SCT Competition Prizes 2023

Written by Motts on March 21 2023

There’s a lot of great things about running this website but one of the best is being able to offer prizes for the different competitions we run as a result of receiving donations from generous readers of the site.

We put the call out a couple of weeks ago for donations for prizes for these comps and I was genuinely touched by the number of people who emailed me with offers of support. Some of those people were ForBucksSake, LeapingLizards@SCT, Go Hawks, and Wighty. Others preferred to remain anonymous. We are extremely grateful.

So without further ado, here are the 2023 prizes for our main leagues and competitions:

The SCT Group – a magnificent SuperCoach ring courtesy of PLUS $200. You can join the Group at any stage throughout the season but to win this prize you must have “@SCT” appended to your team name. The highest ranked team with “@SCT” appended to their team name will be adjudged the winner. I just took a look at the 350-odd teams in the group and not many are eligible right now. Suggest you get onto it!

Here’s a pic of last year’s winner, NonParishable@SCT, wearing his ring on Grand Final Day. How good does that look!

The SCT Tech League –  $100 for the coach who finishes first in the SCTTL Group.

League of Extraordinary Coaches 1 – $100 for the winner of the Major GF.

League of Extraordinary Coaches 2 – $50 for the winner of the Major GF.

League of Extraordinary Coaches 3 – $50 for the winner of the Major GF.

We want to once again thank all the legendary donors without whom these prizes would not be possible. You guys are champions!

Good luck to everyone having a crack!



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One thought on “SCT Competition Prizes 2023”

  1. Good on you folks, published or anonymous, this is tremendous generosity and typical of the coaches who use this site. Thanks.



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