Polling Station – Round 17

Written by The Salamander on September 11 2020

Got a poll you’d like to see on SCT? Just request your poll in the comments below, and if the community deems it worthwhile, we’ll have that poll. Easy!

Unlike our more usual TU/TD threads, the thumbs here are for indicating whether or not you think a particular proposed poll is worth having, not voting in said poll.

So, what polls would you like to see over the coming days? Let us know in the comments below!


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6 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 17”

  1. This is 2-2 in Last Minute Queries…

    T/U: Wingard (no Worpel; Dogs and Suns)
    T/D: Acres (new role/confidence? Roos and Dogs)



  2. Hi guys. My first time on this forum. I’m Glenn. To say I’m disappointed with supercoach would be an understatement!
    The rules need to change to bring fairness back to the competition. Supercoach finals should not be played during bye rounds. Full stop. But if there is definitely no other option, bye round players should not forced into being traded. Their projected or average scores should count. It takes a whole season to build a great supercoach team, yet we have no other choice but to deconstruct our teams to make it through. This puts supercoaches at a distinct disadvantage when facing their next opponent who have avoided the bye. But we have 3 trades I hear you say. Ok, but is that enough? Say you have 3 bye round players in your best 22. You think you’ve got them covered but suddenly one or possibly two of your other players are rested! You now need 5 trades just to have a full team. Unfair I say…TOTALLY. I pity all the Supercoaches that were painfully forced to trade Brody Grundy and brought in NicNat! OUCH. 100+ points lost.
    Any supercoaches feeling let down? Would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment.



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