Round 16 Review

Written by Thommo on July 10 2017


I sound like a broken record when I say that Stephen and his Wognuts again hold sway, 90 points ahead of Jataal in the race for the SCT Group prize.

Sadly, Huttabito has let down all the SC Talk writers with his Round 16 performance dropping him down to 4th spot! Come on Hutta, do us proud!

As you can see below, it’s getting tight at the top!

1 Wognuts@SCT Stephen 34347 291
2 Jobe robbed@SCT Jataal 34257 451
3 Baby Bombers@SCT Dilan 34236 492
4 Mumma’s bois@SCT Huttabito 34235 494
5 No Worries@SCT Timothy 34221 522

Please note that I am only listing the teams from the group with @SCT because only they are eligible for the overall prize!


Last week, we Supercoaches voted for:

5 – Patrick Dangerfield: 5 votes again: give him the Brownlow now!

4 – Michael Walter: 4 votes for his monster game.

3 – Tom Mitchell: Finally converting possessions into votes.

2 – Tom Lynch: It was a good week for Tom’s.

1 – Bryce Gibbs: The Man-bun is suffering from low ownership.

The overall leaderboard stands as follows:

Player Total Votes
1 Patrick Dangerfield 36
2 Sam Docherty 15
3 Rory Sloane 13
4 Adam Treloar 12
5 Tom Rockliff 11
6 Joel Selwood 10
7 Marcus Bontempelli 9
8 Rory Laird 9
9 Dustin Martin 9
10 Scott Pendlebury 9

So who did you like in Round 16?

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It’s time for a rant people!

Our premiums struggle to find form and their Supercoach scores fluctuate wildly from week to week. On top of that, struggling coaches move their guns out of position in some sad attempt to pull their teams out of form slumps. Instead they simply ruin the SC scores of their guns. Other coaches play mind-games by announcing their players will only miss one match and then they disappear on a European Holiday.

To top off our Supercoach pain this season, other coaches make last minute changes to their team squads. This week Josh P Kennedy and Jeremy Howe were sudden outs causing much angst amongst the community.

Get it together football clubs, coaches and players, you’re killing Supercoach!

ADELAIDE 16.8 (104) def WESTERN BULLDOGS 5.15 (45)


Taylor Walker (Ade) 133 – Tex was doing the hard stuff on Friday night with 13 of his 18 possessions contested and 3 of his 7 marks also contested. Add 3 goals and a bump that sent JJ into the goal post and Tex was back to his best.

Toby McLean (WB) 123 – Look I don’t like these kids that play for frees but McLean looks like he’s fast becoming a player. This was arguably his best game with 32 possessions, 17 contested, at 62% DE, 8 clearances and 8 tackles.

Rory Laird (Ade) 119 – Rory may have turned the corner form-wise with a mammoth 32 possessions at 87% DE and 12 marks. Only his high uncontested rate prevented an even bigger score.

Jackson Macrae (WB) 118 – Speaking of contested possession rates, Macrae is now winning more contested ball than ever before and it shows in his SC scores. This week 15 of his 27 possessions were contested and he still ran at 77% efficiency.

Matthew Crouch (Ade) 116 – Do I need to keep giving this guy a wrap? Another 32 possessions for the ball magnet.


Luke Dahlhaus (WB) 60 – He seems to be spending too much time forward to benefit either the Dogs or our SC sides. Put him in the guts Bevo, your team is losing!

Mitch Wallis (WB) 65 – A disappointing match in game 100 for Mitch. Still, it’s great to see him reach 100 games after that sickening broken leg in 2016.

HAWTHORN 14.13 (97) def GWS 15.7 (97)


Callan Ward (GWS) 136 – His early season woes appear to behind him. Ward has put together a solid month of footy now, this week amassing 32 possessions, 12 contested, 10 clearances, 8 tackles and 1 goal.  A smart selection for those who picked him up late ahead of his more popular rivals.

Josh Kelly (GWS) 134 – Kelly is now averaging 114 points per match and has rewarded those who took a punt early in the season. Against the Hawks he was having a private competition with Mitchell to see who could win more of the ball: With ‘only’ 34 possessions, Kelly lost the battle but won the war with an impressive 82% DE compared to Mitchell’s 64% DE.

Tom Mitchell (Haw) 130 – As mentioned, Mitchell’s efficiency wasn’t great, but 39 possessions, 10 clearances, 9 tackles and 1 goal add up. Unfortunately for his owners, he disappeared in the final minutes of the match and his score stagnated. Imagine his score if he hadn’t committed 9 clangers!

Jonathon Patton (GWS) 117 – The General put his sizeable girth to good use against the inexperienced Hawks’ backline, kicking 5 goals and taking 4 contested marks (from 10 total).

James Sicily (Haw) 109 – Sicily is relishing his move to the backline, grabbing multiple intercept marks and distributing the ball well.


Shane Mumford (GWS) 61 – Mummy was more interested in taking out players, especially Tom Mitchell, than finding the ball. Only 6 possessions, 6 tackles and 33 hitouts.

Luke Hodge (Haw) 52 – There was some brief discussion that Hodgey could be a smart defensive selection, but don’t do it. He’s not finding enough of the ball or using it well enough to score consistently.

ESSENDON 18.9 (117) def COLLINGWOOD 12.8 (80)


David Zaharakis (Ess) 120 – It’s time for me to stop slapping Zaha as he’s found some real consistency. He was fantastic against the Pies with 38 possessions (15 contested) at 76% DE, 1 goal and 1 goal assist. If he ever learns to deal with the tag (not that he’ll get tagged anytime soon) he’ll be welcome back into the premium club.

Michael Hurley (Ess) 117 – While our true premium defenders fall away, Hurley is starting to look like a great option with midfielder-like numbers of 30 possessions (at 90% DE if you don’t mind!) and 11 marks.

Zach Merrett (Ess) 109 – Take a bow Zach Merrett! He was tagged for parts of this match by Greenwood, copped an elbow to the chin, yet still gathered 25 possessions and kicked 2 goals. He is an uber-premium you can rely on!

James Kelly (Ess) 107 – A blast from the past with Kelly amassing 32 possessions at 84% DE

Steele Sidebottom (Col) 106 – One of the few Pies to turn up. What happened to that #1 midfield?


Adam Treloar (Col) 61 – Even Treloar said he was rubbish this week! Just the 21 possessions at 66% DE at 1 goal assist.

Nathan Buckley (Col) – It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Bucks but Motts rates him as a coach. Whoever is right, this relationship is starting to become toxic for everyone involved. Is it time to part ways amicably?

SYDNEY 17.16 (118) def GOLD COAST 7.9 (51)


David Swallow (GC) 132 – His best game for the year taking on the might of the Swans’ midfield without much help. 29 possessions (18 contested), 9 clearances, 5 tackles, 1 goal and 1 goal assist. So does anyone actually still own him?

Gary Rohan (Syd) 128 – A massive game for Rohan and probably his best ever game with 5 goals, 2 goal assists and 3 contested marks (from 9 total).

Dane Rampe (Syd) 111 – Finally our Dead Team Leagues are reinvigorated by Rampe collecting a clean 25 possessions at 88% DE and 13 marks (2 contested).

Luke Parker (Syd) 109 – He’s not going large quite enough to impress yet, but he’s tonning up most weeks now. 29 possessions and 10 clearances for Parks this week.

Jarrod Witts (GC) 108 – Round 1 in the Gawn vs Witts battle goes to Witts! We have all looked to swap him for another ruckman in recent weeks but few of them have outscored him in that period. Surely we need to hold Wittsy for another week?


Jarrod Harbrow (GC) 56 – Harbrow let the Team down. Enough said!

Dan Hannebery (Syd) 73 – Hannes worked hard with 10 tackles but he’s stopped finding the ball again. Can he really be considered a premium midfielder any longer?

GEELONG 11.12 (78) def BRISBANE 25.13 (163)


Dayne Zorko (Bri) 196 – What a game by Zorko! In a losing side he gathered 36 possessions, 10 clearances, 12 tackles, 4 goals and 1 goal assist. He has well and truly repaid his owners for his shocker 2 weeks ago.

Patrick Dangerfield (Gee) 165 – He’s not often the #2 scorer in a match, but Danger certainly didn’t let his owners down with his chock full stats page. For those who didn’t look, he gathered 38 possessions (23 contested), 10 clearances, 2 contested marks from 9 total, kicked 3 goals and gave 4 goal assists. It will be interesting to see who the umpires award the 3 Brownlow votes to in this match.

Mitch Duncan (Gee) 144 – While noone was watching, Duncan also helped himself to 28 possessions and 2 goals in game 150. In another side, we would care!

Mark Blicavs (Gee) 137 – Blicavs continues his late season resurgence with 20 possessions and 3 goals but he remains SC irrelevant except in draft leagues.

Lachie Henderson (Gee) 120 – 27 possessions and 11 marks for Hendo who Motts obviously dislikes immensely!

Joel Selwood (Gee) 120 – Geelong managed Selwood’s concussion well, giving him the week off. He seemed back to his own self this week with 24 possessions, 9 tackles and 6 frees for. Now watch his price bottom out really quickly! I hope you still need a midfielder!


Stefan Martin (Bri) 57 – Stef wasn’t that bad, gathered plenty of the ball, but he burned it badly and had too many hit-outs sharked. That’s what can happen when you play for a bottom side!

Dayne Beams (Bri) 58 – We’ll let this slide as he was returning from injury. If you traded him out, you won’t be overly unhappy right about now.

Zach Tuohy (Gee) 73 – After a promising start, Tuohy has been a little disappointing and barely improved on his 2016 form at the Blues. Upgrade time perhaps?

ST KILDA 21.12 (138) def RICHMOND 10.11 (71)


Seb Ross (StK) 151 – Time to sit up and take notice! In case you were planning ahead, Ross is ready for a huge 2018! 33 possessions, 8 tackles and 1 goal this week in the pantsing of Richmond.

Billy Longer (StK) 119 – Had the better of the Nank Tank, but that is not hard when your team is 1000 points up at half time.

Nick Riewoldt (StK) 116 – Respect! Did his sister’s memory proud with a welcome return to form. Roo took his trademark 12 marks (2 contested) and kicked 3 goals.

Jack Steven (StK) 115 – The Saints really enjoyed playing the Tiges with Steven also returning to some form: 33 possessions and 8 marks.

Koby Stevens (StK) 110 – Another meh player who isn’t consistent enough for us to consider in anything other than draft league.


Dion Prestia (Ric) 56 – He adds the depth the Tigers needed but whatever happened to the soon to be uber-elite Meatball?

Jack Billings (StK) 57 – After his amazing run of form, you’d expect Billings to feast upon the ailing Richmond. But he didn’t. Obviously!

Alex Rance (Ric) 62 – Another Tiger who has had a great few weeks but was in struggle town this week. He was no match for a motivated Roo this week.

Dustin Martin (Ric) 74 – Only 19 possessions for Dusty this week but who can blame him with the Tigers having an off week.

FREMANTLE 13.8 (86) def NORTH MELBOURNE 12.10 (82)


Nat Fyfe (Fre) 139 – There was a gale of wind around the country as Fyfe owners breathed a collective sigh of relief after he finally produced the goods. 33 possessions, 18 contested, 13 clearances, 1 goal and 3 goal assists. #Fyfeislife

Connor Blakely (Fre) 129 – While Lachie Neale parked his arse on the bench for 31% of the match, Blakely never left the field! 32 possessions and 12 marks as he breaks out when nobody was ready! Does anyone actually own him?

Todd Goldstein (NM) 129 – This was a great performance but… Imagine this score if he’d kicked the winning goal. If Toddy could have his time again!

Ben Cunnington (NM) 114 – Cunnington was a little handpass happy with 7 kicks and 21 handpasses but 8 clearances and 16 contested possessions got him over the line.

Aaron Mullett (NM) 110 – 24 possessions and 2 goals at an elite 87% DE. There are worse defenders out there but I’m sure you don’t own this one!


Tom Sheridan (Fre) 33 – Remember when Sheridan was in our teams in 2016? WTF?

Trent Dumont (NM) 42 – Remember when he was in your team in 2017? Don’t get fancy next year!

MELBOURNE 14.6 (90) def CARLTON 12.10 (82)


Sam Docherty (Car) 142 – A defender averaging 121 points per match. Crazy! So who is starting without the SC Doc next season? He’s good for what ails you!

Marc Murphy (Car) 141 – 35 possessions and 2 goals dragged Murph up to a 110 point average for the season. Not bad for a starting price of sub-$500k!

Charlie Curnow (Car) 118 – A star of the future who will soon be clunking everything with those bucket hands. 2 goals and 4 contested marks this week.

Kade Simpson (Car) 118 – My main man, Simmo was back in town this week. He’s no Doc but 35 possessions and 10 marks for a defender will do for now!

Clayton Oliver (Mel) 116 – What a gun! Words no longer do justice for Clarrie’s second year in the AFL. Yet another 29 possessions to add to the collection.


Patrick Cripps (Car) 25 – I love Cripps a bit more than I should for a Hawks’ man so I hated seeing him go down. Unfortunately Cripps copped a knock to his calf and only played 34% TOG. I hope you didn’t own Cripps, Kennedy, Ablett and Howe!

Michael Hibberd (Mel) 64 – Hibbo only won 2 contested possessions from 21 total possessions and like usual he barely tackled. That doesn’t help in Supercoach!

PORT ADELAIDE 18.12 (120) def WEST COAST 13.10 (88)


Justin Westhoff (Por) 136 – The Hoff annoys me with these fantastic games he plays every once in a while. He tempts you with 23 possessions, 2 contested marks, 2 goals and 2 goal assists, then promptly disappears a week later!

Patrick Ryder (Por) 129 – Ryder is looking unstoppable at the moment. He’s starting to win more possessions than early in the season, he’s kicking goals and continuing to find targets with his hit-outs.

Charlie Dixon (Por) 115 – 5 goals is 5 goals. Unfortunately he doesn’t kick goals every week!

Brad Ebert (Por) 115 Ebert has struggled to score lately, partly due to some tagging roles, but he was back in SC form with 31 possessions and 8 tackles.

Robbie Gray (Por) 110 – Robbie stood up when it mattered with 2 of his 3 goals in the final quarter. Add his 3 goal assists and he tonnes up!


What has happened to the West Coast midfield? Sam Mitchell (WC) 72, Luke Shuey (WC) 73 and Matthew Priddis (WC) 73 look good on paper but they are all averaging sub-100 points this season.


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15 thoughts on “Round 16 Review”

  1. Pretty sure Hendo hasn’t given any organs up for Geelong, Carlton or Brisbane, buddy. As a Blues man I questioned at times if he even HAD a heart!

    You might be thinking of Tommy Lonergan?


    1. Geez, I was thinking Tommy Lonergan and writing Henderson! I’ve got to stop writing reviews so late at night! Fixed now!

      Still the congrats stands for Tommy Lonergan’s 200th game. I never thought he’d get to 200 early in his career.


  2. As always, great review Thommo. I’m glad Witts took the first round, all my work last week in “Going, Going, Gawn?” would have gone to waste and I would have looked like a fool doubting him.

    Too much socialising this weekend and my team paid the price. Way to many sub par scores I’d be a shorter list saying who was good. Back to being a hermit next weekend and get the team back on track. Although I’m almost at the point of team preservation to try come home strong in the leagues.


    1. It’s easy to lose track of your team when you’re busy. I didn’t know Howe was out until seeing his 0 point first quarter.

      I’m sure you’ll be back spanking us all next week!


      1. Thommo, i was very glad to see that Howe was a late out in our cash league. But then was out with the kids and didn’t realise that JPK was a late out!


  3. Love your work Thommo.
    I had the pleasure of late outs from JPK and Howe, along with the Cripps injury.
    Also managed to choose the wrong rookies to cover with Berry and Ryan scoring better than some premiums.
    I can’t complain about Parsons however who landed an on field job for another week with Greenwood out and other trade priorities.


    1. Cheers DD. Yeah, the rookie selection is almost impossible this year. I selected Witherden to replace Howe ahead of Ryan and the 18 points that decision cost me 2 or 3 league victories.


  4. Love these Monday morning write-ups. Bit worried about Neale’s TOG 69%. It does explain his 20 point second half a bit.
    Sheridan went off during the second quarter.


    1. Do you know what’s happening with Neale? I haven’t read anything about injury but surely they’re managing a niggle?

      Re: Sheridan, I know he went off early but it still amuses me that we were tossing up between Lonergan and Sheridan in the 2016 preseason. What were we thinking?


  5. Hey Thommo

    Presume you awarded the Hawks the win here based on total shots for goal? “HAWTHORN 14.13 (97) def GWS 15.7 (97)” or was it because it was their home game? 😛

    Also I feel for the North supporters on here like young Roo Bloke – just seem to find ways to lose games by the smallest of margins….

    I could keep going on about the Tiges, something about a lid etc, but will hit n run for now.


    1. Initially it was a typo but then I decided the Hawks earned it for their awesomeness.

      The Tigers…. their treatment of their members is practically cruel and unusual punishment and is surely outlawed in the Geneva convention!



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