Fallen Premiums – Round 16, 2024

Written by Abs on June 26 2024

With the byes complete and the majority of teams at full premium, let me know if there’s any changes or discussion points you’d like in future editions of FP. A shorter edition this week, any questions as well feel free to fire away in the comments

Currently ranked 105 overall, hopefully a push into the top 100 is possible. Wish everyone the best on the run home.


Trent Rivers ($451.8k, 84.1 AVG, 20 BE) is looking like the standout cut-price selection in defence this week. 80% CBA’s (the second most behind Max Gawn) and a score of 131 points as Rivers was shifted on-ball in the absence of Christian Petracca. Simon Goodwin has also stated that Rivers will continue in the midfield this week against the Lions. Definitely one to heavily consider for those in the market for a Super-POD at D6.


Can’t wait to start Clarry at 380k next season.

Connor Rozee ($410.7k, 92.5 AVG, 52 BE) unlike the majority of the Port Adelaide side) turned up with a solid score of 111 points in the drubbing against the Lions. Having now officially bottomed out in price, the Port skipper is prime for selection as both a M8 or M9 loop.

Rory Laird ($527.7k, 106.4 AVG, 79 BE) has seen a significant increase in TOG these last three games, averaging 85%, compared to the 72% in the first nine games. As for the role, Adelaide fans correct me here as I didn’t catch the Crows v Swans game, but Laird seemed to play in defence for majority of the game (which also makes sense as Michalaney was the leading CBA mid for the Crows). A score of 141 points against Sydney, along with previous SC history as a HB mark the move as a positive one. Definitely a nice POD at a cheaper price, even if Laird gets shuffled back on-ball, with Rankine and Dawson being the two to receive attention, Laird should continue cruising, especially if the higher TOG sticks.


Just grab Gawndy or TDK


Credit: @TheBackPocketAU

Charlie Curnow ($457k, 91.4 AVG, 67 BE) remains a great selection as noted last week. The fixtures are a dream, and his impact for a flying Carlton team has King Charles as a solid forward premium. I personally still have him firmly finishing top 10 from here til the end of the season, and I won’t be surprised if Curnow pushes top 6.

Jy Simpkin ($400.7k, 72 AVG, -11 BE) with back-to-back tons since splitting up with his missus and becoming a bachelor. The CBA’s these past two games have been at 65% and 40%, and it’s definitely not a significant role change to earlier in the season that’s had Simpkin scoring much better. Against Eagles and Dees favourable scaling due to the match conditions definitely helped inflate Simpkin’s score. Credit also needs to be given to the North skippers around the ground work,  passing the eye-test, but also noting that Demons and Eagles being two of the easiest matchups for both inside midfielders and general forwards. Not one I’d personally run as a F6, but as a F7 he’d be perfect!


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16 thoughts on “Fallen Premiums – Round 16, 2024”

    1. Probably same-same. They both have issues. The worry you have with Martin now is he gets pushed up forward whereas earlier in the season he was playing as a defensive transition guy (and didn’t pass the eye test which is why he’s probably not there anymore). Rivers could get moved back to defense as soon as Goodwin wants to try someone else in the middle which would see his scoring plummet.


  1. Upgrading Fyfe who is F7. This will move T.Adams to F7/M7 loophole with Sexton F6.

    T/U: Rankine
    T/U: Curnow + $120k.

    Have 13 trades at start of round. Full premo beside Sexton but wouldn’t mind $$ to upgrade some mids


  2. ive got sexton at D6 and Fisher F6, would it be worth shifting Fisher to D6 and swapping Sexton for Simpkin? Or better off waiting a week or and swapping Sexton to a more reliable defender who has fallen in price?

    Only have $28k in bank so fall just short of Sexton to Curnow unfortunately.


    1. Me too Emma – except I can’t afford Serong unless I use 2 trades (only have 6).

      TU: Oliver to Serong and hold my breath with 4 trades remaining
      TD: Oliver to Rozee and give up my Serong dream, with 5 trades remaining


  3. In rozee and k brown (102k)
    Out hore and Salem

    TU yes do it, rozee is a better m8 than Salem
    TD no, don’t, rozee not worth 2 trades when I only have 5 left



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