash, but you aren’t scoring 109 against Adelaide this week and I’d rather keep the cash you made. Baker can be held if you need the bodies this week as he shouldn’t loose to much money but it’s time to stop wasting time writing about Corbett after that performance. Maybe he can pull a Balta in a few weeks?


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16 thoughts on “Rookie Review Rd12”

  1. Nice one Hutta.
    I read that McLennan and West may both debut this week? Just when you were done with Suns 😉
    This week is looking like the most important since Rd1 for rookies named on those teamsheets. Critical to most upgrade plans over the next two byes/weeks.
    Would like to shift Clark, Balta and Answerth this week for Sicily/Ryan, Bewley and Boak/Ziebell.
    Good luck all.


    1. Hey All Saints
      Like trade outs .
      Not sure if Ziebell can sustain form.
      What impact will Higgins out have?
      Could mean more mid time and pod, however also more attention from taggers.
      Ryan low ownership is appealing and Sicily maybe could get suspended at some stage.


      1. Thanks PBuzz. I’m really stuck on Ryan/Sicily and the polls in tradetalk don’t help. Very even.
        I worry about Ryan’s long-term output if Lihue doesn’t work out and he has to play more of a key role, and Sicily? Well, he’s Sicily innit!?!
        Have also decided not to go early on Ziebell with his bye next week and I just can’t bring myself to take Boak. Dunno why, just have a nagging feeling his majority of pts are behind him.

        If rookies are available may double down taking one of Sicily/Ryan as a single upgrade, so I can grab TKelly next week and Hurn if fit to play.


  2. Welcome back Hutta!

    Unofficial rule of Supercoach #16524: try to avoid rookie forwards from teams that struggle to score. Reference Burgess, Corbett, Parker, Robbie Young, etc.

    Assuming that ROB gets selected this week, I have the luxury of trading out Balta. Thanks Noah, it’s been fun….sometimes.


  3. I don’t think I have the luxury of trading Noah just yet, if I do I’m left with 17
    TU trade and take the donut
    TD cop the inevitable 20k drop and collect the 30-60 pts.


    1. Depends on what your season aim is i.e. overall rank or league win, and if your aim is league win, then your current position on the ladder and what your opponent looks like this week.


  4. No love for Gibbons? Cracked a ton and even earned a coaches vote. From what I saw of the game he looked a good prospect for the Blues.


      1. I picked Fyfe up through other means in round 8. As for Gibbons, I kept him cause he hadn’t earned enough to make the trade worth it. Plus, I’m always partial to rookies that can help navigate the byes.


        1. Yep spot on RB! I still have him too for those exact same reasons!
          If he plays mids – he scores really well – fingers crossed again for this week – he may end up sitting on the mid bench all year for me if this keeps occurring (mids) as he seems guaranteed to play each week.


  5. Is it worth trading out Corbett? Or just hold til the 10 drops out and hope he pulls something out of the bag. I’ve held Setters till now and it seems to be paying off finally.



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