Captaincy Candidates – Round 14

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on June 15 2023

Vice-Captaincy Candidates


  • L3 v Swans: 62, 129, 98 (96 av.)
  • L3 @ G: 153, 103, 109 (122 av.)

Running a 3RD average of 149, in devastating form and the Swans midfield are so-so at the moment. What’s not to like? Solid for 130.

TARANTO v Saints

  • L3 v Saints: 63, 107, 65 (78 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 147, 118, 90 (118 av.)

The #5 MID right now who is a similar proposition to Dunks this week: on fire and up against a weak unrestrictive Saints midfield. Also really ratcheted his scoreboard and score involvement work, so there’s some nice economy there as well. A lock for 120+.


  • L3 v Tigers: 116, 76, 75 (89 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 63, 83, 135 (94 av.)

Settling back into a less of a DEF-MID hybrid role, which is optimal for him, and the Tigers don’t pay much mind too half back accumulation. Should be on for 120~. To pre-empt the inquiries, RoMo v Nank is also a nice proposition.

Captaincy Candidates


  • L3 v Blues: 111, 137, 124 (124 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 133, 73 (103 av.)

Got some bangin’ numbers v Blues despite his short time of premium output. The Blues continue to languish and the Suns will have been eyeing off an MCG scalp for some time. Does a real smooth 125.


  • L3 v Roos: 102, 83, 82 (89 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 125, 113, 112 (117 av.)

In cruise control right now and no match up really comes to mind with Greenwood having been out of the side last week. Solid for 130 despite the oddly poor matchup stats.


  • L3 v Roos: 138, 57, 85 (93 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 99, 156, 88 (114 av.)

North’s weakness across the ground, their very scant midfield and the playing of a 2nd ruck will set Tingles up very nicely for 130+.

Steer Clear

SERONG v Giants

  • L3 v Giants: 100, 93, 54 (82 av.)
  • L3 @ GS: N/A (N/A)

Might not play this week. If he does, he’d be underdone and the match up isn’t ideal anyway.

Smoky Pick


  • L3 v Port: 122, 130, 103 (118 av.)
  • L3 @ AO: 135, 130, 113 (126 av.)

Some pretty strong stats for Stewart despite Port away not seeming like a good match up. Likely gets a sag off match up against Port’s forwardline, which is good, and midfield ins for the Cats should help them take it to Port’s midfield and set up behind the ball. Good for 120, more if he gets things cooking. Rozee and Butters fine flyers if you like to open the round with a VC.


  • Round 1: Green 132
  • Round 2: Baird 147
  • Round 3: Satan 156
  • Round 4: Tingles 145
  • Round 5: Tingles 137
  • Round 6: Miller 40
  • Round 7: Satan 134
  • Round 8: Satan 136
  • Round 9: Tingles 88
  • Round 10: RoMo 126
  • Round 11: Baird 115
  • Round 12: Daicos 123
  • Round 13: Daicos 118


I’ll be going Dunkley into Taranto. Have given them so little love this season, probably got cognitive dissonance VC/C-ing FWDs, but their pure midfielders averaging 120. Great opponents this week and fire form.

As a side note, it will be interesting to see their selection next year as out and out MIDs.


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22 thoughts on “Captaincy Candidates – Round 14”

    1. Libba scoring against most sides, so always a consideration.

      If Simpkin, Greenwood and maybe LDU come back this week, then not sure what effect that has.

      Last week, neither Cogs or Green tonned up. I know they both had DE issues, but still a bit of a surprise. I was going with the theory of whatever good midfielder playing North was in the conversation for VC/C – especially with no Greenwood, LDU, Simpkin or Cunnington – and had Green as my C. I was fortunate that my VC was Dunkley so wasn’t needed. Starting to think that the North midfield may not be the soft touch. Still like Bont or Libba because they score against anyone, but will not be picking guys just because they are playing North. (hope that makes sense!)


      1. Chance of copping Liam Shiel as a run with? He’s been consistently running with someone lately and I’m not sure bont is a great matchup.
        Not sure if it would make a difference to libba though, he might thrive off the tag!


  1. Why does history of selection say R13 Daicos when in last last weeks post you wrote ‘C firmly on Merrett’ with VC on Dawson?
    And yes I’m only pointing this out as I followed the advice and still salty for not going Laird. Supercoach is a harsh mistress


    1. Me and GD discussed Merrett getting tagged by Curnow post team-sheets, and as a result he shifted his pick.


    2. Didn’t realize I was punching a clock with you, Nick.

      The verdict is what I’m thinking at the time of writing. VC/Cs always potential to chop and change over the weekend.

      That night Curnow was named as an in and Zerrett was out. Opted for Daicos.



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