Captaincy Candidates – Round 15

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on June 24 2021

Two quick points before we get into it:

First, I just wanted to apologize for those I may have dissuaded by naming Bont as last week’s Steer Clear. I was certain he’d cop O’Connor, but he got moved down back in Henderson’s absence. Bont still then had Guthrie and Blicavs on him all night but he couldn’t be stopped. Managed to reassert my captaincy selection bona fides by drilling Neale C myself, but just wanted to shoot a quick apology for the Bont blunder. Shout out to those like FT and Smurfo who stuck the VC on him anyway.

Also, now that we’re in at the mid-point of the season we’re starting to have teams play each other twice, however the SC “Upcoming Opponents” tab hasn’t actually updated to include 2021 match ups. I’m, of course, using the most recent data inclusive of 2021 games – just note that SC hasn’t ticked over yet.

Vice-Captaincy Candidates

LYONS v Cats

  • L3 v Cats: 103, 88, 141 (111 av.)
  • L3 @ G: 82, 129, 145 (119 av.)

Even with Neale back on a team high CBA load and with a BOG performance, Lyons still cruised to 36 touches and 141 last week. Neale to get tagged (discussed below), so Lyons a lock for 120.

STEELE v Tigers

  • L3 v Tigers: 104, 114, 63 (94 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 73, 101, 95 (90 av.)

Not that great a record at the G, but the Saints need to come out firing and the Tigers don’t pay opp. MIDs any mind. Pencil Steele in for 125, more if the Saints compete.


  • L3 v Roos: 131, 110, 32 (91 av.)
  • L3 @ BA: N/A

Only held back by his use last week (64% DE, 6 clangers), otherwise 31 touches, 15 contested, 9 tackles and a four quarter effort in a pumping was fantastic. Like every other primary MID, a 130 for him this week v Roos.

Captaincy Candidates

GAWN v Dons

  • L3 v Dons: 121, 126, 168 (138 av.)
  • L3 @ MCG: 117, 112, 172 (134 av.)

Despite the 2:1 split with Jackson and a plateau in form lately, Big Maxxy will relish playing back at home. Draper to apply good body and run him around, but still safe for 120.

Couldn’t fit Zerrett, Parish, Satan or Racca in, but all are viable options. If you’re considering them (or anyone else), let me know in the comments and I can drum up their stats and some analysis.


  • L3 v Eagles: 145, 106, 73 (108 av.)
  • L3 @ OS: 149, 73, 95 (104 av.)

Shuey and Kelly returning will definitely help even out the midfield battle and maybe Nelson comes onto him post-CB, but Bont’s form right now means you can just lock him in for 130. Macrae also viable.

LAIRD v Blues

  • L3 v Blues: 136, 98, 120 (118 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 105, 124, 106 (112 av.)

Put together a really strong, 122 av. month leading into his bye and will go to town on the Blues for 130. Fresh off the bye and able to score in Melbourne also handy.

Steer Clear

NEALE v Cats

  • L3 v Cats: 75, 134, 103 (104 av.)
  • L3 @ G: 157, 77, 142 (125 av.)

Henderson comes back in so O’Connor can return to tagging, which has to be the case after Chris Scott said on Neale receiving attention: “Well, he has to because he’s such a good player”. Steer clear of him and Titch and Dusty for that matter, who’ll cop De Boer and Dunstan respectively. Sub-tons all round.

Smoky Pick

WALSH v Crows

  • L3 v Crows: 84, 84 (84 av.)
  • L3 @ MRVL: 89, 130, 130 (116 av.)

Copped De Boer last week, a testament to his ascent to the Blues #1 on baller. Thinking the Blues respond at home this week in a tight one and the Crows let off some large MID scores. Solid for 125.


Miller into Bont/Macrae for me. Hoping Miller just belts out a 130 and spares me the decision.


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55 thoughts on “Captaincy Candidates – Round 15”

  1. Thanks GD.

    Completely understand the Bont situation, The tag was effective for the first quarter or so til he broke the leash!

    Really thinking Danger VC. Goes alright against the Lions and really have no one else I like the look of.

    Danger > Oliver/Laird as it stands.


    1. Ooo, Danger. Interesting.

      Here are his stats:

      DANGERFIELD v Lions

      L3 v Lions: 146, 146, 117 (136 av.)
      L3 @ G: 139, 117, 89 (115 av.)

      Really solid stats, worry is he only had 8 CBAs last week and that was without O’Connor hogging an on ball tagging role.

      Could still be worth a look. Good luck, Abs.


      1. Thought the same about Dangers CBAs GD, but Narkle has been dropped (46% CBAs from just 54% TOG). Danger also had the most CBAs the week before (I think) against Port.

        Who knows with Chris Scott though.


          1. Yeah, not at full fitness yet and O’Connor requiring team high CBAs to tag making it tricky for Danger.

            Can’t help but think that he would have had more of an impact if they just him full time OB but at lower TOG.


  2. For me this week its Lyons > Clarry.

    Watching my bombers last week let Titch run around the paddock with acres of space was very frustrating. I can’t see how Oliver won’t be any different. Pass score of 120.


    1. Yeah, Satan looks to be a good fall back.

      Posted his stats above. Think being back at the G will do him some good.


    2. I think someone mentioned here a while ago that Oliver doesn’t have great history against Essendon (GD’s stats above would back that up). But you’d think Clarry should be fine for 110 at worst.


  3. Just out of curiosity (probably a bit risky since he’s coming back from injury) but what are Grundy’s stats?

    Atm I’m thinking Lyons into Gawn


    1. GRUNDY v Dockers

      L3 v Dockers: 118, 124, 134 (125 av.)
      L3 @ MRVL: 128, 162, 179 (156 av.)

      Great stats but returning from injury, which is why I didn’t mention him.

      Suppose you could VC him, plays Saturday afternoon.


      1. Geez that is mighty tempting when you look at those numbers haha. Cheers for that GD, will have to see if I have a viable loop for it.


        1. Yeah, great numbers eh.

          Give it a go, Joe. Could play big dividends as most will overlook him.

          If he understandably is a touch underdone, there are plenty of fall back Cs available.

          Good luck.


          1. Unfortunately didn’t have any loop players available to go Grundy so I had to stick with Lyons VC. Bit of a pickle about whether I should stick with it or back Gawn potentially


    1. ZORKO v Cats

      L3 v Cats: 64, 119, 104 (96 av.)
      L3 @ G: 162, 117, 105 (128 av.)

      Neale being tagged should help him, but haven’t seen Zorko go large with Neale in the side this season.


  4. I’m sticking with my pod Wines as v…can then loop via Reeves if not selected, into any of Gawn Satan Bont Laird Titch Zerrett depending on my match ups status. A little better de last week and Ollie was 140 again. Please Reeves not an emergency !!!


    1. You’ll find the reasoning behind the no love for Neale v Cats in the article Dan.

      “Henderson comes back in so O’Connor can return to tagging, which has to be the case after Chris Scott said on Neale receiving attention: “Well, he has to because he’s such a good player”.

      In summary, most likely going to cop a tag by O’Connor.


    1. Hmm. Interesting.

      North’s spares feasted last week.

      STEWART v Lions

      L3 v Lions: 83, 81, 18 (30 av.)
      L3 @ G: 123, 100, 68 (97 av.)

      Got to cut his teeth at the Gabba in hubs last year, which is good. Honestly depends on how the game plays out; i.e. Lions attacking, open play, how contested it is.

      If you’re feeling good about it and have a solid fall back C, go for it.


  5. Hey Gunboat.

    The main reason I went Bont last week was I had no Titch or Merrett, otherwise I would of probably gone VC Kelly. I guess I just got lucky 😉

    I do think Bont ( until proven otherwise ) is probably the safest
    ( highly owned *) Captains options atm.
    * Parish demands respect this year.

    With questions on both the Rucks this week, more Grundy than Max. I think I will Captain Bont again.

    For the VC. If I had Touk ( I wish ) he would have to be the one v North.

    Kelly is a hard pass, will he even play ?

    I’m tossing up between Steele and Max.

    Max seems to have lost a little ceiling with Jackson in form, some really slow starts haven’t helped. Is he due for a big one ?

    Steele, well he will always do Steele things , but you just aren’t sure which Saints show up. Like you said GD, If their in the game for long enough Steel could go big.

    So.. who to VC ?

    T/U Gawn

    T/D Steele


    1. Hey, FT.

      Fresh off the bye and playing back in Melbourne, both are safe VCs. Can’t go wrong really.

      Maybe Steele on ceiling?


  6. Thinking Ziebell as a VC option against the Suns. Be happy with 120. Then will need to decide between Bont/Oliver/Gawn.


  7. Sorry to slightly disagree Gunboat…

    I actually don’t mind Dusty as a VC option.

    There’s a chance the Saints don’t show up, and The Tigers get on a roll.

    With Lynch still out, Dusty will most likely spend some time forward, Dunstan will start on him at stoppage, there’s no way he can follow him forward. Dusty would kill him one on one in the square. Dusty is usually involved with most of Richmonds scoring chains , so if you think Richmond win big? then Dusty probably goes big too.

    I wouldn’t Captain him straight out, but if you have limited options he may be worth a VC shot.

    Just my 2cents 😉


    1. Great point, FT. I just don’t like to bet against a tag.

      Like everyone else, I own Martin – so hope he goes off the chain.


  8. Really liking Laird as C, but with Carlton being under the hammer it worries me a bit. I know it hasn’t been the case this year but I feel they could very easily throw Curnow the shirt. You know the old adage: Desperate times call for desperate measures !
    Any Thoughts ?


  9. Really liking Laird as C, but with Carlton being under the hammer it worries me a bit. I know it hasn’t been the case this year but I feel they could very easily throw Curnow the shirt. You know the old adage: Desperate times call for desperate measures !
    Any Thoughts ?


    1. Yeah I take your point, Syringe, but if they didn’t tag Bont I doubt they tag Laird.

      Curnow also hasn’t been used as a tagger this season.

      If that’s a worry for you though, just pass on him this week. Plenty of other solid options.

      Good luck.


  10. Hi – can I please request figures for Macrae on Sunday – although just realized unless Newcombe or Briggs aren’t named, I don’t have a loophole to use (only other non-playing player is Sharp (Lions).


    1. Of course, Lisa.

      Here they are:

      MACRAE v Eagles

      L3 v Eagles: 137, 117, 84 (113 av.)
      L3 @ OS: 129, 84, 85 (99 av.)


    1. Titch will get De Boer this week. Mentioned in the Steer Clear, if you read the article…

      Here are his stats anyway:

      MITCHELL v Giants:

      L3 v Giants: 101, 181, 130 (137 av.)
      L3 @ MCG: 142, 147, 76 (122 av.)

      Good stats on paper but, again, will get De Boer.


  11. Brayshaw to pendles? 9 trades remaining

    TU – yes pendles more consistent and bank the cash

    TU – hold the trade



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