Brownlow Chat 2020

Written by Motts on October 13 2020

As I type, Lachie Neale is paying 1.25 to win this year’s Brownlow Medal. Them’s poison odds!

Next shortest player (Trav Boak) is paying 7’s.

The short price fave has gotten up the last few years but one only has to go back 10 years to when Chris Judd nabbed his second medal in 2010 paying 8’s from memory over the raging hot favourite Dane Swan to know that sometimes the roughie gets up.

This year Trac is paying 8’s. Could his break out season end in the highest individual honour?

Running the SCT Brownlow comp this year will be The Salamander. I’m sure he’ll have a post up soon. In the meantime, feel free to comment below with who you think are the best things to lead each club’s count.


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10 thoughts on “Brownlow Chat 2020”

  1. Neale should get up by 6-8 votes.

    Boak the main danger but still can’t see him getting up but like the $1.90 for him to finish Top 3.

    The best value in most team votes markets that look live chances are Cam Guthrie $4.50 and Josh Kelly $4.00.

    Thanks Salamander for running the Brownlow Comp.


    1. I would certainly be looking to find a way to lock that profit in. An alternative could be to put a larger bet (e.g. $100) on the rest of the field (paying $3.75, last time I looked), and make sure you get a decent payout regardless of the result.


  2. After some more research I really like Rohan Marshall who represents great value in the Saints most team votes W/O Steele $3.75 at the TAB and $4.00 at Sportsbet.

    Marshall has some guaranteed 2’s and a 3 vote game or 2 in the bank whereas Jones who is favourite in that market has games where he is speculated to pick up mostly 1 votes and few 2 votes.


  3. If I was an Umpire, I’d be impressed by Rucks who continuously hit the ball to running receivers and marked and kicked the football productively around the ground.
    If I was an Umpire, I’d be impressed by the hard ball gets that are disposed of efficiently.
    Maybe I would also admire players who pushed off players to run and take control of the ball by mark or clever play, especially if it results in a goal. (FFwd, running rec. etc.)
    Maybe I would also be impressed by contested marks that resulted in goals and defence turnovers.
    Maybe I would make a note of these good things at half time so I could still focus on the general game in the second half.
    But what I probably wouldn’t really need to make a note of, is the fairness and gentlemanly behaviour of the players who show etiquette and respectful manners in all on ground situations.
    What I also wouldn’t need to probably record would be the temper tantrums, sooky la-la’s and ego deflated behaviour that occurs often when things don’t go to plan, (and yes, that would probably include the throwing of the ball away from boundary umpires and treating them as unimportant and lower class)
    And what would probably assist me at the end of the game if I was not going to have time to take notes of some good things again, I would perhaps look around and “see” things that stand out that could trigger the memory. Maybe long sleeves, or pretty pictures or fancy hairstyles could assist and prompt the gentlemanly occurrences.

    Ahhh, if only I was an Umpire it would maybe have me hounded and harassed, and maybe even theated by gambling addicts if we always worked in the same group and regularly did the same teams……….



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