AFL Trade & Free Agency Chat

Written by The Salamander on November 3 2020

Want to talk about trade and free agency, and what it all means for next year?

This is the place to do it.


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23 thoughts on “AFL Trade & Free Agency Chat”

  1. Some thoughts on some of the moves that have either happened or been officially requested so far:

    • Zac Williams is set to be a permanent midfielder at the Blues, so should be everyone’s first SC defender picked next year.

    • Adam Saad will be playing exclusively in an attacking half-back role at Carlton next year (no lockdown jobs), so might also represent good value.

    • Ben Brown to Melbourne will be great for both player and club. I’m of the view that their lack of a power forward after they shipped Hogan off at the end of 2018 is the main reason they have struggled over the last two years, so I won’t be surprised if the top-4 Demons of 2018 are once again a thing in 2021.

    Brown, in turn, will benefit from having a strong midfield feeding him the ball. And Sam Weideman will benefit from getting to play on a lesser defender each week.

    • Jackson Hately to Adelaide. Do I need to say more? Just pick him.

    • Jye Caldwell should get both a) a regular game, and b) regular midfield minutes at Essendon, so definitely one to watch over the preseason.

    • Braydon Preuss is going to be GWS’ no. 1 ruck next year – very SC-relevant.

    • Having come out of retirement AGAIN, Shane Mumford is now officially the AFL’s answer to John Farnham.


  2. Any GWS player, past or future is on my never again list. Can anyone tell me how many games ZWilliams played in each of the past three years ? Although he averaged 101 this year, he only played 11 games and was the 14th highest pts scorer at GWS.
    Good luck Carlton !! 900k ??? At an avergage of 101, he is likely to be priced around 550k. PASS !!


  3. Preusse could well be very s/c relevant next year as will williams Both will start in my team.Saad is a different story though.NDD


  4. Dons have got pick 7 for Joe the Goose. That will go to dogs with additional later pick, in exchange for Dunkley. Tick.
    Caldwell comes for a future second round pick. Tick. Ten year mid beast.
    Saad gets dons another r1 pick, and Oraaaaaaaaaaaaazio gets a second round pick. These are traded for picks one or two which gets the dons one of those gun forwards that we need long term. Tick.
    Just leaves the dons a problem of what to do with their existing pick 6.

    Looks like a dynasty coming !!



    GWS Giants Receive: Jesse Hogan
    Fremantle Receive: Pick 54

    West Coast Receive: Zac Langdon
    GWS Giants Receive: Pick 54

    Gold Coast Receive: Oleg Markov
    Richmond Receive: 2021 Rd 3 selection

    Hawthorn Receive: Kyle Hartigan
    Adelaide Receive: 2021 Rd 4

    ST KILDA – Shaun McKernan. as an unrestricted free agent

    Western Bulldogs Receive: Stefan Martin
    Nth Melbourne Receive: Lachie Young, Pick 70
    Brisbane Receive: Pick 63

    GWS Giants Receive: Braydon Preuss
    Melbourne Receive: 31

    Western Bulldogs Receive: Mitch Hannan
    Melbourne Receive: 2021 Rd 3

    Adelaide Receive: 2021 2nd Rd & 2021 4th Rd
    Melbourne Receive: Picks 33 & 50

    Essendon Receive: Peter Wright
    Gold Coast Receive: 2021 Rd 4

    Geelong Receive: Shaun Higgins
    Nth Melbourne Receive: Pick 30

    Port Adelaide Receive: Aliir Aliir
    Sydney Receive: 2021 Rd 2

    Carlton Receive: Adam Saad, Picks 48 & 78
    Essendon Receive: Picks 8 & 87

    Brisbane Receive: Nakia Cockatoo
    Geelong Receive: 2021 Rd 3 (Melbourne)

    Carlton Receive: Lachie Fogarty, Pick 38
    Geelong Receive: Picks 30 & 51

    Sydney Receive: Tom Hickey, Picks 34 & 60
    West Coast Receive: Picks 58, 62, 2021 R2 (Port Adelaide) & 2021 Rd3

    West Coast Receive: Alex Witherden, Pick 86
    Brisbane Receive: Pick 58, 2021 Rd 3

    St Kilda Receive: Jack Higgins, Picks 21, 2021 Rd 4
    Richmond Receive: Picks 17, 2021 Rd 2

    Melbourne Receive: Ben Brown, Picks 28, 2021 R4
    Nth Melbourne Receive: Picks 26, 33, 2021 R4

    Melbourne Receive: Pick 25
    Sydney Receive: Picks 31 & 43

    Western Bulldogs Receive: Adam Treloar, Picks 26, 33, 42
    Collingwood Receive: Picks 14, 2021 Rd 2

    Hawthorn Receive: Tom Phillips
    Collingwood Receive: Pick 65

    Port Adelaide Receive: Orazio Fantasia, Pick 73
    Essendon Receive: Picks 29 & 2021 Rd 3

    Melbourne Receive: Picks 18, 19, 2021 Rd 2
    Brisbane Receive: Picks 25, 68, 69, 2021 Rd 1

    Nth Melbourne Receive: Jaidyn Stephenson, Atu Bosenavulagi, Pick 39
    Collingwood Receive: Picks 26, 33, 2021 Rd 4

    Essendon Receive: Jye Caldwell, Picks 44 & 74
    GWS Giants Receive: Picks 29 & 2021 Rd 2

    Geelong Receive: Jeremy Cameron
    GWS Giants Receive: Picks 13, 15, 20

    Essendon Receive: Nick Hind, Pick 77
    St Kilda Receive: Picks 67 & 74


  6. SCT Tech team theme ….(that was a handful to type)….for 2021….”Tradies” or multi club players….LOL


    1. Already on my list Chamo, looking at a series of like minded themes and will wait till trades are finished and look at the viability. Will have a cute name as well!!


      1. Mrs Macca will be back to defend “her” title …. and crush all comers again!!! …

        that is, if the unreal run of good luck from this year holds true again!!


  7. Stefan Martin has joined the Bulldogs, leaving Oscar McInerney as the Lions’ no. 1 ruck.

    Assuming they play both, and haven’t just recruited Martin as a backup, Tim English’s output (and therefore price) will likely be held down for the next couple of seasons, before he approaches his physical prime, Martin retires, and goes back to playing as a solo ruck, so one to pencil in for a couple of years from now.


    1. …….”pencil in for a couple of years from now”…….LOL.
      Sal,…..some of us would probably need to “pencil in” to remember a couple of “days” from now!!!….LOL


  8. Jeremy Cameron has been traded to Geelong, reports Tom Morris, with three first round picks used – 13, 15 and 20 – plus a future fourth in a historic haul for GWS.
    The Cats got Essendon and GWS’ future second-round picks back in return.

    Jye Caldwell gets to Essendon with picks 44 and 74, with GWS getting Pick 29 and a future second.

    Josh Dunkley will be staying at the Bulldogs and Jackson Hately wasn’t traded to Adelaide, meaning he’ll go through the pre-season draft.

    It’s believed St Kilda’s Nick Hind made his way to Essendon.


  9. I wonder what effect Treloar will have on the Dogs’ big 3 (Bontempelli, Macrae, Dunkley) next season?


  10. Thoughts please…….

    IMO…top 4 draft teams:
    1 Geelong,….just filled last years GF holes.
    2 St Kilda,….just became closer to impersonating Richmond’s game play…with success.
    3 Port Adelaide…just filled a couple of holes, to annoy Collingwood and Adelaide even more.
    4 Western Bulldogs….made a coach very happy and gave him more magnets to play with……


    1. I’m very happy with my bombers already getting Caldwell and Wright….the later offers much in the way of replacing McKernan and Joe the Goose. To have picks 6/7/8 is something bombers have never had.
      And we still have Marty Gleeson to use as future trade bait…lol !!



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